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Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace | Product Spotlight

 Simply The Best – Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace.

Motocross riders knees take a lot of abuse. They are our suspension system while riding our dirt bike. They als

For the rider looking at the best knee brace available on the market, the Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace is an off-the-shelf solution that provides professional level support and protection on the motocross track, trails or anywhere else you ride. In short, these Ultra Cells are simply the best.

First, enjoy this 60 Second Review from our famed BTO Sports YouTube Channel… This should get the party started:

The Ultra Cell Knee Brace is constructed with a carbon fiber frame that provides you with a strong, durable, and lightweight knee brace. Although you can theoretically live without this dirt bike riding gear, you won’t last long during the motocross season. Knee injuries are one of the most common injuries among motocross riders because it is very easy to injury your knee, especially on a track.

Why the Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace?

Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee Brace
Asterisk Ultra Cell Knee brace in the latest color – Orange

The Ultra Cell Knee Protection System from Asterisk is built on more than 10+ years of time-tested and proven designs. It takes everything you love about the Asterisk Cell Knee Brace, and then takes it all up a notch! Several patented revolutionary design concepts come together in unison to create this System!

The Ultra Cell went through a refresh and has been upgraded to offer riders more protection around the patella area without compromising overall comfort. This means you have a knee brace that will do its job while being easy to wear.

The A.R.C. Cuff has the ability to be totally adjustable for fit. Yet it still remains rigid! Secondly, a simple, low profile strapping features a single finger release. This creates a natural free-motion. Also, a rolling-gliding hinge follows the natural movement of the knee. Coupled with their landmark Banded Undersleeves, you’ll hardly know you’re wearing any braces at all!

Lighter is better! And no one knows this better than the folks at Asterisk. To that end, the Ultra Cell is essentially a carbon fiber matrix. The tibial plateau-capturing frame design provides strong, yet lightweight protection. This is premium motocross protective gear! Also, the brace-to-boot tether attachment helps prevent lower leg rotation. Furthermore, the full-time, full-coverage patella cup offers superior coverage.

For youth riders, Asterisk offers the Junior Cell knee braces, offering smaller riders the same protection as the Ultra Cell counterpart at only $349 retail.  For youth riders that need more knee support, CLICK HERE

For riders that want the protection of the Ultra Cell, but need to be more budget conscious,  Asterisk offers the Cell Knee Brace at $699 retail. This brace offers the same level of protection without the BOA retention system. This is also a good choice for riders with larger legs that will not fit into the Ultra Cell. To see more information, CLICK HERE

This Knee Protection System is truly decades ahead of all the rest.

Ultra Cell Knee Brace @ BTO Sports

If you are a serious rider that races every weekend or a rider that is looking for the best off-the-shelf knee brace that money can buy, the Asterisk Ultra Cell knee braces are the cream of the crop.

We have them in stock and ready to ship right here at BTO Sports. In fact, we have it all! So if you need anything motocross- from dirt bike helmets to motocross boots (and everything in between) come on over! We can’t wait to help you.

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