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Darian Sanayei | MXGP Rider

Darian Sanayei Out to Conquer Europe We all dream of life in the big time Motocross and Supercross circuits. But for rider Darian Sanayei, the FIM Euro circuit seems a better fit, and his story is one for the books! Crossing the pond and making a mark on the various Euro racing circuits is impressive…
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By ChrisL on August 16, 2017


Urban MTB Line of the Day | Video

Urban MTB @ Its Purest & Rawest… Finn Iles straps up the mountain bike helmet around dawn in lovely Quebec and proceeds to tear the whole city down… Urban MTB style! If you only watch one video today- this is the one! This run is just jaw-dropping: ___ ___ Published on Aug 9, 2017 ►Find…
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By ChrisL on August 15, 2017


Fox Racing | MVRS V3 Helmet

Fox Racing Delivers MVRS Technology Fox Racing does it again with their new MVRS Helmet Technology! Literally and figuratively, Fox Racing is no longer screwing around with your safety. And you can find this cutting edge tech in a moderately priced V3 motocross helmet! It’s the dawn of a new age for rider safety. Hear…
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By ChrisL on August 10, 2017


MotoGP 2017 | Czechoslovakia

MotoGP Takes Over Brno! Another week, another glorious stop on the trail for the rider of MotoGP! The action in Brno, Czechoslovakia was intense, so buckle up the street bike helmet! All the usual suspects are jockeying for overall position and the standings are tightening up fast. Enjoy this video recap of all the #CzechGP…
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By ChrisL on August 8, 2017


Mountain Biking | UCI World Cup

Mountain Biking Sounds are the Smoothest Sounds! Indeed, the sweet timbre of the churning wheels and roosted trail dirt create an absolute mountain biking symphony! And at the latest stop on the UCI World Cup circuit- those sounds were truly deafening. Canada put on one raucous MTB party. Check it out: Published on Aug 5,…
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By ChrisL on August 7, 2017


BMX Madrid | Courage Adams

BMX Through Majestic Spain BMX at its finest! Hadrien Picard uses his cinematic skill to capture this creative line from Courage Adams. This is the very latest from this BMX superstar- so enjoy this video and enjoy your weekend! Published on Jul 20, 2017 One Shot: Courage Adams’ BMX Line in Madrid As an athlete,…
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By ChrisL on August 4, 2017



Are You Ready For Fox MX18? Hot off the press, we have the newest video presentation from Fox Racing. As you will see, some of the best riders in the world take to the tracks and trails in the all-new motocross apparel line from Fox Racing… Fox MX18! The new dirt bike jerseys, pants and…
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By ChrisL on August 2, 2017


First Look: Fox Racing MX 2018

Fox Racing MX 2018 Is Here! Indeed, the wait is over. And when you see the dirt bike apparel Fox Racing unveils in their MX 2018 catalog, you will know immediately that is was worth the wait! It’s the full schmere, folks! Motocross apparel, dirt bike boots, MX Helmets – you name it! And the…
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By ChrisL on July 31, 2017


Black Label MX Gear | Shift 2018

The All-New Black Label MX Gear from Shift MX. Talk About the Total “It” Factor. As we start to get a look at the MX companies 2018 motocross apparel lines, there is definite excitement in the air! And Shift MX’s Black Label MX Gear is the perfect blend of quality and price point! Believe the…
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By ChrisL on July 14, 2017


Shift MX 2018 | Blue Label Gear

Shift MX Unveils 2018 Blue Label MX Gear When it comes to killer motocross apparel, Shift MX is always on the podium! And they’ve done it once again with the release of their newest dirt bike apparel combo. Introducing the Shift MX gear! The all new BLUE Label 4th Kind Combo radically pushes the boundaries…
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By ChrisL on July 6, 2017