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MTB! Fast Life w/ Loïc Bruni

MTB | Let’s Go Over The Bars! Mountain biking is very demanding sport on its athletes. To that end, it makes sense that MTB is very hard on the bikes as well! In the cool vid below, MTB superstar Loic Bruni and his cohorts take a hard look at what makes their bikes withstand the…
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By ChrisL on June 26, 2017


Bates Street Boots | Spotlight

Bates Street Boots Change The Game. One thing is clear- Bates makes some killer street bike boots! And the proof is all over their full line of riding footwear. In addition to their other forays into military and work boots, the street bike boots are truly impressive! And because they have the look of a…
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By ChrisL on June 23, 2017


Hinson Racing | Spotlight

Hinson Clutch Components. Unmatched. There are companies that have been doing their respective thing so well for so long, that they are just accepted as the best. In motocross, Hinson is one of those companies. Let’s take a look at what makes this Motocross Legend such a great company. If you’re a fan of detailed…
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By ChrisL on June 22, 2017


Magellan TRX-7 System | Spotlight

Magellan Makes ADV That Much Easier… Let’s face it, if you want your motorcycle adventures to head in the right direction, you need some help. And out on the trails, stopping and asking for directions is simply not an option! That’s where Magellan and their beautiful line of motorcycle GPS systems comes into play! Their…
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By ChrisL on June 21, 2017


#DutchGP | Race Preview

#DutchGP: On Your Marks, Get Set, Go! As the MotoGP season blazes on, we focus this week on the #DutchGP. Always a feverish pace in Assen! This going to be an awesome race week. Furthermore, the scenery is going to be off the hook. The mighty Dutch love their street bike racing! So let’s get…
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By ChrisL on June 20, 2017


Acerbis MX Plastics | Spotlight

Acerbis MX Plastics. Accept No Substitute. If you own a dirt bike, then chances are you drop the dirt bike. And the first items on that bike that need replacing are almost always the plastics. Acerbis MX plastics are the number 1 brand of replacement fenders, radiator shrouds, side panels and number plates in the…
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By ChrisL on June 19, 2017


Desalle Rocks MXGP Series

Desalle Takes Over Russia MXGP Clement Desalle is one fast Belgian! In fact, he always has been. And this year in the MXGP, he continues to flourish. With his full bag of technical skills in tow, he finds a way to navigate some truly nasty terrain on his way to his second win of the…
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By ChrisL on June 16, 2017


Leatt DBX Trail Helmet | Spotlight

Leatt Brings Big-Time Safety to MTB! From the good people at Leatt comes exciting news for MTB and Enduro riders around the world. The Leatt DBX helmet has been unveiled, and it is impressive… MOST IMPRESSIVE! Enduro is still the buzz word in mountain biking. Moreover, 2017 products are dropping thick and fast. Last week…
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By ChrisL on June 15, 2017


Top 5 | Top-Level MX Helmets

Top 5 Moto Helmets You Must Consider When making a list of the Top 5 MX helmets, there are many factors to consider. Style, Weight, Protection and Price are all important variables to ponder! Clearly, it’s tough to make every rider happy with a single Top 5 list. Because every rider’s tastes are so different!…
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By ChrisL on June 14, 2017


Kali Protectives Interceptor Helmet

Kali Protectives Does It Again… Obviously, the objective of the helmet is to protect. And at Kali Protectives, they are creating the technology to make their helmets achieve that goal more impressively than ever before. What started in a test lab a decade ago as a quest to evolve traditional helmet construction is now the…
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By ChrisL on June 12, 2017