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CL has been blogging it up for BTO Sports since the days when Bob "Hurricane" Hannah ruled the motocross roost. In fact, his guerilla-style coverage of the now-infamous "Massacre at Saddleback" is now considered one of the great MX blogs of all time. Enjoy the blogs, folks- that's the whole idea!

Leatt DBX 4.0 Helmet | Product Spotlight

The New Standard… The Leatt DBX 4.0 Helmet. Today we shine a light on a ground-breaking new mountain bike helmet from Leatt. Behold the Leatt DBX 4.0 Helmet– a technical marvel to be sure! And a look at what ‘total protection’ means in today’s MTB world. If you’re in the market for new MTB Gear,…
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By Chris Leahy on January 14, 2019


Scorpion Optima Jacket | Product Spotlight

Tame the Streets in the Scorpion Optima Jacket. Common sense dictates that when travelling by street bike, you’re going to need the right motorcycle apparel. And the new Optima Jacket from Scorpion fits that bill to a tee. Today we’re going to show you how and why. More importantly, we’re going to show you where…
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By Chris Leahy on January 11, 2019


Thor Sector Bomber MIPS Helmet | Product Spotlight

Protect Yourself Big-Time with the Sector Bomber MIPS Helmet! Thor MX is determined to make some noise in 2019! Because with their new Sector Bomber MIPS Helmet, prime safety meets affordability. That’s right- MIPS technology is now in a helmet that’s well under $200. And that news is truly reverberating around the motocross community. First,…
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By Chris Leahy on January 10, 2019


Fox Racing Idol LE Collection

Idol LE Gear From Fox Racing Takes 2019 By Storm! As the gate drops on the 2019 Supercross season this weekend, Fox Racing introduces their Idol LE Collection! This is a visually stunning set of dirt bike gear– not for the faint of heart! Additionally, there are boots and motocross goggles to complete the look….
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By Chris Leahy on January 4, 2019


Shift MX Blue Label 2.0 Iceland LE Gear

Iceland LE Gear Drops the Gate for Shift MX in 2019! The 2019 Supercross season is here, and the motocross apparel companies are coming out with their latest offerings. Riders will be decked out in these shiny new threads, and we get to buy ’em up ourselves… it’s a beautiful thing! And speaking of beautiful…
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By Chris Leahy on January 4, 2019


Nelson-Rigg ADV Dry Bags | Product Spotlight

Start Your Next Adventure with Nelson-Rigg. Today’s spotlight blog focuses on Nelson-Rigg, and their wide variety of great on-bike Adventure/Touring Luggage and Storage. In particular, their new “dry bag” series which is taking the ADV community by storm! By the time you finish reading up on Nelson-Rigg, you’re going to be a believer. You can…
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By Chris Leahy on January 3, 2019


Gemini Lights | Product Spotlight

Gemini Lights Create Modern Solutions to On-Bike Illumination. Certainly here in 2019, the problems caused by riding in darkness have been mitigated right? The answer is YES. With Gemini Lights leading the way, mountain biking at night has never been easier or safer. Not to mention more fun! So let’s take a look at some…
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By Chris Leahy on January 1, 2019


Big Bang 2.0 Boots | Product Spotlight

Joe Rocket Delivers Again w/Their Big Bang 2.0 Boots… With 2019 showing up, it may very well be time to invest in some new shoes! And if that means ‘motorcycle boots’ to you (and of course it does), then we suggest the new Big Bang 2.0 Boots from Joe Rocket. This is an awesome boot…
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By Chris Leahy on December 31, 2018


Maverik Boots | Product Spotlight

Fly Racing Modernizes Their Flagship Maverik Boots. Fly Racing is the company of choice for those who want quality motocross apparel at the lowest possible prices. And with the newly re-designed Fly Racing Maverik Boots, this glorious tradition continues! Furthermore, we’re here to walk you through all the updated features. Let’s do this! These new…
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By Chris Leahy on December 28, 2018