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I'm Corey, ever since I was little I loved bicycles. My first first bike was a mongoose and I took that thing everywhere. I would race the neighbor kids and always won, good times. Being older now my love of riding hasn't changed. I have shifted more into mountain biking though. Nothing too intense. I am in it for a nice ride and the scenery these days,

Leatt DBX 2018 Collection | MTB

Leatt DBX 2018… Wow. MTB is gaining popularity at a similar rate to many of the other extreme sports out there. And the new Leatt DBX 2018 gear line will only magnify that popularity shift! Mountain biking has become more and more intense over the years. There are more jumps more drop offs for a…
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By Corey Wright on September 26, 2017


Thor 2018 Collection | Twenty_Eighteen Spotlight

Thor is arguably the king of everything motorsports and with 2018 coming around the bend it’s time for the next set of gear from one of my favorite brands. The new Thor 2018 collection is simply called, “Twenty_Eighteen”. I will admit it is not the catchiest or provocative titles for a large collection. However, the…
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By Corey Wright on July 26, 2017