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Axell Hodges | The Alley-Oop

BTO Sports - Athlete Spotlight: Axell Hodges 'The Alley-Oop"
A Legend in the Making

BTO Sports’ sponsored athlete Axell “Slay” Hodges has become a household name in motocross, but it didn’t happen overnight. The young motocross stuntman has come from years of practice and experience in the sport. The California local cut his teeth early at the age of eight when he began riding dirt bikes. Just eight short years later Hodges took home first place on one of the biggest stages for amateur riders, Loretta Lynn’s amateur competition.


From 2015 to 2017 Axell was awarded with a number of second place finishes in multiple events, but when 2018 came around things changed. In 2018 Hodges took home two gold medal finishes that proved he had what it takes to be at the top of the podium. With wins at X-Games MTX Quarterpipe High Jump in Minneapolis, and MTX Real Moto, Axell solidified his name in competitive motocross.


The ‘Alley-Oop’ 




After seeing his accolades and achievements it’s easy to say Slay is a vetted rider. Axell Hodges has done what seemingly no one in motocross has attempted before. The world’s first ever alley-oop on a quarter pipe. Axell performed this stunt on the infamous 18ft. quarter pipe high air ramp. Hodges somehow made this difficult stunt look easy, but hey that’s what Slay does best.


With Monster Energy’s help Axell has racked up more than 230,000 views on Youtube with this groundbreaking stunt. Hodges knows how to keep his audience on their toes with his insane stunts, because he knows what we like to see. The ‘Alley-Oop’ is similar to what we’re used to seeing from Slay but just a bit crazier.


The Next Evel Knievel


The ‘Alley-Oop’ is similar to the World Record jump attempts that he was set to perform last year. Slay was set to try and break a World Record for longest motorcycle jump, and to beat Evel Knievel’s 1971 record for most semi-trucks jumped on a motorcycle. Unfortunately, Axell overshot the landing and injured both ankles pretty badly. Thankfully the daredevil didn’t suffer further injuries, has since recovered, and is back out there defying gravity on his dirt bike. Hopefully we can see Slay go for those records again soon!


BTO Sports is a proud sponsor of Axell “Slay” Hodges as he continues to push the limits in the sport of motocross. Take a peak at the visual progression of the ‘Alley-Oop’ below. This photo really shows how insane this jump is. If you like Slay’s jumps as much as we do, make sure to check out Axell’s Slay Co. gear on our website! 



‘Alley-Oop’ progression. Photo Credit: Monster Energy.
James Day
Web Content Creator at BTO Sports Inc.