Published on Feb 6, 2018

This motocross helmet is more than eye candy. Believe us when we tell you… Bell Helmets has done it again! Because the Bell Fasthouse Moto-9 Flex Fasthouse DITD helmet affords riders amazing protection. How? With the cutting edge tech that they have developed over the years.  Much like the Moto-9 Flex Seven Helmets (which are available in 3 color schemes), this helmet is packed with tech.

The helmet shell itself is constructed out of Tri-max Composite material. This is a unique blend of carbon fiber, Kevlar and fiberglass that results in one of the strongest shells on the market. Not only is this material super-strong, its super-light too. Sure, some closeout riding gear may be cheaper, but when it comes to safety- you should never skimp!

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