The Race Star Flex Helmet is for the racer with a day job. Where every race weekend decision is carefully considered during the long week. To that end, the Race Star Flex DLX Helmet is the prime choice. Offering all the features and protection of its class-leading sibling, the Race Star utilizes a 3k carbon fiber shell and is packed with cutting edge technology to deliver premier performance.

Furthermore, Bell’s proprietary FLEX liner provides comprehensive protection. In fact, the Virus CoolJade liner and Magnefusion cheek pads ensure superior comfort and optimal fit. Moreover, the RaceView orientation (capped with the class 1 optics of Bell’s Panovision face shield) affords you a perfect view of the finish line. Break out the street motorcycle cameras! So clearly, the desire to win starts in the head.

Race Star Flex Helmet Features

  • 3K Carbon Shell
  • Eyewear Compatible
  • Flex Energy Management interior liner
  • Magnefusion™ Removable Magnetic Cheekpads
  • Panovision™ Shield with Class 1 Optics
  • Raceview Orientation
  • Virus Cool Jade Power mesh Liner

Flex Energy Management

The Race Star Flex is a first-of its-kind, 3-layer impact liner. Like the kind you might find in luxury adventure helmets. This design allows the liner to manage energy from three potential impact scenarios: low, mid and high-speed.

3K Carbon Shell

This shell gives this helmet the look, performance and feel of a true race helmet. Clearly, its motorcycle protection of the highest order. Especially relevant is how well this helmet cuts through the air. It’s Bell’s famed aerodynamics at work.

Panovision™ Shield w/Class 1 Optics

Maximum visibility allows you to see better in a tight or tucked position. Moreover, it accommodates any motorcycle eyewear you can throw at it. Not to mention make safer lane changes and head-checks. There’s nothing like an untrammeled view of the road. With this helmet- it’s yours.

Anti-Bacterial Liner

That’s right! The Race Star Flex Helmet sports a washable liner with quick-drying materials. Which inhibits growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. Yuck! God knows you spend enough money to keep your motorcycle engine parts clean. So give the attention to your head!

Also noteworthy are the colors! So many options there too. Whether you like to keep things neutral or you prefer brash, bold colors (Like the killer red Race Star Flex Surge Helmet below!)- Bell has a Race Star Flex Helmet for you. Truly, you need to see these helmets up close to appreciate the graphics…

Race Star Flex Helmet @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, this Race star Flex Helmet is a glorious option for those who want to step up in class. Make no mistake, this is a top-shelf street helmet that looks and feels the part. And they’re right here at BTO Sports! In stock- ready to ship out. So next time you’re here getting your street apparel and more- check into these helmets. You may want to really treat yourself to an upgrade. And this helmet fits that bill to a tee.