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Bell Star Helmet | Product Spotlight

Bell Star Helmet

Bell Star Helmet | Product Spotlight


Bell Star Helmet: “Everyday Protection for Every Rider”


The Bell Star Helmet is a beautiful work of art that will speed past you on the highway at any given time. For 2016 Bell has introduced the latest and greatest iteration of the famous Bell Star Helmet. With the latest technology suited for the riding enthusiast, this is one motorcycle helmet that will turn heads and keep them safe. Since 1967, the Bell Star Helmet has been the gold standard in cranial protection. Absolutely nothing has changed since then. The Bell Star Series of Helmets still represent the highest of technologies in safety for motorcyclists. Don’t take a chance on your safety, take a chance on the Bell Star Helmet.


Bell Star Helmet: Roland Sands Design Blast

Bell Star Helmet
Multiple Views of the Bell Roland Sands Helmet

Bell  is soaked in tradition in the motorcycle helmet world, while Roland Sands Design has always been a major player in the motorcycle jacket and fashion design field. The Bell Star Roland Sands Design Blast Helmet is a match made in heaven. Both brands are well known to motorcyclists across the world, and this collaboration is a dream come true for motorcycle enthusiasts that love both brands. This is hands-down, one of the most eye-catching motorcycle helmets of the season. This is one Bell Star Helmet that is not to be missed.

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Brand New Bell Star Pace Helmet

Bell Star Helmet
Color Options for Bell Star Pace Helmet

While, the Bell Star Helmet name has been around for a while, it has definitely never looked as good as it does today in 2016. The Bell Star Pace Helmet shows exactly what Bell can do with the canvas that is the motorcycle helmet. Coming at you in 3 amazing colors, the Bell Star Pace Helmet has all the technological features of a Bell Star Helmet, covered in an amazing looking shell. And what a shell it is! Like all Bell Star Helmets, this helmet is made of a tri-matrix composite shell that is a mixture of Aramid, carbon fiber, and fiberglass. This composition is blended in such a way that makes the strength of the carbon fiber stand out as much as possible at this price point. Money spend on safety, is money well-spent.


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Bell Star Helmet Panovision

Bell Pro Star Helmets
Bell Pro Star Helmet Vision

One of the most interesting technologies in the Bell Star Helmet is the advent of panovision. This is a viewport that increases your field of view, allowing you to see a variety of potential obstacles on the road more quickly, allowing you precious seconds more time to avoid anything dangerous coming your way at virtually all sides. This is definitely a motorcycle helmet that cares about your safety in many ways. This important feature is available on the Bell Pro Star Helmet, and the Bell Race Star Helmet as well. Bell has found this feature so important, that they have included it in every level of helmet in the Star series of motorcycle helmets in 2016.

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New for 2016: Bell Star Solid Helmet

Bell Star Helmet
Color Options for Bell Star Solid Helmet

The Bell Star Helmet can be as subtle as it is fancy. The Bell Star Solid Helmet, which comes in black or white, is quite a handsome helmet, without all the major gloss and design of its brothers. Although this is a more subtle motorcycle helmet, the inside is no slouch when it comes in fancy features. Like the other Bell Star Helmet offerings, this one features the X-Static XT Silver liner, which provides bacteria and odor protection for as long as your liner lives. The X-Static material is clinically proven to be an antimicrobial fabric. It has a layer of 99.9% pure silver that creates an ionic shield that inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi, which contribute the most to helmet funk. This means your helmet will last long through numerous rides, even if your blood, sweat, and tears get into your motorcycle helmet.

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2016 Bell Star Spectre Helmet

Bell Star Helmet
Multiple Views of Bell Star Spectre Helmet

The Bell Star Spectre Helmet is easily the most futuristic looking of the Bell Star Helmets for 2016. Although this helmet model is the latest in the evolution of Bell Star Street Helmets, it in no way resembles any of its predecessors. Countless hours of research and development have resulted in the new Bell Star Helmets. Hours and hours in wind tunnels have tested aerodynamics, days and days with professional street racers have tested visibility, and months and months in a research laboratory have tested for durability. This is the mother of all motorcycle helmet lines. Whether you go for the Bell Pro Star Helmet, the Bell Race Star Helmet, or the Bell Star Helmet, you can’t go wrong with the technology put into them

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