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Bishop Dual Sport Ride 2017 | Day 2

(This is a continuation of the Bishop Dual Sport ride. To read day 1 highlights, click here)

One of the best rides in the country happens right here in California in the lower Eastern Sierras between the beautiful little town of Bishop to the mountain resort town of Mammoth.  With day one in the books, it was time for our rider Will Drummond to head out for the 2nd and final day of riding.  Go along as Will takes all of us on day two of the Bishop dual sport ride 2017.

Day 2 of the Great Adventure

Day 2 8:00am – Waking up this morning, we all knew today would be a great day.  The group collectively decided to run Black Canyon,  a 50-mile intermediate loop that will test all of us. As we made our way to the checkout, we let the great volunteers of the ride know our route just in case anything were to happen.

Heading south through downtown we cut on to a paved road heading east just outside of town. This paved road gives you a spectacular view of Black Mountain.  As we reach the end of the pavement and crossed a cattle guard the road turns to a wide gravel ranch road. The ranch road has fun sweeping turns and you can get on the gas!

Spring on the way up to Black Canyon

Following this route takes us from the ranch road to rocky 2 track that turns into a rocky single track with quick up-downs and the occasional whoop and silt patches. This single track is fun once you find your rhythm. We follow the fun single track until we hit the pavement of highway 168.

Catching our breath on the highway we make our way east up the winding two-lane highway.  As we cruise up the highway just before we hit the top, the GPS points us to a single lane dirt fire road. The forest road flows in and out of the pine trees, taking us back to cross the highway (Be sure to take this detour…you won’t regret it!). After crossing the highway the single lane road gets narrower and narrower turning into a rocky single track.

The view is breathtaking and worth the ride!

Progressing on the single track dodging tree we come up to a sharp right-hand switch back on top of a shale drop. Bryan and Yamaha Craig were the lead riders as I was bringing up the back of the pack.

Just to be safe, I dismounted to make the corner on the big XR650L. After the corner,. we get back on the trail and then come across another switchback going around a dry creek. Thinking I’m going to clear the corner my front fork clips a rock outcropping shooting me and my bike down into the creek. The big red pig wedged itself under a fallen log in the bottom of the dry creek!


Bryan and Craig stop just up the trail knowing it was a challenging section. Bryan calls me on the radio but my radio wasn’t calling out. Luckily they stopped close enough they could hear me call out for help to get the bike back on the trail. Craig and Bryan help me push the heavy XR out of the creek and back up on the trail. The big red pig fired right up. The only casualty was a lost screw out of my bark buster.

After getting back up, I got re-adjusted and back on the single trail on the edge of the mountain that works its way to a dry gravel wash. The wash traveling through steep narrow granite canyons to mini pine tree groves and back into the canyons. When you think you are in the groove you come around a blind sweeping corner. Out pops a short rock waterfall climb. If you keep your momentum and charge it is no problem.

Black Canyon Mine

As we make our way through the canyon walls get farther and farther apart. The canyon walls turn into Black rock hence the name Black Canyon. On the trail the rock in the gravel gets bigger as we make our way down, going through a couple sections with softball size rocks. Then we come to a giant mine shaft in the side of the canyon, that has been barred up. We take a small break taking some pictures. Getting back on the course we make our way down out of the canyon we merge on to a wide gravel road. The road takes us to the trail we cam in on winding our way along the foot hill back toward Bishop.

We get into town to go get some lunch. The crew gets together and we have lunch at Jacks in Bishop. If you haven’t had a burger there I highly recommend it. After lunch I look my bike over and discover I have a few missing bolt from my exhaust and a bolt missing from my Bark busters. Daylight was burning and I did wan to hold up Bryan and Yamaha Craig, so I opted out of doing Coyote trail. Hung around camp met up with my friend Dennis I rode sweep with for LA Barstow to Vegas. We drank some barley sodas and solved the worlds problems. Bryan and Yamaha Craig made there way back to camp and we cleaned up and went to the banquet.

The banquet was packed we get in line to get some amazing BBQ. The VCMC put together a great raffle ranger from gloves, goggle to a full bike prep by Mad Jack. The grand prize was a Honda Ruckus scooter with all the taxes paid for. Everyone hung out till the end to see if they won the Honda Ruckus.

VCMC Bishop Dual Sport Ride Banquet

This was by far one of the more rewarding rides I have done in 2017. From the camaraderie to the spectacular views, the Bishop Dual Sport ride does not disappoint. A special thanks goes out to Ventura County Motorcycle Club and all the volunteers that make this ride happen.

If you are an ADV rider, or just someone that loves to ride motorcycles, you owe it to yourself to gather up your riding buddies and sign up for the 2018 Bishop ride!  Check the VCMC website for updates Trust me, you will thank me that you did!



Will Drummond
Dual Sport and Adventure rides is what I do. Riding with friends and exploring the backcountry on his XR650 is life.