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Bleach Design Werks | 1 of 1

Kelana Humphrey "One of One"

‘Deus Ex Machina’

Bleach Design Werks head Mikey Ojeda and Gas Productions teamed up to create an epic short film.

The film is created around the bike built by Bleach Design Werks, ‘Deus Ex Machina’. The film title “One of One” refers to this unique bike build that is one of a kind. Bleach Design Werks captures the essence of the city scape in the heart of Southern California.

The film features one of the most influential young riders and BTO‘s very own, Kelana Humphrey. “One of One” takes place in the heart of Los Angeles with an awe inspiring city scape environment. This unorthodox motocross setting makes the film grab the attention of the viewer. The production team took its time to highlight architecture that is unique to L.A. Scenes cut through well known locations such as STAPLES Center. It really captures the essence of L.A. and what its like to be in the heart of the city, but on a dirt bike.

This unique video style was executed to perfection in the video that premiered in Venice, CA on the 17th at the video launch party and ‘Deus Ex Machina’ bike reveal. Mikey Ojeda, the visionary behind this project has strung together a vision for Bleach Design Werks that has created a buzz around the brand.

Look out for more from him and his team, as well as future features from Kelana Humphrey a young motocross heartthrob that is the next generation of motocross. BTO Sports is a proud sponsor of Kelana and his unique style, he is one of our youngest and more promising athletes.

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James Day
Web Content Creator at BTO Sports Inc.