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Blue Label Snow Camo Gear | Spotlight

It’s that time of year everybody! The new motocross apparel is hitting the shelves and it’s time to stock up. Today we look at the 2020 Blue Label Snow Camo Jersey, Pant Combo from Shift MX. This gear is absolutely top-shelf across the board… So let’s check it all out!

Hot off the presses, this MX gear looks amazing and has all of the modern refinements that today’s racers need on the track. Believe us when we tell you- we have seen our share of motocross gear combos here at BTO Sports. And we can say with confidence that this new Blue Label Snow Camo gear can line up with anything else on the market. Its a design triumph to be sure!

First off, the all new Blue Label Snow Camo gear radically pushes the boundaries of performance and comfort. While remaining the worlds most advanced motocross apparel. Additionally, five years of development and testing are resulting in increased benefits across weight, fit, durability and moisture management. As a result, this Blue Label gear is becoming the preferred choice of pro riders all over the globe.

Lets start with the jersey and work our way down…

Blue Label Snow Camo Jersey

The new Blue Label Snow Camo Jersey is truly next level. Because a  trio of fabric and design features include nylon for durability, spandex for unrestricted movement. You simply will not believe how free and easy you will be moving on the bike as you take yet another podium.

Not to mention body mapping for heat dispersion, which elevates these new motocross jerseys to uncharted territory and what we believe is the most premium offering in the sport.

Jersey Features

  • Engineered knit main body fabric regulates evaporative cooling on the body
  • CARVICO® knitted Nylon/Elastane sleeves eliminate bulk and help regulate body temperature
  • Streamlined athletic fit enhances mobility while reducing drag
  • Bonded neck opening reduces weight and eliminates collar restrictions/snag on dirt bike helmets
  • Innovative bonded cuff eliminates cuff restriction
  • Fade resistant dyed graphics on a dyed main body

  • Engineered knit main body
  • Carvico® sleeves

And we are just getting warmed up! If you think these jerseys are a must-have, then just wait until we show off the corresponding Blue Label motocross pants. The pictures barely do this combo justice…

Blue Label Snow Camo Pant

Behold the impressive new Blue Label Snow Camo Pant. The looks are stunning and the long list of technical features will have you dancing in the aisles. Check out the snow camo graphics, right? The look is like nothing else you will see on your track.

But there is plenty of steak to go with all this sizzle. Because these pants have Cordura stretch nylon construction. So they are beyond durable. In fact, they are downright motocross protective gear. And that is just the beginning. Check it out.

Pant Features

  • CORDURA® stretch Nylon chassis combines unparalleled movement, weight reduction and durability
  • CARVICO® knitted Nylon/Elastane lower leg for unmatched comfort and breathability inside the motocross boots
  • Streamlined athletic fit enhances mobility on the bike while reducing drag
  • Zone bonded breathable waistline to eliminate bulk and provide movement
  • Increased ventilation to help regulate body temperature
  • Full-grain drum dyed leather on interior knees for increased durability in high abrasion zones
  • Taped interior seams increase comfort and reduce restriction while decreasing overall weight

  • Cordura® stretch nylon chassis
  • Carvico® knitted Nylon/Elastane lower leg
  • Full-grain leather knees

And here we are in 2020… so you know that Shift MX is bringing the matching gloves to the party. And not only do they match up in color- they also match up in quality. These motocross gloves are the pinnacle of MX glove design… as you are about to find out!

Blue Label Air Glove

The all-new Blue Label Air Glove features unparalleled movement and weight reduction with industry-leading durability. The innovative RAW wrist design reduces cuff restriction while top of hand laser cut perforations increase ventilation.

It’s a glove that is preferred by the Shift Syndicate and the Geico Honda team for not only its performance but unmatched style. Add it to a matching jersey and pant and it may be the extra touch needed to win some Lit Kit awards.

Glove Features

  • Cordura® stretch nylon top-of-hand for flexibility, weight reduction, and durability
  • Clarino® palm improves fit, enhances durability and protects
  • Silicone fingertip printing for enhanced grip over dirt bike controls
  • Top of hand laser cut perforations increase ventilation
  • Innovative RAW wrist design reduces cuff restriction
  • Premium 3D silicone logo

Top of hand: Perforated Cordura® stretch nylon
Palm: Perforated single layer Clarino®

All in all, this is clearly premium stuff. The best of the best. And dont you deserve the best? Do not delay- make sure you come on over and grab a set of this dirt bike gear today!

Blue Label Snow Camo Gear @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, BTO Sports is proud to stock their shelves with the entire 2020 MX catalog from Shift MX! You should really come on over and check it all out. But this new Blue Label Snow Camo gear is the crown jewel of the collection. And we have it in stock and ready to ship. So add it to your cart along with those dirt bike parts and get your butt out on the track looking sharp! Not to mention fast. Greasy fast…

Chris Leahy
CL has been blogging it up for BTO Sports since the days when Bob "Hurricane" Hannah ruled the motocross roost. In fact, his guerilla-style coverage of the now-infamous "Massacre at Saddleback" is now considered one of the great MX blogs of all time. Enjoy the blogs, folks- that's the whole idea!