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BTO Sports Headed to Loretta Lynn Amateur National Championship

BTO Sports is headed to Loretta Lynn’s Ranch this weekend for the 2012 Amateur National Championships. This event marks the pinnacle in amateur racing, where rising stars from all over the Nation come to the ranch for an intense week of racing, heat, and emotion.  BTO Sports could not be more proud that all 10 of their Amateur Riders have qualified in their respective classes in this inaugural year for the BTO Amateur Team.  These amateurs have shown discipline and perseverance to qualify for this prestigious race. The team riders range in age from 10 to 19, and race all classes from 65 (9-11) through the A class. In support of their team riders, BTO Sports will have the Pro Team’s BTO/BBMX/Palmetto Suzuki semi truck pitted at the track for rider hospitality. There will also be a cinematographer documenting the first year of the BTO Team at Loretta Lynn’s for everyone who couldn’t make it out. Keep an eye out for the video in the following week, and the best of luck to all the racers!


[table caption=”BTO Rider List”]

Justin Summers, 250A/450A

Jacob Knable, 250A/450A

Kevin Weisbruch, 250A/450A

Tyler Enticknap, 450B/Open

Jantz Grodzicki, Schoolboy 1

Axell Hodges, 250C

Tyler Pantley ,85 (12-13)/Supermini

Cullin Park, 65 (10-11)/85 (9-11)

Colby Halpain, 85 (9-11)

Cody Eaton, 85 (12-13)/Supermini

Cody Berntsen