Fox MX | Legion

Fox MX Goes Full Dual Sport With Legion With decades of racing in their history, Fox MX knows more about race apparel than anyone. And now they’ve taken that wealth of knowledge and put it into their Legion Dual Sport/ADV riding apparel. Nobody has more skin in the race game than Carey Hart. And he…
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By ChrisL on May 23, 2017

Penguin Ride  

The Hi-Mountain Dual Sport Penguin Ride | ADV Riders

Adventure Ride With The Penguins When you get a chance to hit up the hills of the Central Coast of California on an Adventure bike, you just do it.  Our friend Will Drummond did just that. Along with his wife, they spend their weekend together supporting a good cause while riding. Check out his adventure below…
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By ChrisW on May 19, 2017


Klim Badlands Jacket | Spotlight

The Badlands Jacket Rules All For ADV. Want an Adventure Riding Jacket worthy of the most ambitious destinations and unpredictable conditions? Then you want the Badlands Jacket from KLIM! This ADV jacket  is the combination of the latest design, fit and material technologies available to the premium adventure motorcycle market.Inspired by rides that start, go…
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By ChrisL on May 19, 2017


Icon ADV Boots | Spotlight

Icon ADV Boots Start The Adventure Today we delve into the ADV apparel section, and perhaps the most important aspect… the boots! Icon ADV boots are making noise in the Adventure riding circles, and it’s their dedication to quality that is behind their meteoric rise. Designed and developed in Portland, Oregon, this company is going…
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By ChrisL on May 16, 2017


Krios ADV Helmets | Spotlight

Krios ADV Helmets Raise The Bar. KLIM’s Krios is a new beginning for ADV helmets. It is revitalizing standards in strength, performance and functionality. And all while leaving traditional compromises behind. KRIOS provides a premium experience through High Performance Carbon-Fiber construction! Add to that four ride mode versatility and aerodynamic superiority. Then top it all…
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By ChrisL on May 12, 2017


Modular Helmets | An Introduction

Modular Helmets Add Comfort to Safety Modular helmets are a fantastic compromise for both daily riders and weekend warriors. The range of modular motorcycle helmets we offer here at BTO offer you terrific safety and maximum versatility. Especially for the urban daily rider who starts and stops a lot, the modular helmet and its open…
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By ChrisL on May 4, 2017


Sena Bluetooth Devices | Spotlight

Sena.  A Passion for Adventure. Sena Motorcycle Gear will completely change the way you live out your adventures on the bike. That’s because Sena believes there’s no such thing as a viable shortcut in the pursuit of a passion. And we couldn’t agree more! Like BTO Sports, they are all motorcycle riders and technology enthusiasts….
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By ChrisL on May 2, 2017


Cortech Motorcycle Jackets | Spotlight

Cortech Gets The Adventure Going. Cortech motorcycle jackets are among the best in the industry. And here at BTO Sports, we offer these great jackets so that your next adventure is just a click away from being ready to roll out. Cortech brings a wide range of products to performance riders.  Thus it is important…
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By ChrisL on April 26, 2017


Top 5 Adventure: Getting Started

Top 5 Pieces of Entry-Level Adventure Gear Adventure Touring is becoming the fastest growing form of motorcycling on the planet. So naturally, a Top 5 List to get started is a flat-out necessity! Why? The romantic notion of leaving it all behind and hitting the open road is becoming a reality for more and more…
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By ChrisL on April 25, 2017

Adventure Ride Guide Arizona  

Adventure Motorcycle Rides | Arizona’s

Adventure Motorcycle Rides | Arizona  These adventure motorcycle rides may not cater to your geographical location, they are ones that can make for one hell of an adventure! Take traveling through Arizona via two-wheels to a whole new level with these motorcycle rides.  Don’t forget to check out our new line of adventure gear to…
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By Nick B on April 19, 2017