Bridgestone Battlax T31 Tires | Spotlight

Bridgestone Battlax T31 Tires Command the Road. If you are in the market for Adventure, Street or Dual Sport Tires, look no further than the Bridgestone Battlax T31 Tires! The ideal sports touring radial, they’re able to cope with a wide variety of riding conditions. Make no mistake, these tires provide supreme confidence on the…
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By CL on June 5, 2018


Klim Jackets | Product Spotlight

Klim Jackets Have It All! Designed for all types of motorcycle riding, Klim Jackets offer a wide range of innovative features. And this makes them a fixture at the top of the motorcycle apparel game. Klim builds their gear out of the best materials available, every time, with no exceptions. Moreover, they explore every option…
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By CL on June 4, 2018


Shoei ADV Helmets | Product Spotlight

Shoei ADV Helmets – A Cut Above. In the world of adventure riding and dual sport, the name of the game is comfort. On long ADV rides, Shoei ADV Helmets prove their weight in gold! Because Shoei adds style and safety to their ridiculously comfortable line of top adventure motorcycle helmets. And today we take…
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By CL on May 15, 2018


Moose Racing ADV1 Outerwear | Spotlight

Moose Racing ADV1 Outerwear. Adventure Gear Done Right. Let the adventure begin! Today we look at the new Moose Racing ADV1 Outerwear line. It is an impressive lineup of gear to be sure! Furthermore, we have it all right here at BTO Sports. And it’s ready to ship! Moose Racing Motocross Gear dedicates themselves to…
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By CL on May 14, 2018


Sena 30K Bluetooth | Product Spotlight

Sena 30K Bluetooth Technology… Wow. As an industry leader, Sena Motorcycle Products are the go-to for anyone who wants premium mobile audio and communication devices. And the Sena 30K Bluetooth Headset is the latest offering that is clearly changing the game in on-bike communication! Loaded with new tech and countless features, this new Sena will…
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By CL on April 26, 2018


Sidi Discovery ADV Rain Boot | Product Spotlight

The Sidi Discovery Rain Boot is Made for Adventure Riding. Dual Sport. Touring. Adventure Riding. Call it what you want, but know this: the Sidi Discovery Rain Boot delivers big on all of the above! The Adventure/Dual Sport world is growing in popularity each year, and Sidi’s boots are part of that growth. There are many…
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By CL on February 21, 2018


Klim F5 Koroyd Helmet | Product Spotlight

 Next Generation Off-Road Helmet Klim is known in the off-road world for the best gear on the market. Their helmets are top of the line when it comes to protection and comfort.  They have made an even better helmet better, with the  F5 series Koroyd Helmets, are here at! Built on the already proven…
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By Corey Wright on February 23, 2018