TCX Boots for Adventure Motorcycle

TCX Puts The Focus On Boots. When you think Adventure motorcycle riding, you think of long trips. You want safety in your equipment and adventure riding gear. However, you need comfort too! This is especially true of street helmets and street boots. And nobody knows this as well as TCX. The more you look at the technology…
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By CL on November 7, 2017

Top Motorcycle adventure Gear for Winter Riding  

The Top Motorcycle Adventure Gear For Winter Riding

Prepare for the Weather True motorcycle enthusiasts won’t let a little cold weather stop them from enjoying the road on their motorcycle. While your bike may be ready for the task, if you are not prepared with the right motorcycle riding gear, your winter and /or wet weather ride might be miserable. Instead of deciding…
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By ChrisW on October 17, 2017


Forma ADV Boots | Spotlight

Forma ADV Boots Perform… If you’re getting into Adventure or Dual Sport motorcycle riding, the three essentials are the bike, the helmet and the Forma ADV Boots! You gotta have them. And the review of these great riding boots below will explain why. We promise! Without further adieu, let’s take a look at these amazing…
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By CL on September 15, 2017


Butler Maps | ADV Spotlight

Butler Maps Lead The Way. If you are on any level of ADV riding, you need to check out Butler Maps. It’s really that simple! These detailed maps will lead you where you want to go- no question. But more importantly, they will keep you out of where you DO NOT want to go, making…
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By CL on September 7, 2017


RinseKit Portable Shower | Spotlight

Rinse Off Anywhere You Go Chris Crawford grew tired of showing up to shifts smelling like sand & sea salt from his sunrise surf sessions. Gravity fed showers weren’t the answer, so he sought out his own solution. With a bit of ingenuity, Chris invented the RinseKit, a pressurized and portable shower! You may recognize…
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By Eric Wright on August 21, 2017


Lezyne GPS Watch | Spotlight

Lezyne Shows You The Way. As we all know, GPS technology has really enhanced our lives and saved us all kinds of hassles. Lezyne GPS units are at the forefront of this GPS tech! Furthermore, they have GPS computers in a wrist watch. Too good to be true, right? Wrong! So, get ready to get…
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By CL on June 28, 2017

Southern California Adventure Rides  

Southern California Adventure Rides

Southern California Adventure Rides If you are located in sunny Southern California and have an adventure or dual sport motorcycle, then you have to check out these rides. From canyon roads to beautiful coastal stretches.  These Southern California adventure rides offer motorcycle riders a unique riding experience that can’t be found anywhere else. Take foothills…
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By Nick B on June 21, 2017


Magellan TRX-7 System | Spotlight

Magellan Makes ADV That Much Easier… Let’s face it, if you want your motorcycle adventures to head in the right direction, you need some help. And out on the trails, stopping and asking for directions is simply not an option! That’s where Magellan and their beautiful line of motorcycle GPS systems comes into play! Their…
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By CL on June 21, 2017


Alpinestars ADV Boots | Spotlight

Alpinestars Knows Adventure! Adventure riding is sweeping the motorcycle world by storm in recent years. And if there’s one company that knows how to do adventure- it’s Alpinestars! They’ve got the decades of experience that makes their boots the most functional and comfortable on the market. And here at BTO Sports, we’ve got em all!…
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By CL on June 9, 2017


AFX Dual Sport Helmets | Spotlight

AFX Motorcycle Helmets. A Bold Choice. AFX Motorcycle Helmets are a great value, as they offer well-made helmets that put a premium on rider comfort. And they also come at a low price point! So, you won’t have to break the bank to get back on the road! From Full Face to Modular, Dual Sport…
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By CL on May 30, 2017