Colorado MTB | Ruby Hill

Chasing Trail MTB Series Are you ready? Because MTB whiz-kid Aaron Hill and friends are ready to rip up the best public bike parks in the USA! Each week, videos are going to be popping up of Aaron and his buds doing what they do best- carving up MTB terrain at the best locations to…
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By ChrisL on October 25, 2016


Red Bull Rampage 2016 | Review

Red Bull Rampage 2016 Went Off! All the glory and majesty that is Red Bull Rampage 2016 went down this past weekend in the Red Rocks of Virgin, Utah. New venue, new format and judged by fellow athletes- this Red Bull Rampage had a life all its own. And the energy was through the roof-…
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By ChrisL on October 20, 2016

Danny MacAskill gap from platform to rail  

Danny MacAskill | “Wee Day Out”

Danny MacAskill is at it Again. Well, he’s back and better than ever- Danny MacAskill has taken his BMX act to Scotland, and we have the video to prove it! You know when this guy puts out video content of his latest BMX tricks, it’s immediate click-and-watch material. Period. So sit back and watch MacAskill’s…
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By ChrisL on October 17, 2016


MTB Paradise | Revelstoke

Next Exit MTB//Revelstoke, British Columbia When you’re ready to see some of Earth’s premium MTB terrain, head on up to Revelstoke, British Columbia. A scene right out of a postcard, this place has a beauty you have to see to believe. And, if you don’t have the time or cabbage to get on up to…
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By ChrisL on October 17, 2016


#TBT | Never-Been-Done BMX Tricks

Never-Been-Done BMX Tricks w/ Daniel Sandoval It’s a total bicycle motocross throwdown! We’ve got the incomparable Daniel Sandoval in a string of videos  where he absolutely empties his bag of BMX tricks. Check it out! Never-Been-Done BMX Tricks w/ Daniel Sandoval – YouTube  Published on Mar 5, 2015 Known for his high-flying combos and a…
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By ChrisL on October 13, 2016

Leo Francis  

Foxhunt 2016 | MTB Fun

Foxhunt 2016 Is In The Books! The running of the Red Bull Foxhunt 2016 went down last weekend, and as you would imagine-the action was intense. MTB nonsense of the best sort, Gee Atherton proved once again that he is the mountain bike version of “man amongst boys”… Here’s the rad clip, showing some high-speed POV!…
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By ChrisL on October 6, 2016


Bernard Kerr | MTB Londoner

Bernard Kerr, MTB Force. The above statement is a flat-out fact. Bernard Kerr has taken the MTB world by storm in a very short period of time. With MTB talents matched by a very select few- this guy is now putting on absolute clinics at major competitions around the globe! Bernard Kerr: London Living –…
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By ChrisL on October 3, 2016


Must Be Monday | MTB Crash Scene

Monday Blues Meets MTB Dirt. Another Monday, Folks. As we trudge through it, why not take a brief respite and enjoy some MTB crash reels! These videos will have you smiling in no time. Obviously, if you’re going to ride you’re mountain bike anything like these cats- PLEASE- wear a mountain bike helmet! CRASH COMPILATION…
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By ChrisL on September 26, 2016


Red Bull Hardline 2016 | MTB

MTB Madness Reigned @ Red Bull Hardline 2016 The 2016 edition of the famed Red Bull Hardline went down this past weekend, and let’s just say it went off without a hitch! This high-flying MTB event keeps getting better, and you can be sure that we have the video evidence to prove such a claim!…
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By ChrisL on September 23, 2016

MTB Bike Gear Infographic  

Mountain Bike Gear: Downhill vs. Trail Rider

From head to toe, the downhill mountain biker and trail mountain biker are two drastically different riders. Here are the details on key pieces of gear needed by the downhill mountain bike guy and the trail mountain bike guy, and why each rider needs unique MTB gear. Share Our Infographic On Your Site! <p><strong>Please include…
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By Danielle on September 22, 2016