Brandon Semenuk | Simplicity

Brandon Semenuk Is Made To MTB In the hierarchy of MTB, there’s the pros, then the legends… and then there’s Brandon Semenuk! This guy rules the roost! And we got a whole lot of Mr. Semenuk coming your way in the videos below.  So, buckle up the mountain bike helmet and get ready to fly!…
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By ChrisL on June 30, 2017


Lezyne GPS Watch | Spotlight

Lezyne Shows You The Way. As we all know, GPS technology has really enhanced our lives and saved us all kinds of hassles. Lezyne GPS units are at the forefront of this GPS tech! Furthermore, they have GPS computers in a wrist watch. Too good to be true, right? Wrong! So, get ready to get…
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By ChrisL on June 28, 2017


MTB! Fast Life w/ Loïc Bruni

MTB | Let’s Go Over The Bars! Mountain biking is very demanding sport on its athletes. To that end, it makes sense that MTB is very hard on the bikes as well! In the cool vid below, MTB superstar Loic Bruni and his cohorts take a hard look at what makes their bikes withstand the…
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By ChrisL on June 26, 2017


Leatt DBX Trail Helmet | Spotlight

Leatt Brings Big-Time Safety to MTB! From the good people at Leatt comes exciting news for MTB and Enduro riders around the world. The Leatt DBX helmet has been unveiled, and it is impressive… MOST IMPRESSIVE! Enduro is still the buzz word in mountain biking. Moreover, 2017 products are dropping thick and fast. Last week…
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By ChrisL on June 15, 2017

Troy Lee Designs Mountain Bike 2017  

Troy Lee Designs 2017 Ride Collection

The Troy Lee Designs 2017 Ride Collection is finally here, and it is absolutely massive! In fact, this is one of the biggest mountain bike releases of the year. Troy Lee has made a name for themselves in the motorsport world, but is quickly gaining recognition among the MTB crowd. Known for their unique style…
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By Eric Wright on July 12, 2017


Kali Protectives Interceptor Helmet

Kali Protectives Does It Again… Obviously, the objective of the helmet is to protect. And at Kali Protectives, they are creating the technology to make their helmets achieve that goal more impressively than ever before. What started in a test lab a decade ago as a quest to evolve traditional helmet construction is now the…
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By ChrisL on June 12, 2017


Vans BMX Pro Cup Series 2017

Vans BMX Pro Cup Dazzles Once Again All the big boys of BMX showed up in Mexico for the 2017 edition of the Vans BMX Pro Cup. And it was awesome! Take a look at the videos below, and watch the bicycle pyrotechnics. You may want to strap up a BMX helmet before you push…
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By ChrisL on June 7, 2017


Magura MT Series Brakes | MTB

Magura MT Series. Pure MTB Performance. Taking your MTB machine to race levels is a natural step in the process. As your skills improve, the need for Magura disk brakes becomes apparent! It’s really quite simple- faster bike equals faster rider. We here at BTO Sports know that value is the name of the game….
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By ChrisL on June 1, 2017


BMX | Team Haro In Mexico

BMX… South of the Border. Nobody gets a BMX team together like the folks at Haro! And the 2017 edition of the BMX squad is a flat-out assortment of stars. Get ready to be impressed- these cats take the bike trickery to new heights down in Mexico. A video edit like few others. Roll video!…
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By ChrisL on May 24, 2017


IXS Xact MTB Helmet | Spotlight

The IXS Xact MTB Helmet Brings It! Today we turn our attention to a great new MTB helmet… the incredible IXS Xact helmet. If you are in the market for a new MTB helmet, or simply want the latest in helmet technology- this one’s for you! And rest assured, this helmet looks as good and…
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By ChrisL on May 22, 2017