Vans BMX Pro Cup 2017

Vans BMX Pro Cup Fires Up In 2017 In recent years, the crown jewel of the BMX calendar year is the Vans BMX Pro Cup.  And the 2017 edition just started up this past weekend in Sydney, Australia. Check out the recap of the Sydney Qualifier round, it has some sick BMX footage to be…
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By ChrisL on March 1, 2017


Jason Watts | BMX 2017

The Latest From Jason Watts! It goes without saying (or writing) that Jason Watts is a bad hombre in the vast world of BMX. And here in 2017, he is cranking up the video edits and reminding us all of that fact! Let’s do this! Published on Feb 21, 2017 Jason Watts Haro 2017 –…
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By ChrisL on February 23, 2017

Drop and Roll Philippines  

Danny MacAskill – Drop and Roll Ride Philippines

Shredding Bicycles in the Philippines Living the bicycle life is what Danny MacAskill is all about. Travel across the world for the first ever show of the Drop and Roll Ride tour stops in the Philippines. The Philippines is full of fans that love to shred bicycles and love to watch shredders Danny MacAskill, Duncan…
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By ChrisW on February 16, 2017


Kriss Kyle BMX | Unit 23

Kriss Kyle Means Business. You better believe that when Kriss Kyle slaps on the helmet and gets on the bike, some BMX trickery is soon to follow. And premium BMX trickery at that! And yes, we have the video proof. Check out the latest from the man as he rips it up at Unit 23…
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By ChrisL on February 14, 2017


MTB Downhill Speed Record | Video

Ludicrous MTB Speeds… There’s fast and then there’s crazy fast. Then, after all that, there’s Max Stockl MTB fast! The man lives on the edge between downhill racer and certifiable madman. Want proof? No problem. Enjoy the video and story below. Max has beaten his own lofty speed record once again! 167kph. That’s roughly 103…
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By ChrisL on February 13, 2017


Remembering Dave Mirra | BMX

Dave Mirra. BMX Legend. Great job here by the folks over at Winter X Games to take the time to pay respect to a true BMX pioneer… Dave Mirra. Larger than life when on the bike and humble when off it, Dave Mirra was as popular a figure in BMX as there ever was. And…
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By ChrisL on February 9, 2017


Simple Session 2017 | BMX

Simple Session 2017: BMX Highlights Vids Simple Session 2017 roared into the Saku Arena in Tallinn, Estonia, with a weekend packed with BMX and skate action. For the first time in the 17 years of the competition, the BMX contest was split into street and park disciplines. Scroll down for full results. Not seen the action…
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By ChrisL on February 7, 2017


Must Be Monday | Freeride MTB Crashes

Freeride MTB Crash Reel… Yikes! As we all know, Mondays are no fun. For most, it’s the beginning of yet another long work week. But crashing Freeride MTB style? Well- that’s less fun. Trust us! And for those who don’t want to take our word for it- click below. For all you weekend MTB warriors….
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By ChrisL on February 6, 2017


Vans BMX Illustrated | Utah

Vans BMX Illustrated Takes Us to Utah Tim “Fuzzy” Hall is a BMX legend who hails from the great state of Utah. So naturally, he invited the cameras of Vans BMX to his own personal stomping grounds. What would come of this visit?  An instant BMX video classic! Needless to say, these guys get busy…
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By ChrisL on February 2, 2017


MTB thru Rio de Janerio | Filip Polc

MTB Madness In A Concrete Jungle The streets of Santa Marta favela weren’t built for mountain bikes, and certainly not for MTB. But try telling that to Filip Polc! The ‘Originator of City Downhill’ rips some seriously narrow stairways in this awesome video below. Enjoy the urban MTB shred-fest… The favelas of Rio de Janerio…
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By ChrisL on February 2, 2017