Hard Enduro Fury | The 111 Megawatt

Hard Enduro is Grown Man’s Stuff. Hard Enduro is among the most gruelling sports known to man. It’s a challenge! And the Megawatt 111 is the perhaps the most gnarly event of them all. Combining all the tougher elements of MX and straight Enduro racing. The Megawatt 111. Fury on wheels. It all went down…
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By ChrisL on September 29, 2016


Roczen In Red | Honda Signs Champ

Roczen Has Switched Colors! Where there’s smoke there’s fire! The rumors are true. Ken Roczen will be riding for Honda when the Supercross gates drop in 2017. Introducing the newest member of Team Honda HRC  Published on Sep 21, 2016 American Honda Motor. Co. is proud to announce the highly anticipated signing of two-time AMA…
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By ChrisL on September 27, 2016

Ask The Ledge 9-23-16  

Ask The Ledge – BTO Garage 09-23-16

Have a question, the “Ledge” will answer! Check out the second installment of “Ask the Ledge” in the BTO Garage. Your host, DocWeedon sits down with the Legend as they answer viewer submitted moto questions. In addition to the questions, the Legend spit out a few words of wisdom while sitting on the BTO couch. If…
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By ChrisW on September 24, 2016


Fox Racing | Celebration Of Speed

Fox Racing Sure Knows How To Throw A Party So why not make yourself at home? Fox Racing cordially invites you to their “celebration of speed”, and believe us when we say they have plenty to celebrate. Their stable of riders can flat-out fly, and have been doing so both indoors and outdoors in 2016….
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By ChrisL on September 21, 2016


Fox Racing Marvel Helmets | Spotlight

Fox Racing & Marvel Make Helmet History In conjunction with the releases of the newest Marvel Comics superhero films, Fox Racing presents a limited release of the Fox Racing  V1 Marvel LE Helmets! These helmets are incredibly detailed, and look just like your favorite Marvel Superheroes!  Whether you side with Steve Rogers or Tony Stark, you cannot go…
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By ChrisL on September 16, 2016


The Future Stars of Motocross

The Next Wave of Motocross Giants. As you will read below, and certainly see in the years to come- Motocross is in good hands! The three up and comers followed in the story you are about to read are just a few of the sport’s brightest signs for the future. And in the uber-challenging breeding…
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By ChrisL on September 14, 2016


Ride United | MX Movie Trailer

Get Pumped Up for Ride United Yes! Every now and then, you get some news that really puts a spring in your step. Today is one of those days! Ride United is a new motocross movie coming out, and let’s just say it looks to truly be the goods! With a cast that’s basically a…
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By ChrisL on September 12, 2016


Euro Trip with Chad Reed

Chad Reed Rocks the MXGP Talk about the all time greats of motocross, and you won’t get too far down the list without hitting on Chad Reed. The man is simply a legend of the sport- and we have some great videos of the man that give you a look at his life from behind…
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By ChrisL on September 9, 2016


Fox Racing 360 MXON LE Creo Gear!

Introducing the  Fox Racing 360 MXON LE Creo Race Wear! As we all know, Fox Racing is one of the true monsters of motocross. Their gear has been the brand of choice for racers since the dawn of the sport. And now, with their new 360 MXON LE Creo gear, they have once again shown…
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By ChrisL on September 2, 2016