Rekluse Clutch Kits | Product Spotlight

Rekluse Clutch Kits Improve Performance. In the spotlight today are the fine Rekluse Clutch Kits. With fifteen years of innovation under their belt, these clutch kits are state of the art! For those looking to seriously upgrade bike performance, the Rekluse Clutch Kits are the only way to go. What makes them so great? This…
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By CL on June 20, 2018


6D ATR-1Y Avenger Helmet | Product Spotlight

Introducing the 6D ATR-1Y Avenger Helmet. The Ultimate Youth MX Protection. Nothing is more important than keeping our children safe. And in motocross, the right kid’s dirt bike gear is critical in this regard. The new 6D ATR-1Y Avenger Helmet is the most advanced helmet on the market in terms of youth rider safety. The 6D…
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By CL on June 12, 2018


Dunlop Geomax MX33 Motocross Tires | Spotlight

Dunlop Geomax MX33 Tires. The New Gold Standard for Motocross. Today we cover the most technologically advanced dirt bike tires on the market! The Dunlop Geomax MX33 Tires! By the time this Product Spotlight is through, you’re going to want to give your baby a new pair of shoes. Believe it. Dunlop develops these MX33’s …
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By CL on June 11, 2018


Red White & True | Fox Racing Summer Casual

Keep It Red White & True! Summer is here! And while you’re hitting up BTO Sports for your dirt bike parts, why not revamp your casual mx wardrobe to accommodate this gorgeous weather! On that note, let’s celebrate being part of the best country in the world with the Red White & True Lifestyle Collection!…
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By CL on June 5, 2018


Klim Jackets | Product Spotlight

Klim Jackets Have It All! Designed for all types of motorcycle riding, Klim Jackets offer a wide range of innovative features. And this makes them a fixture at the top of the motorcycle apparel game. Klim builds their gear out of the best materials available, every time, with no exceptions. Moreover, they explore every option…
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By CL on June 4, 2018


Alpinestars Indy Vice Tech 7 Boots | Spotlight

Going Retro with Alpinestars Already known as the industry leader in motocross boots, Alpinestars took it to a whole new level with their limited edition Alpinestars Indy Vice Tech 7 Boots. With the teal and pink bringing back visions of the 80’s, these dirt bike boots are sure to have all eyes on them at…
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By BTO Staff on May 22, 2018


How to Choose the Right Hydration Pack | Buyers Guide

Keep Cool with the Right Hydration Pack… Leatt Hydration GPX Cargo 3.0 Ogio Baja 2L Hydration Pack Deuter Race X Hydration Pack Thor Vapor 2.0L Hydration Packs Fox Racing Low Pro Hydration Pack USWE A4 Challenger 3.0L Hydration Pack Today in our MX Buyers Guide, we solve the riddle of hydration packs. Choosing the best…
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By CL on May 16, 2018


HJC CS-MX2 Rebel X-Wing Helmet | Product Spotlight

The Force is Strong with the HJC CS-MX2 Rebel X-Wing Helmet… Impressive! That’s the word that comes to mind when first-seeing the new HJC CS-MX2 Rebel X-Wing Helmet. If you’re a Star Wars fan, this is the must-have helmet of the year. And it comes at a very reasonable price point! Let’s get this party…
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By CL on May 10, 2018