Dragon MXV Goggle 2019 Product Review  

Dragon MXV Goggle 2019 lineup | Product Spotlight

Innovation at a great price – Dragon MXV Dragon optics has been a mainstay as one of those fore-mentioned brands. They’ve been in the game long enough so that most of us, if not all, recognize it. Through years of development, their levels of design and optic technology built a spectrum of offerings for motocross…
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By Blake R on October 16, 2018


Tech 10 Battle Born LE Boot | Product Spotlight

Epic. That’s the Tech 10 Battle Born LE Boot. Get ready, folks. Because today we look at the new Tech 10 Battle Born LE Boot from Alpinestars! And let’s make this clear straight away: these boots are very exciting indeed! Because they really seem to have it all. Rest assured, you’re going to want these…
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By CL on October 15, 2018


Tech 7 Union LE Boot | Product Spotlight

The Colors of the Tech 7 Union LE Boot Don’t Run! Today we look at the latest offering from Alpinestars; the Tech 7 Union LE Boot. All of the great features of the Tech 7 are present and accounted for. So you can count on optimal motocross performance. Furthermore, this color scheme is a flat-out,…
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By CL on October 12, 2018


Alpinestars Sequence Chest Protector | Product Spotlight

The Alpinestars Sequence Chest Protector is MX Protection Evolved… The fine folks at Alpinestars have done it again! The new Sequence Chest Protector is here and it’s a wonderful piece of motocross protective gear. If you’re in need of a few upgrades in your mx arsenal, this is a tremendous place to start. Read along…
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By CL on October 10, 2018


Fly Racing Toxin MIPS Embargo Helmet | Product Spotlight

With the Toxin MIPS Embargo Helmet, Fly Racing Raises Their Game. Fly Racing has made a truly safe helmet affordable. How? By introducing their new Toxin MIPS Embargo Helmet. Moreover, it’s as tricked out as it is safe! So you’ll definitely want to check this one out. The Toxin combines style and critical functions in…
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By CL on October 10, 2018

Leatt Gear Combos 2019  

Leatt Motocross Gear 2019 | Product Spotlight

Leatt Unleashes All-New Gear Combos Overview of 2019 Leatt Motocross Gear Line Gear for Adult and Junior Riders As 2019 approaches, so do new product releases from the industry.  Nevertheless, the anticipation is over. Leatt has unleashed their new motocross gear and as usual, they have exceeded all expectations. The vibrant colors and precision fit…
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By Kristina DeStefano on October 11, 2018

Leatt Helmets  

Leatt Helmets 2019 | Product Spotlight

New helmets from the safety leader As the new year approaches, you are able to utilize the opportunity to browse through new 2019 motocross products and all of the new improvements motocross companies, like Leatt, have made to their lines of motocross gear. Leatt certainly made the most of this opportunity as they have propelled…
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By Kristina DeStefano on October 6, 2018


Black Label Mainline Gear 2019 | Product Spotlight

Shift MX Unveils 2019 Black Label Mainline Gear. It’s that time of year where all the MX companies put out their newest off-road products and motocross apparel. Shift MX ushers In 2019 with their killer 2019 Black Label Mainline Gear. And it is truly something to behold. To get things started, let’s look at this…
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By CL on October 5, 2018