Speed and Strength Street Apparel

Speed and Strength Street Gear Delivers. As you know, BTO Sports is your number one stop for street gear! And today, we look at Speed and Strength Street Apparel. Their collection covers it all, from street helmets to boots. While brilliantly towing the line between safety and pure style. Let’s take a look at some…
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By CL on June 6, 2018


Bridgestone Battlax T31 Tires | Spotlight

Bridgestone Battlax T31 Tires Command the Road. If you are in the market for Adventure, Street or Dual Sport Tires, look no further than the Bridgestone Battlax T31 Tires! The ideal sports touring radial, they’re able to cope with a wide variety of riding conditions. Make no mistake, these tires provide supreme confidence on the…
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By CL on June 5, 2018


Klim Jackets | Product Spotlight

Klim Jackets Have It All! Designed for all types of motorcycle riding, Klim Jackets offer a wide range of innovative features. And this makes them a fixture at the top of the motorcycle apparel game. Klim builds their gear out of the best materials available, every time, with no exceptions. Moreover, they explore every option…
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By CL on June 4, 2018


Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet | Product Spotlight

The Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet Redefines Versatility. Shoei is a household name that is synonymous with motorcycle helmets. They’ve been the standard bearer in this category for decades. And now with the Neotec 2 Helmet, they carry this grand tradition forward once more. Let’s start it up! First, let’s watch this great video on the…
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By CL on May 2, 2018

Simpson Ghost Bandit Revolt  

Simpson Ghost Bandit Revolt Helmet | Spotlight

Start the Rebellion Simpson isn’t allowing the status quo to rule the streets as their latest helmet is ready to start a rebellion among riders.  Simpson knows that riders that ride their helmets are visionaries, so it only makes sense that they release the Ghost Bandit Revolt. Known for their race-inspired style, the Ghost Bandit…
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By ChrisW on April 24, 2018


Icon Airflite Helmet Collection | Product Spotlight

Icon Introduces Their New 2018 Airflite Helmet Series! With their new Airflite Helmet series, Icon manages to invent an all-new helmet category…street style! Because Icon is known for street helmets that are flat-out sleek. This collection will feed your ‘Road Warrior’ soul. Right out of the box, these motorcycle helmets are street ready! And the…
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By CL on February 22, 2018


Ghost Bandit Glory Helmet

Ghost Bandit Glory? Hallelujah! Simpson Helmets are a mainstay on the street bike gear circuit, and the Ghost Bandit Glory Helmet will surely keep it that way. All of Simpson’s latest innovations are in these great motorcycle helmets… and the stars and stripes you’re seeing make this street bike helmet the must-have of the season….
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By CL on November 7, 2017

Top Motorcycle adventure Gear for Winter Riding  

The Top Motorcycle Adventure Gear For Winter Riding

Prepare for the Weather True motorcycle enthusiasts won’t let a little cold weather stop them from enjoying the road on their motorcycle. While your bike may be ready for the task, if you are not prepared with the right motorcycle riding gear, your winter and /or wet weather ride might be miserable. Instead of deciding…
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By ChrisW on October 17, 2017


Sidi Gas Boots | Spotlight

Sidi Gas Boots Rule The Streets Today we take a long, hard gander at the Sidi Gas Boots- a glorious combination of retro style and modern street boot technology. Prepare to be impressed, as Sidi has made an impressive low-rise street boot that fits like a dream! But not to worry- they also have the…
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By CL on September 26, 2017


MotoGP 2018 | Schedule Released

 MotoGP2018: Get Revved Up! Voila! Just like that, we have a new MotoGP 2018 calendar to peruse. And with just enough time to adequately prepare for the street bike madness. It’s on, my friends. So get your mind right- because MotoGP 2018 is sooner than we realize! Get a ‘First Look’ @ the Calendar for…
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By CL on September 19, 2017