Olympia Hudson Mesh Tech Jacket | Spotlight

Hit the Road in the New Hudson Mesh Tech Jacket! Hello street demons! Today we shine the spotlight on the Olympia Hudson Mesh Tech Jacket. This is a motorcycle jacket for all seasons! And for all types of motorcycle riding as well. Its versatility is its best feature- but there’s more… A lot more! The…
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By Chris Leahy on December 12, 2018


Alpinestars Luc Air Jacket | Product Spotlight

Tame the Streets in the Alpinestars Luc Air Jacket. Today’s street jackets are doing a tremendous job of combining on-bike performance with off-bike style. The Alpinestars Luc Air Jacket certainly fits this mold! So let’s put this jacket under the spotlight. This sleek motorcycle jacket is a superbly styled city commuter. Because it incorporates CE…
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By Chris Leahy on November 19, 2018


Mod Bandit Helmet | Product Spotlight

The Mod Bandit Helmet… New From Simpson. Get ready, folks- today is going to be fun! Simpson is unleashing their new Mod Bandit Helmet, a versatile piece of head gear for the street rider and the modern-day adventurer. With every conceivable feature you could want in a motorcycle helmet, this offering from Simpson rocks out! If…
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By Chris Leahy on November 6, 2018


Sena Momentum Helmet | Product Spotlight

The Sena Momentum Helmet Lets You Share Your Riding Experience. Today we look at the Sena Momentum Helmet. Anyone familiar with Sen’a products can attest that they change the game entirely for street, dual sport and adventure riding! And now their legendary tech is built right into a glorious new helmet series. As an industry…
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By Chris Leahy on September 22, 2018


Sidi Arcadia Tex Street Boots | Spotlight

Own The Road In The Arcadia Tex Street Boots. Sidi continues to be the benchmark for quality motorcycle boots for riders all over the globe. From pro racing to casual tour riding, Sidi has the boots to meet and exceed your wildest expectations! And they’ve done it again with their Sidi Arcadia Tex Street Boots….
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By Chris Leahy on August 14, 2018


HJC CL-17 Punisher 2 Helmet | Product Spotlight

The CL-17 Punisher 2 Helmet Puts A Hurt On The Competition. Today, we spotlight the CL-17 Punisher 2 Helmet from HJC. This helmet looks wicked! And it’s inspired by one of Marvel’s most popular anti-heroes. Clearly, this helmet is not for the faint of heart! So, if you’re looking to hand out some punishment to…
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By Chris Leahy on August 14, 2018


HJC CL-17 Marvel Hulk Helmet | Product Spotlight

The New CL-17 Marvel Hulk Helmet Is Busting Onto The Scene… Don’t make this helmet angry… You wouldn’t like it when it’s angry! We’re talking about HJC’s new CL-17 Marvel Hulk Helmet. This great-looking street helmet will have others changing lanes and out of your way! HJC Helmets proudly announces a very special line up…
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By Chris Leahy on August 9, 2018