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Icon Wireform Jacket | Product Spotlight

Ladies Rule the Road in the Icon Wireform Jacket. Today the spotlight is here to shine on behalf of our lady riders! The influx of motorcycle gear coming out for women is really getting exciting. Protective jackets, in particular, are getting better tailoring every year. And never has it been so apparent than in the…
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By Chris Leahy on December 24, 2018


Sektor Waterproof Shoe | Product Spotlight

The All-New Sektor Waterproof Shoe From Alpinestars. Perhaps you’re looking for some motorcycle shoes that will keep it casual on the bike but keep you protected and dry. If so, we humbly submit the Alpinestars Sektor Waterproof Shoe. These shoes check all the boxes for comfortable on-the-bike performance. Let’s check them out. As you can…
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By Chris Leahy on December 20, 2018


Olympia Hudson Mesh Tech Jacket | Spotlight

Hit the Road in the New Hudson Mesh Tech Jacket! Hello street demons! Today we shine the spotlight on the Olympia Hudson Mesh Tech Jacket. This is a motorcycle jacket for all seasons! And for all types of motorcycle riding as well. Its versatility is its best feature- but there’s more… A lot more! The…
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By Chris Leahy on December 12, 2018


Alpinestars Luc Air Jacket | Product Spotlight

Tame the Streets in the Alpinestars Luc Air Jacket. Today’s street jackets are doing a tremendous job of combining on-bike performance with off-bike style. The Alpinestars Luc Air Jacket certainly fits this mold! So let’s put this jacket under the spotlight. This sleek motorcycle jacket is a superbly styled city commuter. Because it incorporates CE…
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By Chris Leahy on November 19, 2018


HJC CL-17 Marvel Hulk Helmet | Product Spotlight

The New CL-17 Marvel Hulk Helmet Is Busting Onto The Scene… Don’t make this helmet angry… You wouldn’t like it when it’s angry! We’re talking about HJC’s new CL-17 Marvel Hulk Helmet. This great-looking street helmet will have others changing lanes and out of your way! HJC Helmets proudly announces a very special line up…
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By Chris Leahy on August 9, 2018


HJC CS-R3 Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet

The HJC CS-R3 Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet Restores Order to the MX Galaxy… Today’s product spotlight is on the tremendous new helmet from HJC. Behold the CS-R3 Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet! The design of this helmet is as impressive as is the trick artwork. And the best part? This great new helmet is not in…
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By Chris Leahy on August 1, 2018


Black Brand | Product Spotlight

Black Brand Brings Back The Edge… Today we shine the spotlight on a new company that does things a vintage way. Black Brand Motorcycle Clothing is making their mark in the cruiser and street bike apparel industry. With unique styles and premium quality craftsmanship- they’re here to stay! Let’s take a look at some of…
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By Chris Leahy on July 13, 2018


Forma Hyper Denim Boot | Product Spotlight

Forma Hyper Denim Boots Bring Style & Substance. The new Forma Hyper Denim Boots are a tremendous blend of sneaker looks and high-tech street bike boot. Protecting you on the bike is a given, but these boots also bring the panache! Get ready for a truly unique motorcycle product. The approach to the Hyper design was simple, give…
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By Chris Leahy on July 10, 2018


Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet | Product Spotlight

The Shoei Neotec 2 Helmet Redefines Versatility. Shoei is a household name that is synonymous with motorcycle helmets. They’ve been the standard bearer in this category for decades. And now with the Neotec 2 Helmet, they carry this grand tradition forward once more. Let’s start it up! First, let’s watch this great video on the…
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By Chris Leahy on May 2, 2018


Icon Airflite Helmet Collection | Product Spotlight

Icon Introduces Their New 2018 Airflite Helmet Series! With their new Airflite Helmet series, Icon manages to invent an all-new helmet category…street style! Because Icon is known for street helmets that are flat-out sleek. This collection will feed your ‘Road Warrior’ soul. Right out of the box, these motorcycle helmets are street ready! And the…
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By Chris Leahy on February 22, 2018