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How to Choose the Right Hydration Pack | Buyers Guide

Keep Cool with the Right Hydration Pack…

  • Leatt Hydration GPX Cargo 3.0
  • Ogio Baja 2L Hydration Pack
  • Deuter Race X Hydration Pack
  • Thor Vapor 2.0L Hydration Packs
  • Fox Racing Low Pro Hydration Pack
  • USWE A4 Challenger 3.0L Hydration Pack

Today in our MX Buyers Guide, we solve the riddle of hydration packs. Choosing the best hydration system is critical for those summer rides and hot weather road trips. Without question, it’s an important piece of dirt bike riding gear.  Here at BTO Sports, we have all the main hydration packs you want to consider for keeping yourself cool out on the tracks and trails!

And these hydration options all have carry-over into all of your sports and leisure activities. BMX and MTB hydration is equally important! And the packs we will go over today will fit the bill for all of these outdoor/riding situations. But for moto? These motocross hydration systems are of paramount importance.

Without further adieu, let’s get this guide cranked up!


Leatt Hydration GPX Cargo 3.0

The new Leatt Hydration GPX Cargo 3.0 is a great addition to their cutting-edge line of products. Furthermore, it is among the best hydration packs on the market. The Leatt Corporation continues to release new products that further establish them as the industry leader in quality, safety and performance.

The water pack fits snug due to the harness straps across the chest. Needless to say, this makes it very comfortable to wear. These are tremendous Adventure / Dual Sport Accessories. The back is engineered with Airline vents to keep the wearer’s back well ventilated and ensure maximum comfort. It can hold up to three liters of water in the water bladder. So you can hydrate all day.

The Hydration GPX Cargo 3.0 is not just a water pack, but offers many safety functions as well. That’s right, it’s flat-out motocross protective gear! The pack is equipped with reflective safety details on the sides and rear of the pack. This is a great safety feature to have for night rides, where visibility is low. The reflective details are also a great option for many different night time activities.

The hydration GPX Cargo 3.0 is truly one of the best hydration packs on the market.

Here comes another beauty!

Ogio Baja 2L Hydration Pack

With an insulated cooler fabric lining that keeps liquid cooler 30% longer- the Ogio Baja 2L Hydration Pack is impressive.  The Baja Series has been the flagship hydration solutions from Ogio- and is considered by many to be the finest on the market.

Here’s a video on the legendary Baja 70. This is the kind of MX content you might find on our BTO Sports YouTube Channel! Enjoy:

Much like their Atlas 3L Hydration Pack, the Baja 2L sports an ample reservoir for long rides. Furthermore, the dedicated anti-sloshing bladder compartment comes with a hook n loop strap for a secure fit.

Lightweight and ergonomic, this Ogio pack plays for keeps! Let’s move along…


Deuter Race X Hydration Pack

The Race X Hydration Pack from Deuter combines good ventilation, lightweight construction and reflective visibility into a moto-oriented package. Whether firing after the holeshot or on the trail, the Race X Backpack offers a simple, functional pack. Moreover, it’s about 20% (2 liters) bigger than its predecessors.

The Race X brings a lot to the table! It includes 3M™ reflective patches, a light clip and great ventilation. Top the pack off with hydration compatibility and an integrated rain cover for all-purpose functionality. Especially relevant is the modest price point. You may spend more on a closeout hydration pack! In conclusion, this is a great pack… AND a great value.

On to the next…

Thor Vapor 2.0L Hydration Packs

Looking for something sleek and streamlined to slip over your motocross jacket? Then perhaps the Thor MX Vapor is the hydration system for you! The 600D Polyester shell is plenty durable, but will also keep it light on the bike. In fact, the slim profile is designed to be unobtrusive. You’ll barely notice it… until you need it!

The Thor Vapor Hydration Pack does have a few features that’ll pique your interest. An additional accessory pocket is there to store personal items. While the neoprene sleeve prevents the drinking tube from kinking. And we’ve all been there!

This baby has a self-sealing bite valve- it closes after each drink to eliminate drips. The last thing you need is wet motocross gloves, right? Waste not,want not. And the 2-Liter, BPA-free bladder capacity comes with an easy-clean big bore top. All the bases are covered.

And where there’s Thor MX, there is sure to be Fox Racing…


Fox Racing Low Pro Hydration Pack

Here is your go-to pack when all you need is the essentials. Their most streamlined effort, the Fox Racing Low Pro Hydration Pack is ultra-sleek for a weightless source of H2O. It features a 1.5-liter reservoir and zipper pocket for bringing the bare necessities. The sleek, low-profile design offers an unrestricted feel!

This pack also has a front zippered pocket for other essentials, like earbuds for the rock n roll. Gotta have the audio/video, right? Mesh shoulder straps only add to the breathability and comfort; while the mesh back panel allows air to flow free. It’s all about the circulation… we know this!

All in all, this is the pack you want when you have to have “bang for the buck”. This is a great, low-cost hydration solution from an epic motocross giant like Fox Racing. The quality is there, bro.

For those longer rides, check out the Fox Portage Hydration Packs that provide up to 3 liters of liquid, giving life-saving hydration while on the trail or track.

And last but certainly not least…


USWE A4 Challenger 3.0L Hydration Pack

The A4 Challenger 3.0L Hydration Pack is meant for epic trail adventures. Moreover, you can keep your gear sorted with multiple compartments- including a tool organizer and water-resistant smart phone pocket. The features to this pack really are unique- and very much worth investigating.

Much like USWE’s Tanker16 All Offroad Backpack, this pack has big-time-storage. This A4 Challenger rocks a whopping 9.0L of smart storage capacity, and boasts a 3.0L Hydrapak/USWE Shape-Shift bladder. That’s 100oz of room for your favorite beverage! The super-wide bladder opening makes it easy to load up with ice on hot days and turn inside out to clean when your trail & adventure is complete.

Hydration Packs @ BTO Sports

So as we wind down this chapter of the MX Buyers Guide, let’s recap. There are great hydration options for every budget. And they’re  all available right here at BTO Sports! From entry-level “cheapies” to the stuff the pros wear… We have it all. Ready to ship! So come on over and get your dirt bike parts here today. You will come away impressed.

Chris Leahy
CL has been blogging it up for BTO Sports since the days when Bob "Hurricane" Hannah ruled the motocross roost. In fact, his guerilla-style coverage of the now-infamous "Massacre at Saddleback" is now considered one of the great MX blogs of all time. Enjoy the blogs, folks- that's the whole idea!

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