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Cortech Motorcycle Jackets | Spotlight

Cortech Gets The Adventure Going.

Cortech motorcycle jackets are among the best in the industry. And here at BTO Sports, we offer these great jackets so that your next adventure is just a click away from being ready to roll out. Cortech brings a wide range of products to performance riders.  Thus it is important that you understand that Cortech is not just about racing.

Cortech is all about enhancing performance within the highest performance categories of riding whether it be in sport bikes, sport-touring, adventure touring, dual-sport riding, as well as for snow-cross and snowmobiling. This dedication to enhancing performance drives everything they do with Cortech street bike gear, no matter the segment or use.  And their great products are right here at BTO Sports!

The Coretech Story

From materials selection to the design and cut of the garment, overall product design and feature used are all focused to provide performance riders great products that enhance their riding experience, allowing them to ride better, longer and more efficiently.  That is the goal – Performance Enhancement.  Cortech utilizes the feedback of many pro-level riders and road racers in the design and construction of their products.  By thoroughly understanding the performance needs of these riders across several design areas, they can combine and fine tune their products to offer maximum performance enhancement.

Cortech Jackets

Cortech has some serious products for the street bike rider! Their line of jackets is flat-out impressive. Let’s go over just a few of them to demonstrate how versatile their line of jackets really is. Prepare to be impressed!

VRX Waterproof

The VRX waterproof jacket features a 100% waterproof and breathable inner lining. A removable thermal lining and multiple vents help regulate body temperature in any condition.

CE-approved armor in the shoulders and elbows combine with the 600 denier outer shell to make this a great performance riding jacket.

Latigo 2.0

All about the leather? The Latigo 2.0 jacket is the product of a well-balanced diet that blends protection, comfort and breathability all into one. Protection is provided by C.E approved armor underneath a combination of perforated and non-perforated cowhide leather shell.

Strategically positioned perforated leather in the main body optimizes airflow for breathability while non-perforated leather panels are used in the high impact areas to obtain superior protection and durability. Accordion stretch panels at the elbows compliment the highly flexible Stretch-Tex material throughout the jacket and achieve superior comfort and free-range mobility.


Then there’s the Adrenaline Jacket. And this one is aptly named to be sure. Utilizing the same CE-approved armor and external elbow and shoulder armor as the Adrenaline RR One-Piece Suit, the Adrenaline Jacket combines the safety aspect of our top-of-the-line suit with the comfort of a leather jacket.


360 degree zippers zip to the Adrenaline Pant to make this suit track day legal and that much safer. If you are looking for the safety of a one piece suit yet want the versatility of a two-piece suit then the Adrenaline Jacket and pant will meet your expectations.

Sequoia XC

Adventure does not come in one way, shape or form and neither does the Cortech Sequoia XC Jacket. Versatility is key in any adventure jacket and the Sequoia XC is as versatile as they come. For the hottest conditions, remove the waterproof and breathable insulated liner and remove the chest pockets and large rear mesh panel panels for flow-through ventilation.

If that does not cool you off enough, you can remove the sleeves as well. No matter what configuration of the jacket you use, you can always cool off by taking a drink of water from the modular backpack/hydration pack that integrates into the jacket design for better support and stability.


Want the Best Cortech Motorcycle jackets? Look no further! BTO Sports has the Top Cortech Motorcycle jackets you are looking for. If you have any questions about any Cortech product, we are here to help you out. Please, do not hesitate to call our customer service desk! Check out our selection of Popular Cortech Street Bike jackets Below.

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