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Destin Cantrell | XGames Best Whip Gold Medalist

Destin Cantrell XGames Best Whip

Destin Cantrell Bringing Home The Gold

XGames Minneapolis couldn’t have gone any better for BTO Sports rider Destin Cantrell. In his first ever XGames Best Whip he walked away with some new shiny gold hardware.  I was lucky enough to ask a few questions about his experience leading into XGames.

Preparation wise, did you do anything different for XGames that you didn’t do for the Monster Energy Cup? 

I did a few things different leading up to X. I did some suspension testing with WP and some tire testing with Dunlop to see if anything would help make the bike whip out faster.

What was it like going up against guys like Tom Parsons, Jarryd McNeil, and Tyler Berman?

It was insane! They were riding better than ever. It felt like Monster Cup all over again. They are gnarly dudes and it sucks that they are salty about the fan vote thing. It is what it is.

Destin Cantrell XGames Best Whip
Destin Cantrell crankin’ one at XGames Best Whip PC: @activatephoto

First XGames appearance and you take gold, how did and do you plan on celebrating? Any special plans with the family? Maybe a little vaca?

It’s pretty crazy. That night was pretty late once we finally left the stadium so we just went back to our rental house on a lake and had some drinks. It was cool having my friends and family there because we made the entire trip a vacation. Other than that, my pool got finished as we were gone so I don’t plan on leaving my tropical backyard paradise for a couple weeks haha!

This one is for the Mrs. What’s it like being at a venue like that as his wife? Is it scary/nerve-raking for you to watch Destin?

It is pretty surreal to be at stadium as big as that let alone for X Games which was my husbands biggest dream. So it was super nerve-racking watching everything unfold, but regardless of the outcome I am just super proud of him and that he got to accomplish his biggest dream.

Destin Cantrell XGames Best Whip
This is what a gold medal whip looks like PC: @emeryphoto

Obviously you want to defend the gold next year. Have you thought about competing in other XGames contest next year?

I haven’t really thought about it. It would be cool to ride something else for sure. We’ll see.

A HUGE congrats to Destin Cantrell on his accomplishments this year. All that hard work has finally paid off for you and we are stoked to be a part of your success.  By far one of the best to ride a dirt bike and clearly won the hearts of fans across the country.

-Nick B.

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