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Dunlop Geomax MX53 | Product Spotlight

The Dunlop Geomax MX53 tire

Looking for a high-performance yet versatile tire for your dirt bike? Meet the latest and greatest off-road MX tire: The Dunlop Geomax MX53! Dunlop has always been a leader in the tire industry, and for good reason—they’re simply one of (if not THE) best tire brands around.

The Dunlop MX53 front and rear tire.
The Dunlop Geomax MX53s are a sight to behold.

Developed in conjunction with pro motocross racers, the Geomax MX53 hosts a variety of the latest developments in tire technology, giving riders an incredible amount of versatility. Let’s break it down by going in-depth individually on the front and rear tire.


Closeup of the MX53 front tire.
You can see the MX53s’ unique horseshoe block pattern in the front tire.

Dunlop has done a complete redesign on the front tire. Constructed with a taller profile, this tire now offers a significantly larger contact patch compared to its MX52 predecessor. In addition to having a larger contact patch, this tire’s new profile provides much easier, gentler handling. The increased height grants a much higher lean angle, letting you gun those hairpin turns you used to only wish you could do before. The blocks have also been increased by 1mm and redistributed, giving a better feel on the steering and much more bite on the tire edges.

Speaking of redistribution, the front tire now features a unique horseshoe block pattern. Aside from just looking really good, this actually does an exceptional job of reducing the stiffness you usually get from the tire’s center. This makes getting your front end to cooperate that much easier. Easier manuevering isn’t the only thing the horseshoe pattern does. It also provides incredible additional traction, acting like a series of claws digging into the dirt, even on hard-packed terrain. This technology also maximizes braking grip. The tie bars connecting the knob bases add extended overall life to the tire.


Getting a close-up look at the "block in a block" tread technology.
Both tires feature “Block-in-a-block” technology, as you can see here.

The latest Geomax rear tire iteration features Dunlop’s signature Progressive Cornering Block technology (as well as the front!). Riding off the tech that contributed to the success of the MX33 (a soft-to-intermediate terrain tire), Dunlop has gone a step further by incorporating the diamond-shaped “block-in-a-block” design. This gives the 53 more contact surface area, better bite on the edges, and gives each and every knob enhanced grip and flex. Having the individual flex of each knob improves linear tracking and enhances steering, as the blocks can now flex around most any terrain elements.

Just looking at it makes you want to get out and ride, right?

These new tires also feature Advanced Apex Design, which helps to improve shock diffusion via a thinner, longer apex inside the sidewall. This helps to increase ride compliance by spreading the weight distribution on the tire more evenly, increasing bump absorption and ride compliance.  All of these listed features come together to form superior durability and performance on a wide variety of terrain. The development team over at Dunlop is excited about this one. Senior Test Engineer Clark Stilez said, “When testing new tires, the very first thing I notice is handling and compliance. It is extremely important to me that the MX53 tire maintained the well-known Geomax handling characteristics, while also excelling in a wide variety of terrain. The new tread pattern we developed allowed us to accomplish both.”

A closeup of the label on a brand new MX53 tire.
The Dunlop Geomax MX53 comes in a wide range of sizes.

Tire Composition

A huge component to imbuing the MX53 with versatility, durability, and performance is the tire’s rubber composition. The compound chosen for the newest Geomax has a higher number of molecular polymer particles. What that means is higher fracture strength. What THAT means is more durability. Dunlop has also added more fine carbon particles than previous generations. Carbon particles are what is responsible for a tire’s braking ability. Dunlop Rep Broc Glover has said, “The compound is an instrumental aspect of how a tire performs. Striking the balance between durability and performance is the key to bringing a tire to a market that works for the majority of riders.”

The Geomax MX53 comes in a wide range of sizes, ranging from 50cc-450cc. Dunlop even made an 18-inch for you off-road riders!

Dunlop displaying their latest and greatest tire on their media release day.
Dunlop displaying their latest and greatest tire!

And there you have it! Dunlop’s Geomax MX53 tires feature the latest advancements in the tire industry. Employing a litany of features, Dunlop has made this intermediate-hard tire one of the most durable, compliable, and high-performing ones—ever! You can shop the best deal for them and any other tires or parts you need over at

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