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Emig Pro V2 Lock-On Grips | Spotlight


Get a Grip! With the Emig Pro V2 Lock-On Grips.

Today we submit for your approval the new ODI Emig Pro V2 Lock-On Grips. Jeff Emig is a pioneer in developing designs that improve bike function and create faster lap times. To that end, these new grips will be the choice of all motocross riders who want an extra-soft compound. We’re talking improved comfort, excellent control and less hand fatigue. Let’s cover all the basics in this Product Spotlight… shall we?

The best just got better…

How did we get here? Well, after five years of success with the original Emig V2 Lock-On Grips, the collaboration between ODI and Jeff Emig is taking the feel of motocross grips to the next level. The goal is to develop a grip built specifically around a Pro’s needs. Especially relevant are the countless hours of design! Not to mention the multiple test sessions with top riders. In the end, the new version provides maximum bike control to every level of rider.

Here’s a great video that’s basically a conversation between Emig himself and the G.O.A.T.- Ricky Carmichael. Clearly, if anyone knows about controlling the bike- it’s these guys! This kind of tremendous content can also be found on the BTO Sports YouTube Channel. So check that one out too when you get the chance! Meanwhile, enjoy:

Without question, Jeff Emig and Ricky Carmichael know as much about bike parts as they do about winning races. So watching two hall of fame riders talk about motocross grips is reason enough to tune in. These guys have forgotten more about dirt bike controls than we could ever hope to learn. And Jeff Emig passes this knowledge on to us through these amazing new grips. Sign us up!

Emig Pro V2 Lock-On Grip Features

To be sure, many of the traits that made these grips famous are found right here in the pro version. The design is all Jeff Emig, and these babies are developed and manufactured in-house at ODI Grips in Riverside, CA. Furthermore, these grips are in stock and ready to ship at BTO Sports. Now, on to the features:

  • Raised center JE logo pattern conforms to palms, improves padding & reduces vibration
  • Extra-soft, undercut independent ribs deliver lateral & rotational traction for your motocross gloves
  • Alloy reinforced end caps provide extra durability against grip blowout
  • ODI exclusive locking clutch-side collar attaches the grip providing 360° of Security
Red always makes a statement. Wouldn’t you agree?
  • Simple Installation and Removal Without Waiting for Glue to Dry
  • Throttle Tube Included with Snap On Cam to match more models
  • No safety wire required means longer grip life, even in the event of a crash
  • Kit provides Cams for both 2 & 4-Stroke Applications

Noteworthy indeed are the dirt bike accessories that are included with each pair of these ODI grips! With the throttle tube and cams in tow- you are literally ready to install and hit the dirt. Not only are these premier grips, they’re also a tremendous value buy. So you’re fresh out of excuses…

Emig Pro V2 Grips @ BTO Sports

At BTO Sports, we have these ODI Emig Pro V2 Lock-On Grips ready to hit your front door! And we have all the other pressing MX needs on your list too. With a complete warehouse filled with the best dirt bike parts on the market. And we can set you up with dirt bike riding gear too. Because we carry all of the most popular brands at their lowest prices. So whether it’s a new exhaust system or just some new motocross boots– hit us up today.

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