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Enduro Thursday: On Track With Curtis Keene

When you’re talking about things that ‘never get old’, you have to include chocolate, Iron Maiden, and Enduro Videos! Here’s a look at Curtis Keene and his journey in 2015 Enduro. Enjoy the insane footage- the weekend is almost here…


Published on Oct 27, 2015

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A rider can control their training, they can control their bike set-up – but try as they might, a racer cannot control the clock. Race # 8 of the Enduro World Series in Zona Zero, Spain once again reminds us of how competitive the sport of mountain bike Enduro has become. With minuscule amounts of time separating the riders from either a podium position or being an “also-ran”, the racers are forced to put aside the weather, the crashes and the abuse of their machines to push as hard as they can to make the clock stop.


Curtis Keene @curtiskeene @iamspecialized

Anneke Beerten @annekebeerten
Enduro World Series @world_enduro

Resources: Red Bull, YouTube

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