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Essential Tools For Your Toolbag

Tools for your Toolpack

Picture this: You and your buddies are out riding in the desert, having a great weekend. You challenge each other to a race up a trail. You get the holeshot on them. Great! Except a few minutes later, your tire gets the hole, and is shot. Not great! Maybe it’s your tire, maybe it’s your chain, or maybe it’s something else—you never know what could go wrong when you’re in the middle of nowhere, and the only way back is getting your bike running again. In this blog, we’ll show you some essential tools that you should always keep on you in the event that something happens to your motorcycle.


The MOST likely adverse thing to happen to you while out riding is that your tire pops, and it needs replacing. You’re going to want a few different tools to make this job the least excruciating possible, and aren’t changing a tire for hours while the sun goes down.


The Motion Pro – T-6 Combo Lever Set is a must when changing out a tire. These provide critically needed leverage to dislodging the tire bead from the rest of the wheel. Forged from ultra-lightweight yet incredibly strong 7075 T-6 aluminum, the axle nut/rim lock nut ends can support torque of 90 lb/ft. One lever has a unique stepped 12/13mm end designed specifically for rim lock nuts, while the other has a hex box wrench for 24, 27, or 32mm axle nuts.  Both levers feature perfectly contoured tire levers, with a unique no-pinch tip to keep your inner tube in proper form. Measuring in at less than 10 inches and only 3.5 oz., these are an obvious great portable add-on to your tool bag. (Add the drive adapter to make these levers even MORE useful).

Now, being out on the trail when replacing tires, you’ll probably need all the help you can get. Meet the Motion Pro Bead Buddy 2! More helpful than your actual buddies laughing at you, this handy little piece of metal is used to push the tire bead down into the drop center of the rim while you’re using your other tools to change the tire. Just hook it over a spoke opposite the tire irons, and you’re good to go! Made from durable 6061 aluminum and taking up next to 0 real estate in your bag, pick one up if you want to work smarter instead of harder.

Having a spare inner tube handy is something that you’ll be thankful to have when you’re stranded with a flat. Bikemaster Motorcycle Tubes range at an affordable price (mostly $10-$30), and are made from durable Butyl rubber with heavy-duty valves. This is only part of the equation, however. A tube isn’t going to do you much good if you don’t have anything to inflate it with. Enter the Topeak Shock N’ Roll Air Pump! Not only can this pump fill tires on a dirt or mountain bike, it can also be used on suspension forks and shock units! This pump features a compact, CNC aluminum constructon that is the perfect trail companion. Equipped with an air bleed valve to ensure you don’t pop anything and get screwed over even more,  you’ll be ready in no time to rock n’ roll thanks to the Shock N’ Roll.


A good set of wrenches can solve the vast majority of bike problems. Here at BTO Sports, we’ve got plenty of options for you to choose from to best suit your (potential) bike needs!

Wrenches can weight a lot, and having heavy baggage weighing you down is probably the last thing anyone would want. The Motion Pro TiProlight™ 4-Piece Wrench Set are extremely lightweight wrenches that weigh less than 1/4 than that of industry-standard steel wrenches. I know what you’re probably thinking “Okay, but I bet they’re flimsy and probably break easily”. WRONG. These wrenches are made from tool-grade titanium alloy that will never rust or corrode. Motion Pro’s patented design ensures optimized strength and performance. The set includes 8, 10, 12, and 14mm wrenches, all in a convenient little pack.

Looking for a wrench set with a little more leverage, a little more torque that can get into those tight spaces? The Bikemaster 1/4 inch T-Handle Wrench with Sockets & Swivel is your answer. Created with heat-treated vanadium steel and plated with chrome for durability and longevity, the T-handle has ball bearing detent socket holders on each end, meeting the challenge of near-any situation. The included 1/4 inch drive swivel allows access to those otherwise impossible to reach spaces. Plus, the clearly labeled sockets feature a black chrome coating for an awesome look while making them easy to find in a bag as well.


If you’re trying to travel as light as possible while staying prepared, a multi-purpose tool is a great solution. The Motion Pro Y-Drive Combo Wrench is a prime example. Featuring a padded unique Y-shape for excellent grip and leverage, the innovative dual-use tips combine 6 tools into 1. This wrench has 8, 10, and 12mm hex sockets. These can be removed for using a 4, 5, and 6mm hex drives. Made with Chrome-Vanadium tool steel in a compact design, this is a great tool for a multitude of issues.

Likely one of the most “all-in-one” tools BTO offers is the Motion Pro MP (Multi-Purpose) Tool. This little kit is a must-have for any and all trail riders. You ready? It can remove 8, 10, 12, and 14mm bolts, #2 and #3 Philips screws, small and medium straight slot screws, and 5 & 6mm Hex bolts. Wow!  Quarter-inch 10 and 12mm drive sockets are included, all zipped up into a convenient carrying case.


Always try to have a spare spark plug; otherwise you’re obviously not going anywhere if it burns out. That spare plug isn’t going to do you any good if you can’t get the old one off in the first place. That’s where the Motion Pro Ratchet Plug Wrench comes in. Its compact designed is tailor-made for fitting in the limited space on a majority of water-cooled 2-strokes, and fits the standard 13/16 inch plugs. If you’ve got a more recent model, they do also make an Extension Socket to get around that pesky water neck.


Great friends and killer weather can make a weekend riding trip off-the-chain! Unfortunately for some, that can take quite a literal meaning. Unless you want to walk your bike miles and miles back to camp, you’re going to need a chain breaker. The Motion Pro Chain Breaker can work with anywhere between a 420 to 530 chain, and will push the link pin out entirely out through the side plate. Featuring a foldable, portable design, Motion Pro has heat treaded the drive pin for optimal strength and wear resistance. This chain breaker can handle practically any chain; with the pin able to extend up to 18mm. Motion Pro is the original creator of the tool, so get the best of the best!


Small flashlights, such as the Atak 500 Lumen LED flashlights are
Very useful if you run into trouble at night. Make sure that the batteries are charged up before you ride. Last thing you want is to have a flashlight that doesn’t work when you need it.

A multi-tool is always a staple in an off-road tool kit. With various tools at your fingetips, this little device has saved many riders on the trail. We like the Gerber Center drive multi-tool with bit set for the many tools it does offer.

Set your toolbag now!

So next time you’re planning to head out to the wilderness for a ride, make sure you’ve got all the essential tools to keep your bike and your trip running smoothly. You’ll find all of these tools at the lowest online pricing at Now get out there and ride!

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