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Firstgear ADV | Rain Gear Spotlight

Firstgear ADV Rain Gear Dominates Wet Riding Conditions.

Looking for all-weather riding gear for your next adventure or dual sport ride? Because the new Firstgear ADV product line is here, and it looks positively sensational! They are taking adventure riding gear to new heights, especially with regard to gear that is specific to inclement weather conditions. Lets go!

You need motorcycle rain gear that not only protects you from the elements, but is built to respond to your movements on the bike as you ride. No one knows this better than the folks at Firstgear, and their newest line of rain gear is absolutely top drawer!

Whether it’s the open road or the road less traveled, no other experience provides the thrill and passion for living that riding does. Without question, it’s a uniquely human experience! When you and your buddies grab some street helmets and hit the blacktop- the good times will surely roll. And that is where BTO Sports and Firstgear come in.

Firstgear creates motorcycle apparel that enhance the pure joy of riding. Their goal is to keep you warm when it’s cold, dry when it’s wet and cool when it’s hot. To that end, their all-new line of on-the-bike rain gear is simply spectacular! Lets take a closer look.

Firstgear ADV Rain Gear – Jackets

First off, keeping yourself shielded from the elements starts with a great jacket. Todays adventure jackets will bring a smile to your face, as the design is truly tailored to the riding experience. From the pockets to the tailoring to the lining, you can expect tremendous comfort and facility from the entire line of Firstgear jackets.

With its adjustable waist-strap and set-and-forget elasticized wrist cuffs, the Rainman Jacket pictured above is ideal for rainy days on the road. Not to mention the Hi-Viz color! These jackets are an exceptional choice for riding of any sort… particlarly when the rain starts falling.

Ready for another? The Splash Rain Jacket offers an efficient way to stay dry in wet weather conditions. Moreover, the lightweight, waterproof nylon outer shell protects against the rain. While the cool mesh airflow lining keeps sweat from soaking you on the inside. Also, this jacket can be self-packaged using the convenient internal storage pocket.

Clearly, Firstgear is making street jackets that are not only great in the rain, but a tremendous value as well. The prices on these items will let you get all of the other goodies on your list without a problem. Lets press on…

Firstgear ADV Rain Gear – Pants

The importance or Rain Pants cannot be overstated! That is, if you want to stay warm and dry on the trip. Dual sport riding pants have come a long way in a short time. Furthermore, the rain-specific pants from Firstgear are truly next level!


The Splash Rain Pant pictured above boasts a lightweight, waterproof nylon outer shell. This shell protects against the rain while the cool mesh lining keeps internal moisture in check. Moreover, these belt loops help you adjust the waist to your exact specifications. We are talking comfort all day! Also of note, a hook-and-loop leg opening adjustment feature allows for a snug over the boot fit. Lastly, reflective prints help with visibility in low light conditions.


Full coverage is a big deal when you are out there in it the muck! So while the jacket and gloves are nice, the pants really keep you dry from that water roosting up from the pavement. They also shield those adventure base layers that are really keeping you warm underneath. Bottom line, you are going to want these pants!

Firstgear ADV Rain Gear – Gloves

The new line of dual sport rain gloves from Firstgear is guaranteed to keep your wrists and hands warm! Furthermore, the  full-gauntlet Outrider Heated Glove (pictured above) comes equipped with an active heating element to keep the feeling in your fingers when the temperature drops.

Especially relevant is that it’s made with naturally moisture-resistant supple goat leather. Not to mention a waterproof membrane to keep your hands dry in any weather conditions. And as we know, there’s nothing like heated motorcycle gear, right? With these gloves, you can fully control the temp as there are three levels of heating. High (Red), Medium (White) and Low (Green) clearly indicate how much heat your liner is giving off. Lastly, the glove liner power draw is just 1.2 A (14.4 Watts) on high per pair.

Ready to go whenever you want, the Firstgear Navigator Glove features 420D textile/leather palm. Naturally, it’s got the full gauntlet and wrist adjuster to fight off wind chill even at high speeds. A slightly padded foam knuckle helps to aid in protection while keeping weight and bulk to a minimum. Noteworthy is the smartphone touch conductive fingertip and thumb features! Included for your convenience, it makes it easy to stay connected without taking either glove off. So your hands stay warm and protected at all times!

And there are many other glove options from Firstgear that are well-worth investigating. And they’re all right here at BTO Sports! Because we will always be your online shop for adventure glovesAlways.

Firstgear ADV Rain Gear @ BTO Sports

In summation, Firstgear ADV products remain a top option for those of you planning to brave on rainy days. This rain gear is spectacular! And it is all right here at BTO Sports. Furthermore, it is in stock and ready to ship! We have all of your adventure/dual sport accessories too. We have it all at prices that will make you a customer for life. Not to mention our famed customer service. Come on over today- and see what all the fuss is about.

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