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Five Motorcycle Gloves | Product Spotlight


Five Motorcycle Gloves | Product Spotlight


Five Motorcycle Gloves: “Advanced for the Street”


Five Motorcycle Gloves are some of the most advanced gloves on the street. Five Gloves treat riding gloves as more than just a piece of clothing. Motorcycle gloves are a tool to help keep you safe as you go through every twist and turn on the street. Gloves allow you to have good control and feel for your bike, which is of the utmost importance whether you’re looking for performance or safety. The Five RFX Race Glove is at the top of the glove heap, with an astounding number of features, while the RFX1 Glove and the RFX1 Replica Glove are not behind. Women, don’t fret, Five Street gloves have you covered with the RFX1 Women’s glove that contours to the smaller hand, letting you enjoy peak performance and protecting you with top safety features. BTO Sports takes a look at some of the Top-End Five motorcycle gloves that offer the most premium features you can think of.

Five RFX Race Glove

Five Motorcycle Gloves - RFX Race
New Five RFX Race Motorcycle Gloves

The Five RFX Race Glove is a top of the line, high performance race glove that is made of premium materials and designed with the rider in mind. Kevlar stitching, carbon fiber slider, goat leather, and a triple protective shell made of thermoset carbon composite work in concert to make up this indestructible, durable glove. Thermoset Carbon Composite is the same kind of material found in space or high performance Formula 1 racing. Ultra-light and abrasion resistant is the modus operandi for these gloves. You can’t go wrong when you have the same gloves that riders are using in the MotoGP, Endurance World Championships, and SBK.

The Five RFX Race Glove is perfect for Sport Bike Enthusiasts, Motorcyclists, Racers, Adventurers, and everything in between. Grab this Five glove along with our vast collection of Five gloves here at BTO Sports. We have unbeatable prices on the newest Five gloves.

Five RFX Race Glove Palm

Five Motorcycle Gloves - RFX Race
The Feature-Laden Five RFX Race Glove

Not only is the level of safety for these gloves off the charts, but comfort of the glove is not compromised. The Goat Leather feels extremely good and helps the grip area firm as you handle your bike through and around corners. This glove fits well and offers as much comfort as it does safety. Your motorcycle will feel different, and you’ll be able to get all the performance you can from your street bike. This is the most advanced glove that Five has to offer. You can’t go wrong with the best.

Race on over to BTO Sports and snatch up the Five RFX Race Glove for premium performance. Feel every mile and twist the throttle to your heart’s content with this glove from Five. We have the best Five Gloves out there for the best deals imaginable.

Five RFX1 Motorcycle Gloves

Five Motorcycle Gloves - RFX1
Brand New Five RFX1 Gloves

The FIve RFX1 Glove is the gold standard in affordable, high performance motorcycle gloves. This is Five’s flagship model so you know they’ve incorporated something special for this line of gloves. A symphony of materials, including kevlar, PU, carbon fiber, and full-grain leather, all work together to provide you with a riding experience for your hands that you’ll remember forever. Performance, comfort, and durability are the main concerns for Five on all their motorcycle gloves. Using the best materials in the best ways, this glove is sure to impress even the most hardened riders.

The Five RFX1 Glove comes in 4 different colors to choose from. Match your ride or your gear as much as you want! BTO Sports carries the most varied collection of Five motorcycle gloves on the internet! Stop in and look around!

Five RFX1 Replica Gloves

Five Motorcycle Gloves - RFX1 Replica
New and Improved Five RFX1 Replica Gloves

The Five RFX1 Replica Gloves are an incredibly priced garment that provide lightweight performance with premium quality. These gloves are the perfect replica to the original classic RFX1 Gloves. The Five RFX1 Replica glove is perfect for both summer riding or performance riding. These gloves are highly adaptable to any situation. Street Bike, Motorcycle, or Cruiser, these gloves will keep you safe and comfortable at all times.

Find the Five RFX1 Replica Gloves and all other sought after Five motorcycle gloves at BTO Sports. We are your number one stop for motorcycle gear. We have the best deals on a wide selection of Five Gloves. Search our site to your heart’s content for the motorcycle glove you need.

Five RFX1 Women’s Motorcycle Gloves

Five Motorcycle Gloves - for women
Five RFX1 Women’s Street Glove

The Five RFX1 Women’s Street Glove is designed specifically for the needs of women. The hands of women are fundamentally different from men, so its no wonder that they should have their own gloves made for their physiology. These gloves have the same features as the RFX1 Gloves such as leather, ultra strong PU, and kevlar. Women’s motorcycle gloves have nuances that keep them performing at a high level. The Five RFX1 Glove for Women has the durability, comfort, and performance to match up with any premium women’s motorcycle glove on the market today.

The Five RFX1 Glove (Women) is available now at BTO Sports! Check out all the new and exciting Five motorcycle gloves for the greatest prices available. Finally, we have all the Women’s motorcycle gloves you could possibly want, so come and shop with us today.


Five Motorcycle Gloves have come up with a solid line for this year that rivals any line of street gloves out there. They have gloves for not only men that ride motorcycles, but women that ride as well. These are the premium offerings from Five, but be sure to look out for our next blog here at BTO Sports on the more affordable motorcycle gloves for the everyday rider!

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