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Five Street Gloves 2019 | Spotlight


Style Meets Control with Five Street Gloves.

Let’s put on some gloves and get to work… literally! Because today we browse the 2019 collection of Five Street Gloves, which includes a wide range of high-quality racing, urban and touring / adventure gloves. No matter what kind of two-wheeled riding you do- Five Gloves has an answer for you! Let’s get started.

The world of motorcycle gloves can seem overwhelming. So many companies and so many choices! But really it comes down to two factors, feel and performance. You want gloves that feel good when you put them on and enhance your overall enjoyment of the ride. But you also need them to protect you from road debris and in case of a fall. Other than that, it’s all just a game of personal preference. And legions of happy riders prefer Five.

Five Street Gloves | Urban

Five does basic street gloves better than the rest… and we have the proof. It starts with their signature California Glove. This all-leather glove imposes its presence with its cross-stitched detail and quilted look that’s usually found on the seats of beautiful custom machines.

California dreamin’…

Its wide leather adjustment tab that closes on the top of the cuff breaks with tradition and reinforces the rather manly look of the California. Furthermore, it will only enhance the look of your particular motorcycle apparel. The leather palm reinforcement that extends into an easy on-off pull tab demonstrates a desire to combine beauty with functionality. To be sure, this is a strong glove, for strong riders!

The open road awaits you…

The Five Dakota Glove is another fine option for you ‘easy riders’ out there. There’s no denying the Dakota automotive inspiration… And we all could easily imagine them resting on the dash of a 1967 Chevy Impala!

Still, the fact of the matter is that it’s designed for motorbike riding, and thus offers all the essential features for such! Clearly, this includes an integrated protective shell. Additionally, the perforated leather paired with the top-stitched leather on the cuff gives the Dakota tons of both style and class.

Let’s ride.

Five Gloves | ADV/Touring

When you talk about dual sport/adventure riding gear, rider comfort becomes the goal. These are long rides we’re talking about! So naturally, you’re going to want your apparel to be as form-fitting, vented and comfortable as possible. Especially the gloves! And no one seems to know this better than the design team at Five.

For example, the battery-heated glove created by Five is getting a new look. Though it retains its predecessor’s main operating principles, the new HG1 Waterproof Glove is more elaborate, more comfortable and more elegant. In other words, it’s giving you more high-performance. The design of the heating system has been totally revamped to be more efficient and reliable. And on cold mornings? We know this is absolutely critical!

“Get your motor running…”

The main thing with touring is the fun of putting the miles on the clock and travelling the globe. If you’re talking grand tourism, you’re talking maximum comfort. To that end, your glove is the barrier against your riding environment: wind, rain, snow and sun. That’s why Five makes gloves for all seasons, like the versatile GT2 WaterProof Glove . Talk about ready for anything! Or for that matter the GT2 Air Glove, which is perfect for riding in hot, dry weather.

The Five GT2 WP

The GT2 WP has an innovative design that you’ll appreciate regardless of your riding street gear. Especially relevant is the metacarpal shell protection. Got to take care of those fingers! Without question, this lightweight, weatherproof glove is as wearable in the city as it is on long rides. As a result, it will be your ideal partner in every circumstance.

And if you’re someone who likes to ride a whole lot faster…

Ready to race?

Five Street Gloves | Racing

Five makes an incredible racing glove. There’s just no way around that fact. And we have them all right here at BTO Sportsh. Moreover, their stable of street racers is testament to their enduring quality and commitment to winning.

The Five SF1 Glove is a prime example of this commitment. And while it’s a glove ready for the bright lights of Supermoto, it’s equally good on the street. In short, the SF1 can be considered the short racing glove par excellence.

The SF1 commands respect.

Noteworthy is that these gloves are perfect for sport, roadster, and Supermoto riding. So next time you want to strap up the street helmet, take note! Because these gloves are designed for high-performance connoisseurs! We’re talking a level of protection equivalent to that found on high-end racing gloves, but without the bulk. With full-grain leather and Stretch Kevlar for comfort, the new SF1 is protective both on the inside and on the topside of the hand.

Thomas Chareyre is one speedy mo-fo…

Chareyre Wins with Five…

Especially relevant is that Five Street Gloves win! Especially their racing gloves. Don’t take our word for it; ask five time SF1 World Champion Thomas Chareyre (pictured above). He’s been dominating Supermoto for half a decade, and he only trusts his hands to Five products like the renowned RFX1 Glove.

Uh, ‘race ready’ indeed…

He pushes the limits like no one else around. Furthermore, he demands a good grip and tremendous flexibility from his gloves, just as he does with his helmet and one-piece motorcycle suit. If you want to be the big winner at the end of the season, this attention to detail is critical.

Five knows about winning…

So as you can clearly see, Five is one diversified glove company! From street racing to touring the countryside- they make a phenomenal glove for you. Heck, they even do motocross gloves! MTB gloves too. The point is that they have the designs that make sense for any kind of motorcycle riding.

To be sure, the stable of Five Street Gloves has something for every riding discipline! So whether you’re the road warrior, a weekend warrior or a Superbike World Champion, you can be sure that Five Gloves will have you in total command of your motorcycle controls!

BTO Sports has what you’re looking for… naturally.

Five Street Gloves @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, Five Street Gloves are well worth your consideration and BTO Sports is the place to get them. In fact, we have all the motorcycle parts you need too. We’re the ‘one-stop shop’ for millions of riders! Come on over today and experience the customer service that makes us number one in the industry. You’ll be a customer for life.

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