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Flexair REGL LE Gear | Product Spotlight

Fox Racing’s Flexair REGL LE Gear is Ready to Take Over MXoN…

As the 2018 MXoN approaches, Fox Racing continues to crank out exciting new racewear to make us all look like seasoned pros! This week they unleash the Flexair REGL LE Combo... and it is show-stopping! This unique Black/White/Red colorway will have you demanding this MX gear by day’s end. Believe it!

As you know, the Flexair series from Fox Racing is a crowning achievement in dirt bike riding gear. The research and development that goes into the creation of this motocross gear combo is unmatched. And then add the renowned Fox artwork, graphics and colors? It’s then that you have something truly special indeed.

Flexair REGL LE Jersey

The highly-evolved Flexair REGL LE Jersey uses TruDri main body fabric for a soft, lightweight feel, yet it is deceptively durable. This proprietary fabric technology features advanced moisture-wicking properties. Which makes it suitable for a wide range of conditions. Then, targeted ventilation keeps you cool, dry and comfortable! All while taped seams in the shoulder and collar reduce chafing on the body.

The Flexair Jersey is so light and comfortable it virtually disappears on the body. Ride with Flexair for the purest, free-feeling, distraction-free riding experience available. This is a pinnacle motocross jersey for pinnacle riders.

Spec Sheet

  • Athletic Fit Sleeve w/Laser Perforation for Enhanced Airflow
  • TruDri Main Body Fabric Provides a Soft, Lightweight Fit w/True Moisture Management
  • Coupled w/ Motocross Hydration Systems, You Can’t Get Cooler & More Comfortable
  • Dyed Main Body Fabric w/Premium Heat Transfer Logo Treatments
  • Lightweight Construction for Complete Freedom of Movement
  • Bonded Collar to Reduce Chaffing
  • Stretch Material Accommodates Motocross Protective Gear
  • Bonded Stretch Cuff Provides a Slim, Athletic fit

And if you like the jersey, the pants will blow you away!

Flexair REGL LE Pant

With a bevvy of new progressive riding styles, the ability to continually adapt and modify your position on the bike is paramount. Because these principles are the difference between winning and losing!

The new Flexair REGL LE Pant features an entirely new chassis for drastically improved fit. The main body is cut from durable, 4-way stretch TruMotion fabric for unmatched mobility. Furthermore, a new knee design provides a sleek performance fit over braces! How? By removing excess material, eliminating binding, and improving movement.

Fox also aims to enhance rider comfort. To that end, the updated waistband has a more secure fit for a distraction-free riding experience. Obviously, Fox addresses long ride days when designing these motocross pants! Strategically placed venting is incorporated to increase airflow and help regulate body temperature. Finally, taped seams reduce chafing and improve comfort against bare skin.

Spec Sheet

  • RAP (Rider Attack Position) Construction for a Precise Fit on the Bike
  • Rigid Waist System to Hold Pant in Place
  • No more liner! Elimination of Internal Liner Reduces Weight & Heat
  • New Knee Construction Provides a Sleek Performance Fit Over Braces or Titan Pro Knee Guards
  • Durable 4-Way Stretch Tru-Motion Main Body Fabric Provides Unmatched Mobility
  • Laser-Perforated Ventilation in Key Areas for Enhanced Airflow
  • Double Layer Knee System w/Full Grain Cow Leather Knee Panels Backed w/Abrasion-Resistant Material
  • Critically Taped Seams to Reduce Chaffing – Because Comfort is Absolutely Critical
  • Tapered Tailoring Works Seamlessly w/ Motocross Boots
  • Dyed Main Body Fabric w/Premium Heat Transfer Logo Treatments

The Flexair Difference…

Enjoy this video on the Flexair Series. The attention to detail is what will impress you most. Even the famed Flexair Glove is loaded with tech! Enjoy:

Fox Racing is once again elevating their premium line of MX apparel- the Flexair Series. And this apparel is engineered with one ultimate goal- to make you faster than ever before. Keep that in mind next time you and your friends slap on the motocross helmets! Speed kills, and the Flexair series gives you that speedy edge. The 2019 Flexair REGL LE is some serious gear. So if you’re serious about improving your MX game – look no further.

Flexair REGL LE Gear @ BTO Sports

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