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Fly Racing 2019 Collection

We have made it to August everybody and we all know what that means! It means the new gear for 2019 is on its way. This comes with a steady trickle of items you can get your hands on from your favorite brands, like Fly Racing.  Fly has come out of the gate near the front of the pack with what I think is a decent showing. They have redesigned their Evolution gear to the Evolution DST gear.  Fly has also done another installment of the Kinetic style which includes the Kinetic Shield and the Kinetic Noiz. Lastly, the Lite Hydrogen gear, the lightest and breathable offerings from Fly Racing.

Evolution Evolved

Starting with the Evolution gear, it has been revamped with the introduction of durable stretch technology, hence the “DST” in Evolution DST.







With this addition, the Evolution gear has become more comfortable and breathable than the ones that came before it. For example, the entire back of Evolution DST Jersey is made with a full mesh. Other features include:

Evolution DST Jersey

  • Open zero-cuff with Lycra® gusset helps prevent arm pump
  • Multi-directional Lycra® neck and shoulder panels
  • Low profile multi-panel construction for maximum performance and a comfortable fit
  • Seamless armpit construction prevents underarm rubbing and irritation

Evolution DST Pant

  • Laser-cut perforations in key areas for advanced airflow
  • Internal pocket located inside the waistband
  • Exclusive four-way HEX-Stretch fabric
  • Leather heat shield panels with DuPont™ Kevlar® stitching
  • Seat panel sewn to breathable light mesh reduces pulling
  • The Boa® System offers fast, on-the-fly micro adjustability
  • Ergonomically pre-shaped knee accommodates most knee braces and guards
  • Full-Floating durable 900D seat surrounded by HEX-Stretch material moves naturally with your body

The Evolution DST pants to go with the Evolution DST jersey are very similar when it comes to how they were engineered.  Which is to give a wider range of movement and a more relaxed fit with four-way stretch fabric. Evolution DST gear also comes in 4 styles that have been streamlined for a clean look.

Fly Racing has also brought back the Boa system that they introduced with previous iterations of the Evolution gear.  It gives the option to adjust your pants on the fly to help make them fit more comfortably. The Evolution DST gear is understood to have a tight-fit. Be sure to keep that in mind when thinking about getting this gear.

A Small Note with Gloves

The Evolution DST gear also has matching gloves to go with it as does the Kinetic Shield, Noiz and the Lite Hydrogen. All of the gloves are engineered the same as the associated jersey and pants. The features in these gloves don’t vary much between the gloves, only the fitment changes.

An easy way to think of it going forward in this spotlight is if the jersey and pant are a tight fit, the gloves have been made to be a lighter and tighter (Evolution DST, Lite Hydrogen). The regular/ loose fit jersey and pants will have a less skin tight glove (Kinetic Shield & Noiz).

The Kinetic Collection

Next up is the new Kinetic gear, the Kinetic Shield and Kinetic Noiz. This is your “every man’s” gear.  While it isn’t designed to be as breathable as the Evolution gear, the Kinetic gear makes up for it by being a much more of a relaxed fit by comparison. This is more of your standard jersey/pant gear combos and the price reflects this. Purchasing the gear-combo will run you about $160.00 before tax. The more affordable price comes at a small cost.

Rather than having a full mesh back of the jersey, you get a jersey that is going to be, in general, less tight. The Shield and Noiz gear have the same features so it really only depends which you like best. In total, you have 8 new Kinetic gear choices to choose from.

Kinetic Jersey

  • Tag-less comfort-stretch collar
  • Relaxed shorty elastic sleeve cuffs
  • Multi-panel construction for maximum performance and comfortable fit
  • Mesh ventilation helps dissipate heat
  • The extended tail keeps jersey tucked in
  • Long lasting sublimated graphics

Kinetic Pant

  • Comfort mesh liner helps keep you comfortable and cool
  • Multi-directional stretch-rib panels for flexibility
  • Internal pocket located inside the waistband
  • Ultra-durable multi-panel 900D construction
  • Laser cut ventilation for precision breathability
  • Leather heat shield panels with DuPont™ Kevlar® stitching
  • Soft-Flex protective rubber badging
  • Eight breathable stretch panels
  • Ergonomically pre-shaped knee accommodates most knee braces and guards
  • Adjustable waist belt for a custom fit

Lite Hydrogen Jersey & Pants

Lastly,  is the Lite Hydrogen Jersey and Pant gear. Fly Racing engineered this gear to be the most breathable and lightweight of all of their 2019 gear. In fact, the 2019 Lite Hydrogen pant is 4.8 ounces lighter than the 2018 version. That may not sound like much but it’s like weigh training. Progress is progress.

  • Open zero-cuff with reinforced mesh insert
  • Mesh ventilation panels dissipate unwanted heat
  • Multi-panel construction for maximum performance and comfortable fit
  • Athletic fit: fits close to the body with minimal excess

The 2019 Lite Hydrogen Jersey has quite a bit of mesh  stitched in to provide breathability. It can do with less because how the jersey and pants fit.

The Jersey and pants have been designed to be a tight fit.  However, with the mesh that close to the skin, the jersey will let the heat out  immediately.

  • Multi-directional stretch-rib panels for flexibility
  • Low profile stretch leg cuffs with the removable elastic band
  • Stretch panel construction for maximum comfort and movement
  • Leather heat shield panels with DuPont™ Kevlar® stitching
  • Boa® system offers fast, on-the-fly micro adjustability
  • Full-Floating seat surrounded by stretch-rib material moves naturally with your body

The Light Hydrogen Pants are going to be the same fit as the jersey, a tight fit. Therefore, if you like skinny jeans, its safe to assume it’s going to feel the same. The pants are very simple in construction but designed to stretch to help give a wide range of motion. The Hydrogen Pants are also making use of the Boa(R) system that allows for on-the-fly adjustability. As mentioned about the Evolution DST gear, this gear will most likely run tight!

And that covers the main 2019 Fly Racing gear! Of course, there is much more than just outlined here. There are helmets, goggles, protection and even casual wear. Also, Fly Racing is but one of many brands that are releasing gear in the next month and a half going into September. So keep checking to see what is new for 2019 with your other favorite brands!

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