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Fly Racing M16 Riding Shoes | Product Spotlight

Protect your feats!



Only those that like to be prepared, know the importance of a good pair of riding shoes. The stronger your bike is, the more vibrations your engine wants to emit. This actually has a catastrophic effect on your feet if you are not careful. Your feet alone are made of many different bones, ligaments, cartilage, nerves, and muscles that could be affected detrimentally by bad vibrations. Prolonged exposure to these vibrations could cause a plethora of problems for your feet. A good riding shoe can prevent many ill effects or minimize any long-term damage on your feet.


Enter the Fly Racing M16 Racing Shoe. The M16 shoe features special designs made solely to keep your feet safe and sound. Keep the vibrations good with these latest Riding Shoe offerings from Fly Racing:


Fly Racing M16 Canvas Riding Shoes

Fly Racing M16 Canvas Riding Shoes
Fly Racing M16 Canvas Riding Shoes

The Fly Racing M16 Canvas Riding Shoe is a lightweight, breathable shoe that incorporates all the technical features of the other riding shoes as well. The crown jewel of the M16 Riding shoe is the crush resistant sole and the composite shank that isolates your foot from engine vibrations. While this is important, it is also necessary to protect what connects your foot to your leg, your ankle. The M16 provides dual density ankle protectors that give your ankles an extra padding to stave off any unwanted ankle injuries.

To order the Fly Racing Canvas Riding Shoes, CLICK HERE



Fly Racing M16 Waterproof Leather Riding Shoes

Fly Racing M16 Waterproof Leather Riding Shoes
Fly Racing M16 Waterproof Leather Riding Shoes

The Fly Racing Waterproof Leather Riding Shoe is a supple leathered, waterproof shoe that includes all other features that previous versions of the shoe possessed. Dual Density ankle supports, crush resistant soles, and foot-isolating, composite shanks are commonplace in all M16 shoes. These shoes are your  twisted ankle-preventing, moisture-repelling, and engine vibration-battling  greaves. Use them to strengthen your feet so that you can ride forever. The reinforced heel and toe box not only defend against injury, but also defend against uncertainty. Be sure your feet are safe with these shoes.

To order the Fly Racing Waterproof Leather Riding Shoes, CLICK HERE



Don’t walk, run!


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Be sure to protect your feet so you don’t end up paying for it later. Keep running and riding with these excellent riding shoes. BTO Sports offers the Fly Racing M16 riding shoe and other riding shoes as well, for every type of rider. Laugh in the face of all the deleterious effects that want to touch upon your soles. BTO Sports provides all kinds of riding gear for every level of rider out there. Check out the Motorcycle Street Gear Collection for the greatest selection of street products out there!


So make way to your closest BTO Sports website for all your technical riding shoe needs today, and click here!


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