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Forma ADV Tourer Boot | Spotlight


The Forma ADV Tourer Boot… All You Need.

If you’re getting your next adventure ride together, the first thing you should be getting squared away is your footwear! And if you’re looking for the most versatile ADV boot on the market, look no further than the Forma ADV Tourer Boot. Whether you’re on the blacktop or gravel, these boots are ready to perform. Let’s check them out.

The ADV Tourer Boot comes in at a price that makes you think that perhaps the quality or craftsmanship has in some way been compromised. Let us dispel that notion straight away! Forma is an absolute leader in adventure boots– and these ADV Tourers are just another triumph in a long history of great on-the-bike footwear.

Put a pair on, and you’re going to feel the Forma difference!

While not the flashiest boot out there, the Forma ADV Tourer Boot is not without its charms. As you can see from the logo branding on the instep- these boots have an understated flair that goes well with any motorcycle apparel. Simple, black, classic. A tried and true fashion rule that is as true today as it ever was. Especially on the road!

Yet we know that these boots are far more about substance than wild colors or fancy branding. Which is why we’ll focus on the myriad of great features the ADV Tourer bring to the table. For their price point, these boots hold a value like few others. Plenty of money left over for some motorcycle accessories right here at BTO Sports! Let’s get to those features.

Forma ADV Tourer Boot Features

The ADV Tourer boots deliver a smooth mix of street and offroad/motocross boot features. First, the multi-flex sole allows for comfortable walking when off the bike and exploring new sights. I can’t tell you how important this is! Too many people don’t take the off-bike comfort into consideration when buying motorcycle boots.

Additionally, a rugged anti-slip foot pattern also helps with traction on any surface. As a result, it gives you added confidence over your motorcycle controls. This is tremendously important when assessing the overall enjoyment of your trip. You want worry-free bike riding!

Secondly, the simple closure system makes for a secure easy fit. Furthermore, the slim design is great for over motorcycle pants. In conclusion, the CE level protection and European quality make these boots perfect for long rides and that occasional dirt road. It’s the best of both worlds!

Boot Features

  • CE® level protection | DRYTEX® waterproof
  • Full-grain oiled leather | 
  • Lightweight construction | Rugged, anti-slip sole
  • Plastic gear pad protection | TPU ankle protection
  • Seamlessly works w/racing leathers if needed| Max comfort
  • Velcro® mid strap closure |Special rigid nylon midsole
  • Easy-Fit adjustable straps | Quality European production
  • Unbreakable GH® buckles | Anti-bacterial insole
  • 12-month Warranty | All-Around Value

To be sure, these boots are just the kind of adventure/dual sport gear you’re looking to add to your arsenal. Quality like this is seldom on the market for this mid-range boot price. The value is what makes the Forma ADV Tourer Boot an immediate recommend. Clearly, if you need motorcycle boots- these are a fantastic option for a lot of reasons.

In the end, it might just be silly to look elsewhere. These boots bring a great look while offering premium motorcycle protection for your feet. It’s a combination that anyone would want. All at a price that is beyond fair? Sign us up!

Forma ADV Tourer Boot @ BTO Sports

In summation, you want your adventure boots to be great both on and off the bike. And you want an affordable boot that won’t crush your checking account. In short, you want these Forma ADV Tourer Boots. And they’re right here at BTO Sports. Get a pair next time you come here for your motorcycle parts and get that ADV ride on the calendar!

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