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Forma Predator MX Boots | Product Test

Forma Predator MX Boots Test - BTO Sports

A Worthy MX Boot Ready for Your Ride

The Forma Predator MX boot is worthy of being your boot of choice for your next ride.  No stranger to the high end boot market Forma boots are the choice of many MXGP and US  riders for their outstanding feel and durability. Forma Boots has brought that high tech design up a level with the all new Predator MX boot, available now at BTO Sports.


First Impressions:

The first thing you notice when taking the Predator MX boots out of the box is their solid construction. Loaded with features designed with protecting the rider’s foot while being comfortable is very noticeable. The outer exoskeleton of the boot is made from injection-molded plastic that gives the Predator resistance to debris and a solid feel. Forma designed a dual pivot flex control system at the ankle of the Predator made out of carbon fiber. This aids in side to side flex and keeps the ankle stabilized where it needs it most. The newer buckle also has been redesigned with a security lock so that it cannot be mistakenly opened when riding.

Forma Predator MX Boots
Forma Predator Boots in 5 different colors to choose from

You do not have to worry about the sizing of the Predator boots, as they do fit true to size.  Our size 11 boot is a true 11.   Forma also did not skimp on the comfort of this boot. As you slide your foot inside the boot, you will notice the plush lining, especially around the ankle area.  Extra padding protects the ankle on both sides and also makes the boot not need an extra bootie for protection. Overall, this helps the Forma Predator boots against the jolts and large hits that motocross races will see on the track or trails. The buckles adjust out and had more than enough adjustment for our larger calf riders.

We did notice that the toe box of the Predator boots are on the roomy side. While this felt nice and didn’t pinch our feet like some other boots with a more narrow box, it could allow a rider’s foot to move around a bit if they have a narrow foot. If you are one of those rider’s that struggle with a larger foot (2E, 3E), the Forma Predator boot will feel right at home on your feet.

Forma Predator MX Boots - BTO Sports
Gripping the bike is not a problem with the Forma Predator Boots. They are some of the grippiest boots on the market.

First Ride:

For our first ride with the Predator boots, breaking them in was a breeze. They broke in instantly thanks to the dual pivot in the ankle area.  Talk about traction on the bike…the Predator boots are some of the grippiest boots we have ever used! The sole of the boot gripped into our footpegs, never slipping off. The inside grip of the boots also was some of the best we have encountered in any boot. While being grippy, they look like they will handle years of abuse. If you are a rider that grips your bike with your legs like Godzilla, you will no doubt stay planted with the Forma Predator boots.

A Pro’s Perspective:

While we were impressed with the Predators, what would a  pro rider think of them?  So we called up to BTO supported rider and Pro Supercross racer Tyler Enticknap and asked him to spin some laps with the Forma Predator boots.  He was very impressed from the moment he slipped them on. His thoughts didn’t go backwards as he hit the track with them, as he enjoyed how “grippy” the boots were, especially as he hit large sand whoops at race speeds.  He was also impressed with how quick they broke in to his foot and how much support they gave his ankle on hard landings.  For a rider of his caliber to come back impressed with the Predator boots is a testament to the high quality that Forma puts into their boots.

Forma Predator MX Boots - Tyler Enticknap BTO Sports
Pro Supercross rider Tyler Enticknap took our Forma Predator’s for a spin at his private track and came away impressed.


Motocross boots are one of the most important pieces of riding equipment you will buy as a motorcycle rider. Your foot is a vital point of contact on the bike and helps with staying in control of your bike. The Forma Predator boots allow you to ride with confidence the moment you put them on.  From the superior ankle  protection to the amazing grip they provide, the Predator boots are in a league of their own.  If you are looking for a new boot and something different than the norm, be sure to give the Forma Predator boot a good look.

The Forma Predator boots retail for $529.00 and are available now at 

Forma Predator MX Boots - BTO Sports
Thanks to BTO Sports rider Tyler Enticknap for giving us a pro perspective on the Forma Predator boots for our Product Test.

A big thanks goes out to Forma Boots for letting us try their Predator boots out on the track! For more information on Forma boots, visit their website at

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