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Fox Racing comp 5 boot | Product Spotlight

A Entry Level Boot For All Riders

I’m here again to spotlight another great product, this time by Fox, the newFox Comp 5 Boots. The price of these boots come in at $199.95. These boots are positioned very well for an entry to mid-level boot. If you were to look at other boots you can see that the Comp 5’s are more expensive. You could definitely be spending less but what you pay for in part is the quality that Fox brings to its products. Also,  your boots will typically take the biggest beating. I see it as a worthwhile investment.  Last thing before I jump into it, The Fox Comp 5 Boots also, comes in a women’s, youth boys and girls sizes and styles. They are structurally different from the men’s boot to better fit for women and children but all the major points that I will outline remain the same. Be sure to check those out!

If you would rather watch a quicker version of my spotlight check this video out by our own fantastic crew!



Fox Comp 5 Boot focus of Medial Guard
Comp 5 Medial Guard with the Fox logo built in

The Fox Comp 5 is equipped with a shin plate medial guard that has that fantastic Fox logo built into it. The shin plate is made from a hard thermoplastic which provides a wide range of protection.

This stuff is tough. For those who don’t know, thermoplastic is made by heating materials into a liquid resin that hardens when cooled into plastic. Legos, for example, are made from a type of thermoplastic. Ever step on one of those? One of the worst pains as far as I am concerned. That is what these boots are, in part, made of.

The Fox Comp 5 boot is a combination of flexibility, stiffness, and durability. The upper construction of the Comp 5 boot has a leather front that ends at the top of the foot. This is probably my favorite aspect of these dirt bike boots. The leather is some of the toughest natural material on the market. It’s water-resistant and resilient to heat. Leather gloves, for example, are commonplace for laborious work because they are hard to pierce and comfortable. I could go on and on about the practical applications for leather but I digress.

The highlighted area to show the range of the toe box
Highlighted area to show the range of the toe box

Tough thermoplastic continues from the toe box to what is approximately the end of the arch of the foot, almost to the heel. The Comp 5 also has a hardened ankle. This reinforcement rides higher up the heel toward your calf muscle. The most common kinds of injuries from crashes though are to the legs and feet. Not to mention an exposed ankle sticking out will be the first to hit the ground.

Keeping the boot together and tight are these aluminum soft touch buckles. There are 4 in total that run from the top of the boot to the top of the foot. Even with gloves these buckles are easy on and easy off.

Close up of the Aluminium Soft Touch buckles
Soft Touch Aluminium buckles on the Fox Comp 5 Boots

Despite having a rough and robust exterior the interior of the Comp 5 is a different story. The Comp 5 boot is lined with inner soft and plush materials. This is then covered by a  woven wicking material. Wicking simply means water is pulled up from the fabric toward the surface to evaporate. It means that the inner lining is going to help pull out moisture to keep you dry and comfortable.

These boots have a lot to offer in terms of protection and at a price point at $199.95. Every racer should be able to at least consider buying the Fox Comp 5 Boots. Be sure to check them out as well as other Fox boots here at

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