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Fox Racing Goggles | MX20 Spotlight

Bring Your Racing In Focus with Fox Racing Goggles…

The all-new 2020 Fox Racing MX catalog is here, and it is glorious… Downright glorious! Moreover, their line of dirt bike goggles are already making serious noise on the tracks across the globe. They have improved every model, and the finished products are truly triumphant. So let’s get into what makes these new Fox Racing Goggles so marvelous. Shall we?

First off, the Fox Racing Vue Goggle continues to evolve and is already considered a top-tier option for even the most experienced racers. Secondly, the popular Airspace Goggle gets a face-lift. The all new Airspace II series will have you jumping for motocross joy. Because these well-made dirt bike accessories look as amazing as they perform!

Lastly, the trusty Main Goggle series is upgraded as well. To that end, the Main II series brings the same value pricing, but even more dynamic features! All in all, this new collection brings something for everyone. And it’s a great time to be a dirt bike rider!

From the Vue Vlar Goggle pictured above and below, to the host of other exciting new options- you cannot go wrong with Fox Racing Goggles in 2020! Because through the years, Fox is a constant source of great motocross gear. Its really that simple. And their 2020 catalog really beats this point home.

Now let’s break down the different models and find the right one for you!

Fox Racing Goggles – Vue

Designed and developed with input from pro motocross rider Ken Roczen, the Fox Racing Vue Goggle will give you the best vision possible from a motocross goggle. You will quickly realize how true this is once you slide these on your face!

The Vue Goggle features unmatched field of vision, an injected molded Polycarbonate lens and Fox’s exclusive TruLock quick change lens system. Especially relevant is the turn-to-release system. Which removes the outrigger, giving you access to swap lenses and other Vue Goggle Accessories quickly and efficiently. Clearly, these are not your daddys MX goggles…

Fox has taken the worry out of your goggles moving around with a 45mm strap that has a silicone backed strap that eliminates goggle slippage. Also the Fox Racing Vue goggle, like the all-new Vue Dusc Goggle that Roczen is sporting on the cover photo, is race-ready right out of the box and comes with a 5 pack non-laminated tear-offs so you can open the box and ride!

The winning choice is clear, as the Fox Racing Vue Goggle is ready to propel you to the top!

Vue Features:

  • Wide View Port Provides Exceptional Peripheral Vision
  • Injected Polycarbonate Lens Provides Optical Clarity & Protects Against Roost Impact
  • TruLock System Makes Lens Replacement Quick & Easy
  • ABS/Nylon Outer Frame to Resist Roost & Increase Durability
  • Soft TPU Face Plate Forms to Riders Face for Improved Comfort
  • 360 Venting Optimizes Airflow Keeping the Rider Cool & Reduces Fogging
  • 45mm Strap w/Backing Silicone Stripe Provides Superior Grip on all Dirt Bike Helmets
  • 3-Layer Molded Face Foam Wicks Sweat & Provides a Comfortable Fit
  • Pre-Curved Design Offers Superior Optical Clarity
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1-2010 & EN1938.2010 Standards for Impact Resistance
  • Clear or Chrome/Mirror Inject Lens ($119.95 US$129.95 US)
  • Anti-Fog Treated | Tear-Offs Included
  • Offers 100% UVA & UVB Protection

With the widest FOV that you can get in a goggle, Ken Roczen worked with the Fox Moto-X Lab on the Vue Goggle to suit his vision. The locking outrigger system, which can also be found on the fantastic new Enduro-specific Vue X Goggle, makes quick work of lens replacement while the 3 layer molded face foam provides a comfortable fit every time.

Furthermore, the injected Polycarbonate lens provides premium clarity and protection from flying debris. After all, there’s no telling what modern motocross bikes will throw up at you! Lastly, to keep the airflow moving through the goggle, Fox builds in 360 venting. This not only keeps riders cool but also aids in reducing fogging. And if you ride in sandy, desert conditions, the Vue S Goggle boasts all of these same great features along with a sand-specific foam to keep your eyes extra protected.

And folks- Fox Racing is just getting started!

Fox Racing Goggles – Airspace II

The Airspace II borrows features from our pro-level Vue Goggles resulting in improved ventilation, peripheral vision, and comfort. Additionally, the Airspace II Simp Goggle pictured above has a larger viewport and improved frame angles to give you a wider field of view.

It all starts with the patented Variable Lens System. Because this new lens system allows for the transfer of standard and injection molded lenses in the same frame. Noteworthy is that both the Airspace II Prix Goggle and all of the Main II goggles share the same standard and injection molded lenses, as well as tearoffs.

Airspace II Features:

  • All New Design Offers Best-in-Class Viewport for Unparalleled Peripheral Vision Via Enlarged Outer Frame
  • VLS (Variable Lens System) Design Allows Transfer of Standard & Injection Molded Lens in the Same Frame
  • Outrigger Design Creates a Secure Fit to Keep Dust & Debris Out of the Viewport for Full Confidence Over Dirt Bike Controls
  • Triple Layer Face Foam w/Fleece Liner Provides Superior Sweat Absorption
  • 8-pin Lens Retention System Keeps Lens Securely Attached to Frame
  • Lexan® lens Offers Excellent UV Protection
  • 45mm Non-Slip Silicone Strap Improves Grip On Helmet
  • 3-Post Tearoff System Ready | Microfiber Bag Included
  • Blue Mirror Lexan Lens

By increasing air volume inside the frame by 30%, the Air Space II Goggle takes ventilation, peripheral vision and comfort to a new level. And when you consider the latest colors and graphics (like the rad Airspace II MRDR PC Goggle) Fox Racing uses in concert with these technological refinements, the choice to throw down on some AirSpace II Goggles becomes all the more clear. And clarity is what these goggles do best.

And the beat goes on…

Fox Racing Goggles – Main II

The picture above is easily worth a thousand words. Just look at this Main II Linc Goggle dangling in the sun… awesome, right? And there is so much steak behind that sizzle- that you will want a pair of these Main II’s by the time you are done with this blog!

Ounce for ounce, the Main II Race Goggle is the best value on the market. New for 2020 is Fox Racing’s ‘Variable Lens System’ (VLS). VLS makes your goggles compatible with both standard lenses (stock) and injection molded lenses (sold separately) within the same frame.

Don’t sleep on the Main II Wynt Goggle! Or any of the other Main II’s. Because the expansive viewport, triple-layer foam and tear-off /lens functionality make them a heavy hitter… and light on the wallet.

Main II Features:

  • All-New Design Offers Best-in-Class Viewport for Unparalleled Vision
  • VLS (Variable Lens System)Design Allows Transfer of Standard & Injection-Molded Lenses in Same Frame
  • Triple-Layer Face Foam w/Fleece Liner Offers Optimal Comfort on Longer Rides
  • Lexan® Lens Offers Excellent UV Protection & Goggle Longevity… This is Flat-Out Motocross Protective Gear
  • Strap-Mounted Third Tear-Off Post Makes These Goggles ‘Race-Ready’
  • Non-Slip Silicone Strap for Added Grip to MX Helmet
  • Microfiber Goggle Bag Included… Fancy
  • Spark Lens Factor: Red Mirror Lexan Lens

And if you think that Fox Racing forgot about the little riders around the world… think again! Oh yeah, it’s time to check out the Youth options…

Fox Racing Goggles – Youth

When it comes to youth gear, it’s a whole new ballgame! Because the all-new Youth Main II Goggle series defies expectations of entry-level motocross goggles. The Youth Main II PC Prix Goggle (pictured above) rocks the exciting new Variable Lens System. And it’s truly a godsend to the entry-level goggle market, as it only adds life to your goggle and value to your bottom line.

So go right ahead and stretch that MX dollar, y’all! Because the Youth Main II Race Goggle boasts an expansive viewport, triple-layer foam and a dependable Lexan lens. Additionally, the Main II Youth series has colors and designs that will keep your little racer happy as a clam!

Youth Main II Features:

  • All-New Design Offers Best-in-Class Viewport for Unparalleled Vision
  • VLS (Variable Lens System)Design Allows Transfer of Standard & Injection-Molded Lenses in Same Frame
  • Triple-Layer Face Foam w/Fleece Liner Offers Optimal Comfort on Longer Rides
  • Lexan® Lens Offers Excellent UV Protection & Goggle Longevity
  • Strap-Mounted Third Tear-Off Post Makes These Goggles ‘Race-Ready’
  • Non-Slip Silicone Strap for Added Grip to MX Helmet
  • Microfiber Goggle Bag Included… Fancy
  • Youth Sized – One Size Fits All
  • Clear Lexan Lens – Standard

We all know how hard it is to find quality Youth Motocross and Dirt Bike Goggles. If you want to keep your youth rider happy and safe, you need to find that combination of style and substance. Luckily, Fox Racing is bringing all that and more. Moreover, at a cost that is really worth smiling about!

Then again, it really shouldn’t be that surprising to find high-end Kids Dirt Bike Gear from Fox. They’ve been the leader at it for several decades now! Be sure to check out their entire 2020 youth section… Because it is really something special- and your kids will thank you for it!

Fox Racing Goggles @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, the new line of Fox Racing MX Goggles comes ready to dominate. In fact, all of their new 2020 motocross gear combos and helmets look absolutely tremendous. And all of their fine catalog is right here at BTO Sports. Furthermore, at the lowest prices! We can ship out everything you need today along with your needed dirt bike parts. One stop shopping- that’s what we do! So come check us out today. You will be so glad that you did.

Chris Leahy
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