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Fox Racing MX 20 | Split Decisions

Fox Racing MX20 Apparel Makes Mixing & Matching Effortless…

New to the MX scene is the Fox Racing MX20 catalog of racewear. But avid riders all over the globe are quickly taking notice! Why? Because Fox Racing is the heavyweight champ of motocross apparel, and they are proving it once again here in 2020.

One of the truly great things about this 2020 Fox collection is that the color schemes and graphics lend themselves beautifully to mixing and matching. To that end, you can take elements of their various apparel lines and achieve new looks and better overall value for your motocross dollar.

Perhaps nobody does a better job of mixing this dirt bike gear up like legend Ryan Dungey. Check out this video below, where he showcases both the Flexair and 360 racewear while tearing it up on his trusty #5… Enjoy:

Noteworthy right off the bat is that Ryan Dungey still rides like he is 18 years old! But the Fox gear he is rocking is equally impressive. Right down to those 2020 Flexair Gloves, these MX apparel combinations jump right off the screen. Moreover, this is Fox Racing we are talking about. So you know there is the latest race technologies and design backing all of these bold colors and graphics.

Of course, Fox is doing it all in 2020, from their awesome Instinct Boots to their full line of trusted dirt bike helmets. But these apparel lines featured in the video are what we will focus on here. You will soon learn why we think they are worthy of your immediate perusal.

Lets check it all out!

Fox Racing MX20 – Flexair Howk Gear

The Flexair Howk Jersey is designed to function seamlessly with the human body. It’s cut from lightweight and flexible materials which anticipate your every move. TruDri® fabric continues to be the foundation of these MX jerseys, rapidly wicking moisture to keep you cool and dry. Moreover, active-fit sleeves with articulated darting provide a contoured fit. While laser-perforated venting throughout the arms increases ventilation.

Flexair Jersey Features

  • Proven in the Most Demanding Conditions by the World’s Top Motocross Athletes
  • Lightweight Material Built for Complete Freedom of Movement & a Precise Fit
  • Active-Fit Sleeves w/Laser Perforated Venting for Increased Breathability & Airflow
  • TruDri Main Body Fabric Provides a Soft, Lightweight Fit w/True Moisture Management
  • Bonded Stretch Cuff Provides a Slim, Athletic Fit for Maximum Comfort
  • Dyed Main Body Panels w/Premium Heat Transfer Logo Treatments
  • Bonded Collar Reduces Chaffing & Minimizes Weight

The Flexair Howk Pant is designed to function seamlessly with the human body. They’re cut from lightweight and flexible materials which anticipate your every move. Noteworthy too is the updated waistband that improves fit! Also, the refined rear yoke increases flexibility, while the redesigned internal liner reduces chafing.

Especially relevant is the double-layer knee system that combines a full-grain leather outer knee with an abrasion-resistant inner knee. This system guards against both external and internal wear and tear. Additionally, it is also smartly tailored for compatibility with braces and guards. And to help regulate body temperature, strategically placed venting is incorporated to increase airflow.

Flexair Pant Features

  • RAP (Rider Attack Position) Construction for an Improved Ergonomic Fit on the Bike
  • Cordura TruMotion Zonal All-Way Stretch Panels Provide Unmatched Mobility Right Down to the Motocross Boots
  • Minimalistic Internal Liner Reduces Chaffing, Weight & Heat
  • Precision Knee Paneling Provides a Slim Fit Over Braces or Guards
  • Laser-Perforated Ventilation in Key Areas for Enhanced Airflow
  • Reinforced 600D Saddle Panel to Increase Durability Without Sacrificing Performance
  • Double Layer Knee System w/Full Grain Cow Leather Knee Panels Backed w/Abrasion-Resistant Material
  • Improved Yoke Panel w/Premium Bonded Edge for Lightweight Minimalism & Mobility
  • Dyed & Sublimated Main Body Panels w/Premium Heat Transfer Logo Treatments

Without question, a Flexair Howk Jersey, Pant Combo will instantly upgrade your motocross arsenal! The colors, the fit and the value all make this an unbeatable purchase opportunity. Just look at it in action in that video above… crazy right?

And there is plenty more to get excited about here in 2020. Because the all-new 360 line is ready for anything you want to throw at it! Lets go in for a deeper dive, shall we?

Fox Racing MX20 – 360 Bann Gear

Lets make one thing perfectly clear: the Fox Racing 360 Bann Jersey, Pant Combo is some of the sickest-looking MX apparel we have ever seen! And it is built to last as well. This gear is durable and race-ready. It represents the core of the Fox racing heritage, delivering pure performance and perseverance.

The 360 Bann Jersey blends durability and agile movement. Each stitch and panel is purpose-built to improve the strength of the garment.

This season, the 360 jersey offers improved durability and comfort. New zonal pique fabric paneling on the shoulders and arms improves abrasion resistance in key wear areas. Using our TruDri® fabric and mesh panels, the jersey keeps you cool, dry, and comfortable. Furthermore, these motocross jerseys are tailored specifically to optimize comfort while in a riding position. With 360 gear you stay comfortable and protected no matter what you face on the ride.

360 Jersey Features

  • Pre-Curved Sleeves Create Natural ‘Rider Attack Position’ (RAP) for Improved Ergonomic Fit on the Bike
  • TruDri Moisture-Wicking Main Body Provides a Soft, Lightweight Fit While Moving Sweat Away from the Body to Keep You Dry You Cool & Dry
  • Dyed & Sublimated Main Body Panels w/Premium Heat-Transfer Graphics for a Rich, Durable & Long-Lasting Aesthetic
  • Vented Mesh Side, Front & Back Panels for Breathability & Airflow
  • Durable PK Zonal Paneling Improves Abrasion Resistance
  • Bonded Collar & Minimized Stretch-Cuff Design Provide Superior Comfort  Work Seamlessly w/ Motocross Gloves
  • Drop-Tail Design Keeps Jersey Tucked In Through Intense Rides
  • 100% Polyester Construction Brings Supreme Value Through Durability


Fox Racing continues to redesign the now iconic 360 racewear with a new pant chassis. The 2020 360 Bann Pant is here, and they definitely raise the bar. And from the looks of this latest 360 Series- Fox is pulling no punches! The colors and designs of this new gear will have you looking sharp all season long.

The 360 pants utilize TRUMOTION 4-way stretch fabric for near limitless range of motion, while 600D polyester protects high abrasion areas. This strategic fabric placement delivers a remarkable combination of mobility and bulletproof durability. Fox’s Rider Attack Position (RAP) construction guarantees motocross pants with a precise fit, putting you in the best position to win. Finally, laser cut perforations and vents channel air through the pants for superior breathability.

360 Pant Features

  • RAP (Rider Attack Position) Construction for an Improved, Ergonomic Fit on the Bike
  • TruMotion Zonal All-Way Stretch Panels Provide Premium Mobility & Comfort
  • HD Dobby-Weave Combined w/600D Zonal Paneling Create an Unmatched Combination of Durability & Function
  • Double-Layer Knee System w/Full-Grain Leather Outer & Abrasion Resistant Inner Layer Increase Durability Between Motocross Protective Gear & the Bike
  • Abrasion-Resistant Inner Layer Gives Enhanced Durability Against Knee Braces & Guards
  • Dyed & Sublimated Main Body Panels w/Premium Silicone & TPR Logo Treatments for a Rich, Durable & Long-lasting Aesthetic
  • Lightweight & Flexible Yoke Reduces Weight & Increases Comfort
  • Reinforced Stitching for Enhanced Durability & Improved Tear Resistance
  • Internal Mesh Liner for Increased Comfort

All in all, you can’t make a wrong decision. Flexair, 360… whichever! Get em both and play around with them til you find your exact look. That’s the beauty of these 2020 color schemes- they all sync up. Any way you slice it, you’re going to stand out in any crowded MX field when you rock one of these motocross gear combos. It’s really that simple.

Fox Racing MX20 @ BTO Sports

In summation, the possibilities are truly endless with this 2020 Fox Racing collection. If you need new gear- this is definitely worth your hard-earned money. The flat-out style is undeniable. Furthermore, the materials Fox uses makes this 2020 apparel the value of the year. Come on over to BTO Sports and let us get you squared away with some of it! Next time you’re here filling up your cart with dirt bike parts, add some of this great Fox Racing MX20 racewear. You will absolutely love it!


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