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Fox Racing Raptor Vest | Spotlight

The Raptor Vest Brings Style & Substance.

Motocross riding puts a premium on upper body protection, and the Fox Racing Adult Raptor Vest has been a go-to performer for years now. The latest version of this great dirt bike protective gear will have you feeling ultra-safe. While also feeling unrestricted on the bike!

The Adult Raptor is a full-service chest protector! To that end, it features full side coverage via a plastic side plate. Furthermore, it comes complete with shoulder and bicep coverage that’s both adjustable and removable! Add to that CE certified back coverage, and you see why the Fox Raptor Vest rules the roost. At BTO Sports, we know the value of head-to-toe protection.

Let’s check out the “60 Second Product Review” of these great MX  Chest Protectors:

Published on Oct 30, 2017

The Fox Raptor Vest is unparalleled when it comes to protection coverage you can count upon.

As the video plainly demonstrates, these vests are loaded with protection technologies at the chest, back, shoulders and sides! And yet the movement afforded the rider while wearing this vest is truly remarkable.

If you do some consumer research on motocross chest protection, one fact becomes crystal clear… The Raptor Vest and Proframe LC Roost Deflector are unmatched when it comes to coverage and performance. And as always, the devil is in the details.

Raptor Vest Technical Details

Engineered to withstand the most brutal punishment, the new Fox Adult Raptor is built to protect. Featuring full-coverage plastic side plates, a versatile neck brace-compatible fit, completely adjustable and removable shoulder-bicep coverage, the Raptor also provides CE certified 1621-2 back coverage.

When it comes to charging through the pack Fox makes sure the new design offers complete, unrestricted full-body coverage with the most technical safety features in the industry. In short, they know chest protectors!

Published on Nov 18, 2015
The Raptor Vest provides complete unrestricted coverage. It features full body plastic side plates, extended lower back, double layer bio-foam system, and total flow through venting. The Raptor is unmatched when it comes to coverage and performance.

Fox Racing @ BTO Sports

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