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Fox Racing Unveils New 180 Boot

Fox Racing Rolls Out 180 Boot!

When you talk about motocross boots, Fox Racing will certainly be one of the first companies mentioned- as they’ve been doing great boots for decades. And here at BTO Sports, we’ve seen thousands upon thousands of Fox MX Boots roll out over the years… to very happy customers!


We are out at Los Olivos, California, for the FOX MX18 Product Launch. FOX introduced their new 180 boot, which is designed to retain the fit and comfort offered by the Instinct boot, but for a more affordable cost. The new FOX 180 boot contains a low toe-box shape for ease while shifting, along with many other characteristics shared with the Instinct. The new boot will hit the market on September 15th for the reasonable price of $249.


For 2018, Fox Racing is announcing its newest member of their boot division- the 180 Boot. In short… Prepare to be impressed.


At this mid-range price point ($249.95), you will be hard-pressed to find any boot that rivals the amount of tech and comfort that has gone into the design of these 180 Boots. The new ‘floating cuff system’ gives it the feel of a boot twice its cost, as does the lower buckles and the security at the base of the boot. In conclusion, you simply have to check these boots out! Because total value can be had immediately upon purchase. Let’s dig deeper!


Fox Racing – 180 Boots

All new for 2018, the Fox 180 Boot redefines the boundaries for performance and value. Fox completely redesigns and builds off of their championship-proven Instinct, so the 180 Boot provides a precise performance fit around the ankle and toe box. And this gives the rider maximum support and comfort.

Obviously, if you’re in the market for new dirt bike boots, these new dirt bike boots have the look, feel and price tag that you are no doubt looking for. Therefore, treat yourself to the best… treat yourself to Fox Racing.


  • Instant Step-In Comfort with Minimal Break In
  • Floating Cuff System Provides Lateral Support & Fluid Movement while Locking Out before the Hyperextension of the Ankle
  • TPU Shin Plate, Calf Guard, Heel Cap & Full Toe Coverage
  • Exclusive Silicone Closure System on Shin Plate Allows Shin to Flex with Motion of the Boot


  • Durable Rubber Medial & Burn Guard Provides Excellent Grip & Feel on the Bike
  • Durable Rubber Outsole with Internal Steel Shank
  • Two Instinct-Style Lower Buckles give a Secure, Zero Heel-Lift Fit
  • All New for 2018 – An Incredible Boot @ an Incredible Price
  • Colors: Black , White , Red & Blue
  • Sizes: 8 – 14

Here’s another great video detailing the new 180 Boots!

We caught up with the crew at Fox Racing to see their all new gear for 2018. Here is what we saw and what is coming to you very shortly!

Clearly, the floating cuff system allows the boot to move naturally for improved agility on the bike while locking out to prevent hyperextension. This means the boot fits snug, has zero pull in the heel, and is comfortable right out of the box.

The closure system marries support and rider movement. With 3 closures: two lower Instinct buckles to lock-in your fit, plus our exclusive silicone strap at the calf, the boots are ultra-snug while providing flexibility where you need it. Putting on the boots is a breeze; set the two lower buckles using the set-it-and-forget-it memory settings, and pull the top closed with the silicone strap. The silicone strap has four size settings for a precise fit.

Conclusion? Great Boot/Great Price.

When it comes to coverage, the 180 Boot is no slouch. Plastic plates at the shin, calf, heel and toe box leave few gaps. And again, thanks to the floating cuff system, this robust coverage comes at zero loss of flexibility. The durable rubber medial and burn guards provide maximum grip and long-lasting durability. And the outsole gives excellent grip on the dullest or sharpest of foot peg surfaces.


BTO Sports Has Them- Ready To Ship!

In addition to the millions of motocross parts, dirt bike apparel and accessories- BTO Sports has these incredible Fox 180 Boots IN STOCK – and ready to roll. So, come on over and see for yourself. Because once you slip into these great new boots from Fox Racing, you’ll never go back to what you were wearing before. Believe it!


Chris Leahy
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