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Fox Racing V1 REGL LE Helmet | Product Spotlight

Header Image for V1 REGL LE Helmet Spotlight

The Fox Racing V1 REGL LE Helmet is Here.

The Fox Racing V1 REGL LE Helmet arrives this week and it is a patriotic feast for the eyes. Furthermore, as part of the V1 Series it brings unbelievable value to go along with this brash American style! And when shopping for a motocross helmet and other dirt bike accessories, who doesn’t want style and substance?

Clearly, the bold colors and graphics of this V1 REGL LE Helmet are truly amazing. But improved safety is the big difference in the new 2019 V1 dirt bike helmets. The Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS) allows the visor to release during a crash, while also staying securely in place when needed.

First, check out the 60 Second Product Review. The sheer look of these 2019 V1 Helmets will blow your mind! Particularly the REGL LE. This comes direct from our BTO Sports YouTube Channel… Enjoy:

The all-new Fox V1 REGL LE helmet has been redesigned for 2019. Just like their 2019 motocross apparel! One thing we noticed right away was the improved comfort and fit, thanks to extending the chin bar from the previous models.

This new shell (featured on the V1 Matte Helmet in the video) is lightweight and exceeds ECE and DOT safety standards. Also features the magnetic visor release system to help mitigate injuries.

The ventilation has improved thanks to 9 intake and 4 exhaust vents. Easily the new standard in a value helmet, behold the Fox V1 Series. BTO Sports has these dirt bike helmets for sale prices! Furthermore, this V1 REGL LE Helmet has it all. And boy, do these graphics look sick! Check them out ASAP!

Put it on and see who salutes…


V1 REGL LE Helmet & MVRS Technology

Originally found in their pricier V3 Series, Fox Racing now has MVRS safety tech in their 2019 V1 dirt bike helmets. This is no small thing! As you’ll see in the video below- this turns your V1 REGL LE helmet into a prime piece of motocross protective gear. Check it out:

Made For Bad Days…

It’s technology you hope you never use, but you’re glad it’s there when you need it. Which is the sign of premium dirt bike gear! Traditional visors are firmly attached with screws. Fox Racing’s patented Magnetic Visor Release System (MVRS) replaces screws with magnets.

The wait is over. The V1 REGL LE is here!

When it comes to this safety technology- believe the hype. Helmet visors have caused a myriad of health issues during crashes. And this mitigates most of them. Motocross is about having fun with family and friends.  And these safety measures have us all feeling a little more confident at the dirt bike controls. Let’s continue…

1-MVRS System relases in event of crash
2-Lightweight injection-molded polycarbonate & ABS shell construction disperses energy in event of crash
3-4-shell & 4 EPS sizes for precise fit
4-Removable/Washable comfort liner & cheek pads
5-Nine Intake & Four Exhaust vents for optimal airflow
6-Exceeds all safety certifications

The visor is designed to stay firmly in place under roost, bur release in a crash. So when the dirt bike brakes don’t cut it and you go OTB- protective measures are already in place. MVRS is a completely new approach to managing rotational forces that is strong enough to be there when you need it, yet smart enough to release when you don’t.

Get Race Ready.


V1 REGL LE Helmet Spec Sheet

  • MVRS [Magnetic Visor Release System]
  • Lightweight Injection-Molded Polycarbonate & ABS Shell Construction
  • Large eyeport for your dirt bike goggles
  • Shell Disperses Energy in Event of Crash
  • 4 Shell & 4 EPS Sizes for a Precise Fit
  • 9 Intake Scoops & 4 Exhaust Vents for Optimum Airflow.
  • Removable & Washable Comfort Liner & Cheek Pads
  • Exceeds ECE & DOT Standards/Certifications
  • Youth Dirt Bike Helmets available in V1 Series

MVRS Changes The Game.

The all-new V1 REGL LE helmet is redesigned from the ground up. The design offers far more airflow than its predecessors for improved comfort. Not to mention moisture management in warm riding conditions.  Couple this helmet with one of BTO Sport’s many hydration systems, and you’ll be the coolest cat on the track… literally.

U-S-A! U-S-A!!!

The 2019 V1 REGL LE Helmet comes complete with a removable and washable liner and cheek pads for comfort after repeated uses. And of course, it has a brand-new aesthetic, with colors and graphics to match nearly any motocross gear combo available.

Especially relevant is the gold vents, a truly glorious touch to an already stunning helmet. And the stars and stripes always put your look over the top. If you’re tired of dumpster diving and bargain bin sale shopping- grabbing this MX helmet will make you feel warm and tingly inside. And the price won’t kill your bank account!

Let freedom ring… LOUD.


V1 REGL LE Helmet @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, the 2019 line of Fox Racing V1 Helmets features this groundbreaking MVRS  Technology. Yet the price point for this line remains low! Therefore, it’s the motocross value of the year! Get your 2019 V1 REGL LE Helmet and all of your other dirt bike parts right here at BTO Sports. We have the lowest prices and we ship greasy fast. Stop by today!


As LedZep says… Bring it on home!
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