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Fox V1 2018 Helmet Lineup | Product Spotlight

For riders just getting into the sport of dirt bikes, the Fox V1 helmet is one of the best helmets for an entry level rider. There are many of colors to choose from and comes in 6 different sizes for adults, 3 for youth sizes.  In total there are almost 2 dozen choices, including youth sizes. This includes the classic V1 Helmet, The Sayak and special edition helmets like this one.

The Fox V1 Special Edition Rodka Helmet

The Fox V1 Helmet’s starting price 119.95 and if you are keeping an eye out you could get one on sale here at for even less than that! It is a good price for what you get.

What do you get?

What you get for that price is a helmet that looks like your average dirt helmet. It is anything but. The V1 Helmet features a 3 layer inject molded polycarbonate shell.  This was done to protect from excess debris that one might come into contact with while at high speeds. Across the exterior of the Fox V1 are 9 air intakes and 4 exhaust vents for the most optimized airflow.  Fox believes there is no reason to overheat in a full-face mask. I could not agree more!

The interior of the Fox V1 helmet uses 4 EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) sizes to help reduce the force of an impact of a crash. It is not only there for protection. The 4 EPS liners are also there to help achieve a more precise fit for the wearer. On top of it all is a plush liner to make it all feel great!


The Fox V1 Sayak Helmet


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As I have mentioned previously there a multitude of different colors and designs for the Fox V1 that includes the V1 Sayak. Our BTOSports Youtube Channel has already done a brief overview of this helmet.

If you want a more in-depth look at the Sayak Helmet a Product Spotlight was done specifically for that helmet. There is also constantly new stuff coming to our Youtube Channel as well as our Facebook and Instagram. We have a lot of content to chew through but we have to keep the hungry people happy.

For the Kids


some of the Fox V1 Helmet colors that you can find in adult sizes can also be found in youth sizes. For those parents that want their children to match with them! This includes the classic Fox V1 and the V1 Sayak.  The Youth V1 Helmets also have a few helmet designs that are exclusive to the kids. For example, this awesome Star Wars inspired design!

The Fox V1 Youth Special Edition R2-D2 Helmet

The Fox V1 Helmet hits all the right points for a good helmet. It provides great protection, its comfortable, it has great airflow, it comes in a multitude of colors and is at a great price. You would be hard-pressed to find a better entry level helmet. As always all of them can be found right here at You are already here you might as well give it a look!

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