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Fox V1 Helmets for 2016 | BTO Sports Spotlight

Fox V1 Helmets

Fox V1 Helmets | Product Spotlight


**The 2016 V1 helmet lineup was amazing, but for more information on the 2018 Fox Racing V1 helmets, visit our blog post HERE ****

“Fox V1 Helmets: First to Enter”


Fox V1 Helmets have stood the test of time. Fox Racing has been through it all in the history of motocross. Fox V1 Helmets are the best entry level helmet, bar none. The Fox head has been the epitome of a pioneer throughout the years for the sport of motocross. Ever since 1974 the Fox logo has been emblazoned on everything, from dirt bikes and street bikes, to trucks and race cars. BTO Sports takes a look at Fox Racing’s offering of the Fox V1 Helmet in this product review!

Fox V1 Mako Helmets – new for 2016

Fox V1 Helmets
Fox V1 Mako Helmets

The Fox V1 Mako Helmets are arguably the flagship helmet design model for the 2016 V1 Helmets. With a classic look and well-placed shapes, this helmet is very classic in nature. But like the Mako Shark, this new helmet from Fox Racing has got a lot of bite to it. The Fox Head has been around for over four decades now, so they do not fool around when it comes to releasing a line of helmets. They concentrate on all aspects of motocross, which means having gear for every class of rider. The Fox V1 Mako Helmet is a versatile helmet that can be in anyone’s helmet rotation.

The Fox V1 Mako Helmet and other Fox V1 Helmets are available at BTO Sports!

Fox V1 Camo Helmet– new for 2016

Fox V1 Helmets
Fox V1 Camo Helmets

The Fox V1 Camo Helmet is one of the coolest helmets around. This is one of the best camo helmets around.period. This helmet features a subtle camo graphic display that has an outline of the Fox Head logo on the side. Fox set out to make the best camo helmet available, and they have succeeded. Any rider, young or old, would be excited about this helmet. Not only is the outside looking good, but the inside will also have you feeling good. This helmet comes replete with Fox’s standard famous, ultra comfortable inner liner to keep you feeling comfy while twisting that throttle.

Braaap your way over to BTO Sports to grab the Fox V1 Camo Helmet from the Fox Head, and check out all our other brand new motocross helmets too!

Fox V1 Race Helmets– new for 2016

Fox V1 Helmets
Fox V1 Race Helmets

The Fox V1 Race Helmet is the standard design V1 helmet. Made of the tried and true molded polycarbonate construction, this helmet exceeds both ECE and DOT standards/certifications. Fox has worked hard on the V1 Helmets for many years, and they have basically perfected the shell construction and materials selected. Many riders try the entry level helmets and get hooked. So it is important to the Fox Head to make the entry level helmet have the utmost quality.

Pick out your favorite colorway for the Fox V1 Race Helmet at BTO Sports now!


Fox V1 Matte Black Helmets– new for 2016

Fox V1 Helmets
Fox V1 Matte Black Helmet

The Fox V1 Matte Black Helmet is an amazing helmet, for the rider that likes their equipment murdered out. This is a hardcore helmet. There are 3 shell sizes and 4 EPS sizes that will have your helmet fitting correctly with certainty. This hardcore helmet has a size for anybody. The 9 intake scoops and 4 exhaust vents really set off the performance level of this helmet. The air is really flowing with this helmet. This is the coolest entry level helmet you can buy. This helmet packs a lot of performance for its price. Fox Racing has really outdone itself with this helmet.


These Fox V1 Helmets along with Fox Racing’s other awesome helmets, can be found at BTO Sports, along with a large collection of motocross gear!

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