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Fox V2 Helmets for 2016 | Product Spotlight

Fox Racing Helmets

Fox V2 Helmets for 2016 | Product Spotlight


“Fox V2 Helmets: Pinnacle of a Classic”


Fox Racing is the most trusted name in dirt bike racing. The Fox V2 Helmet is the apex of the pre-MIPS helmet design era. Although the Fox V2 Helmet employs a non-MIPS helmet, it is the best of that type of helmet out there, which is still the majority of helmets on the market.  BTO Sports dances with the newest Fox V2 Helmets to see how they fare this year.

New Fox V2 Union Helmets

Fox V2 helmets
Fox V2 Union Helmets

The Fox V2 Union Helmet is one the most artistically stylized helmets out there. Strokes of creativity and pulp art surround the shell along with the urban Japanese writing. This implies a futuristic punk theme, while celebrating the famous year 74 that gave birth to Fox Racing and the Fox Head with the number right on top of the helmet. Available in only the most popular of colors, this helmet does not disappoint in drawing attention from the crowd.

Grab this Helmet as soon as you can at BTO Sports to beat the holiday crowd!

New Fox V2 Union Limited Edition Helmet

Fox V2 helmets
Fox V2 Union LE Helmet

This limited edition version of the Fox V2 Union Helmet is in a color that can only be described by most as the color of the year. Aqua has been the hottest colorway this year, both at the track and in the crowds, as the color, and variations of it invade the motocross world. The Fox V2 Union LE Helmet has a clean, yet mean look, and goes well with a lot of the popular gear available this year.

Be sure to pick up this handsome gear at BTO Sports, your one stop shop for motocross!

Fox V2 Race Helmets

Fox V2 Helmets
Fox V2 Race Helmets

The Fox V2 Race Helmet is an incredible value for what it offers. The Race helmet is the most classic of helmets in Fox Racing’s stable, and that means Fox offers it as the standard in their collection of helmets every year. Fox Racing has perfected the composite shell helmet game in the Fox V2s. The shell is made of multiple composite technology that is constructed in 3 sizes. That variety of shells, in conjunction with the 4 EPS sizes, make for an amazingly accurate fit. A helmet that fits is half the battle! The Fox V2 Race Helmet, along with all the other Fox V2 helmets, also comes standard with 10 intake scoops and 4 exhaust vents for the most optimal of airflow conditions. The Fox V2 Race Helmet is at the forefront of multiple shell construction helmet technology for sure.

Be sure to scoop up the 2016 Fox V2 Race Helmet at BTO Sports, and take your races to the next level today!


New Fox V2 Vicious Helmets

Fox V2 Helmets
Fox V2 Vicious Helmets

The Fox V2 Vicious Helmet for 2016 does not disappoint. With an incredible style that cannnot be found on any helmet out there today, Fox has hit another homerun. Much like the Fox V2 Union Helmets, this helmet exhibits modernized icons and subtle futuristic designs. Looking like it came straight out of an apocalyptic war, this helmet would probably keep you safe in one. Like the other Fox V2 Helmets, the Fox V2 Vicious Helmet exceeds ECE and DOT Standards, while keeping the famous Fox Racing inner liner that is renowned for comfort.

Get up to the podium and look for the Fox V2 Vicious Helmet available at BTO Sports to find your way to the top!


These Fox V2 Helmets along with Fox Racing’s other helmets, can be found at BTO Sports, along with a large collection of motocross gear!

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