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Fresno Riding Shoes | Spotlight


Roland Sands Design Elevates Street Bike Style with their Fresno Riding Shoes.

Motorcycle riding is so much more than an activity. It’s a lifestyle! And as sure as BTO Sports gets that, so too does RSD. Case in point- their new Fresno Riding Shoes! These shoes check all the boxes if you’re looking for durable, fashion-forward motorcycle footwear.

Clearly, the RSD footwear collection borrows from their jackets for inspiration. Especially relevant is their use of premium leather. Their standards for durability demand it! Furthermore, they couple that with their styling and fit. In the end, you have something special… Roland Sands Design kind of special.

The Tobacco color is truly a statement in style.

But it’s not “all hat, no cattle” here. With fully incorporated protective and safety elements, these shoes are specifically designed for riding motorcycles. RSD footwear is motorcycle protection at the core! In short, there’s plenty more to the Fresno Riding Shoes than meets the eye. But damn- they sure look good, don’t they?

Let’s delve a bit deeper on these shoes by looking at the long list of features. It will become quickly apparent just how capable these Fresno Riding Shoes are when you’re on the open road…

The feel of these shoes matches the look. Incredible!

Fresno Riding Shoes – Features

To be sure, these are a spectacular alternative to boring old motorcycle boots. This is RSD’s take on a skate-inspired high top. To that end, these have performance rider features and protection. Because you can’t have one and not the other if you want Roland Sands Design to send you out of their factory. Check out the specs:

  • Top Grain Cowhide Upper
  • Reinforced heel cup, ankle and toe box
  • Reinforced shank
  • Abrasion resistant shift pads
  • CE Certified EN13634 : 2015
  • Hipora ® waterproof membrane
  • RSD multi density “Cheater” Insole
  • Reflective lightning bolt
  • Waxed laces
The Fresno Riding Shoes. Ready for anything.

The results are in- these Fresno Riding Shoes are a hit! And it’s easy to see why. Because they are even more dressed down and comfortable than their popular RSD Mojave Boot. So you can jump right off the bike after a long ride and hit the bar & grill without missing a beat. You’ll be comfortable all night too.

The leather used for the Fresno Riding Shoes is absolutely top grain… the same they use for their renowned motorcycle jackets. Nothing protects your hide from asphalt like the hide of another animal. As a result, leather is the material of choice by two-wheeled enthusiasts since the dawn of the 20th century. The team at RSD knows this all too well.

And as RSD’s history is steeped in racing with a keen eye towards classic styling, the materials they use for their motorcycle accessories are never in question. So you can buy and wear with extreme confidence.

Get yours today… you know you want to.

Fresno Riding Shoes @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, these great motorcycle riding shoes are truly phenomenal! Furthermore, they’re right here at BTO Sports. In stock and ready to ship to your door! So why delay? Here at BTO, we have all the street apparel you need to get you ready to roll- from these shoes on up. And yes- we have the motorcycle parts you need for your bike too. All of them! At prices you will not believe! Come by today and check it all out. Get riding!

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