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Gaerne GX-1 Boots | Product Spotlight


Gaerne GX-1 Boots Offer Premium Protection.

Today we shine the spotlight on the new Gaerne GX-1 Boots. With a quick break-in time and unrivaled comfort, these boots are a tremendous mid-range option for those looking for a step up in class. Let’s delve into what separates them from the pack.

Gaerne makes motocross boots with a comfort and durability that comes from using the proper leather, strong materials and tough soles. Make no mistake, this company has a sterling reputation in the MX industry… and for good reason. Because the new GX-1 Boots are designed by artisan hands that strive for modern innovation. In short, that’s the ‘Gaerne Way’.

Sweet… right?

The new GX-1 Boots feature a lightweight design and a sleek, new “light-alloy buckle system”. Furthermore, they’re made in the Gaerne home factory in Italy- making them the Ferrari of MX Boots. These boots are oozing with that hand-made, quality feel. You’ll sense that the moment you take them out of the box!

Without question, this is a comfortable boot that will perform on the track or the trails. If you’re familiar with the Gaerne boot line, then you can consider the GX-1 a sensible, cost-friendly bridge to their upper-tier SG-10 and SG-12 series. And as we all know, the Gaerne SG-12 Boots are the stuff of legend in professional racing circles!

Gaerne GX-1 Boots Features

The GX-1 Boot showcases an anti-torsion structural support system. Fancy, right? In essence, it grants superb lateral strength and overall protection. And as we all know, we need our boots to be motocross protective gear above all else! But Gaerne doesn’t just stop at protection…

Stamped suede is implemented in the interior for increased grip and heat resistance. While Gaerne’s famed Memory Cell Foam conforms and compresses adeptly to the foot- adding shock absorption and a ton of comfort! Make no mistake, the specs on these boots will have you happy as a clam.

Boot Features

  • Anatomically shaped for extra foot/lower leg comfort
  • Replaceable 4 alloy buckle closure system
  • Lightweight breathable mesh lining
  • Anti-torsion lug support system
  • Stamped suede increases grip/heat resistance
  • Exclusive high-grip rubber compound sole
  • Padded flex panels on instep/heel cup provide flexibility
  • Height: 16.1″
  • Weight: 4.66lbs (each)

As you can see, the GX-1 sports a composite construction. This is optimal for a stellar combination of lightweight performance and long-standing durability. The best of both worlds is what all of us mindful motocross shoppers are looking for- so we can spend the rest on some dirt bike helmets or other motocross needs!

Want to save big on some of these killer boots? This white version of the 2018 GX-1 Boots is on sale right now at BTO Sports! That’s right, 2018. You know, like 4 months ago. And they are priced to move. Especially relevant is that you get all of the sleek styling and performance features of the new versions- but at a fraction of the cost!

So if you want tremendous boots at Clearance Motocross Gear prices- you can do far worse than these!

Have you no sole? Get some GX-1’s…

Gaerne GX-1 Boots @ BTO Sports

In conclusion, Gaerne is a brand that you should definitely be on your radar if and when you are in the market for new dirt bike boots. Because they bring it! And BTO Sports is the name to remember for all your motocross needs! Dirt Bike Parts at rock bottom prices! And our customer service is second to none. Give us a try today. We can get you suited up with some motocross gear combos that will have you looking fly for your next MX event. And we can certainly hook you up with some new Gaerne GX-1 Boots too!

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