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2018 Hot Weather Gear | Spotlight

Top 10 Hot Weather Gear

Don’t let the dog days of summer wear you down! Staying cool and well hydrated will help you get the most out of every ride! Some of the most popular spots, like SoCal or Vegas, can get extremely hot this time of year.  Fortunately, riders can stave off a sweat by rocking the right hot weather gear. That’s why we have compiled a list of 2018’s coolest gear to beat the heat!

TLD Americana & Fox 30 Draftr
TLD Americana & Fox 30 Draftr

1) Fox Racing – 360 Draftr Combo

This jersey & pant combo is hot off the press from Fox Racing. The large-hole mesh on the jersey maximizes total air flow. The pants feature some much-needed ventilation around the knees and groin area for all-encompassing ventilation.

2) Troy Lee Designs – Americana Combo

This patriotic dirt bike Jersey is perfect for the summer months! Riders can mix & match different pants as part of Troy Lee’s UNLOCK design concept. We recommend the moisture wicking GP Air Mono Pants. 

Thor Fuse Air Rive

3) Thor – Fuse Air Rive Combo

The brand new Thor gear dropped just a few weeks ago. This is one of the most ventilated jersey & pants that Thor has ever released! The combo features mesh in critical areas as well as moisture wicking properties for temp regulation.

4) 6D – ATR-1 Patriot Helmet

There seems to be a patriotic theme with summer MX gear. This 6D helmet features 25 combined intake & exhaust ports for the best ventilation on the market!  The Omni-Directional protective system (ODS) defends riders against dynamic impacts. it is also lined with CoolMax anti-bacterial fabric.

5) Troy Lee Designs – SE4 Carbon Helmet

TLD is no stranger when it comes to helmet design. This one’s got 26 vents to regulate the temperature inside the cavity. The SE4 Carbon meets every safety regulation under the sun.

6) O’Neal – 10 Series Flow True Helmet

This is the least expensive helmet on our list but performs like top tier head protection. Oversized vents and channeled EPS foam help deliver cool air to the rider. The 10 Series Helmet is also lined with CoolMax fabric.

Ventilated Helmets

7) Fox Racing – Flexair Preest Glove

Venilated MX Gloves

Fox makes their second appearance on our list, with their ventilated dirt bike glove. The palms and fingers are ventilated so your hands can breathe. The top is constructed out of ventilated fabric too.

8) Shift MX – Blue Label Air Glove

Shift released their most vented glove earlier this summer. In addition to the mesh on the palm, this dirt bike glove features Laser-cut perforation for maximum air-flow.

9) Ogio – Dakar 3L Hydration Pack

Staying hydrated is so important while out in the sun. This Ogio hydration pack utilizes a backpack design for easy carrying. The hands-free hose helps you stay hydrated on-the-go!

10) Leatt – Hydration GPX XL 2.0

This hydro pack can carry up to 2 liters of water, as well as 25 liters of cargo. The Leatt hydration pack also double as back protection from impacts! The mesh panel on the back helps to keep riders cool.

MX Hydration Packs

Honorable Mentions:

BTO Canopy

Ryno Power – Hydration Fuel

This is a great way to fuel up to maintain energy levels for a long day of riding. It’s packed with electrolytes and carbohydrates for sustained and lasting energy.

BTO Sports – Canopy

Sometimes, the best way to beat the heat is to post up under some shade. This 10×10 canopy is a great way to block out the rays while rocking the BTO Brand!

At BTO Sports, we have all of the best hot weather gear to get you through the heat! Check out our full catalog of dirt, street, adventure and mountain bike gear!


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