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Youth Motocross Gear | How To Get Your Kid Riding Pt. 2

a group of young riders line up at the moto gate

A Breakdown of Youth Riding Gear

So your kid is into motocross. Great! Figuring out what youth motocross gear to get from dozens of brands, all with varying features? Not so great! Here at BTO Sports, we’ve compiled a list of top-notch gear that will keep your little one the safest from head-to-toe, all while riding comfortably and looking like the pros doing it! Haven’t figured out how to approach getting your kid into riding? Check out our How To Get Your Kid Riding Blog.

A young dirt bike rider stopping for a quick photo


A helmet is first and foremost the most crucial piece of protective gear. Here is where you don’t want to go the cheap route in the slightest.

Bell – Moto-9 MiPS Glory Helmet

Bell's first youth-specific helmet in a bright green and black color scheme.

A prime example of one of the best helmet brands around is the Bell Moto-9 MiPS Glory Helmet. Bell’s first-ever dedicated youth helmet comes with all the same superior features as the adult version that has established Bell atop the motocross helmet industry. The Moto-9 helmet is equipped with MiPS. This stands for Multi-directional Impact Protection System. This allows the inner lining of the helmet to slide relative to the rest of the helmet in the event of a crash. That means rotational forces that occur from certain impacts are greatly reduced, which prevents severe head or neck injury. The X-Static® liner is made with quick-dry material and silver fibers, which not only wicks away moisture. It also prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. The Moto-9’s Tri-Matrix Composite Shell blends Aramid, carbon fiber, and fiberglass to deliver all the strength of pure carbon-fiber in a more budget-friendly package.

Fox Racing – V2 Hayl Helmet

Fox V2 Hayl Helmet in aggressive red/black color styling

The Fox Racing V2 Hayl Helmet packs in a ton of top-notch features without the top-dollar price! The all-new ‘Fluid Inside’ feature has been designed to mitigate both rotational and linear energies transmitted to the head. You might even forget it’s on thanks to the lightweight, injection-molded PC/ABS shell. A whopping 11 air intake scoops and 4 exhaust vents will keep any kid cool, moto after moto. The V2 also features MVRS (Magnetic Visor Removal System). This means the helmet visor will release upon significant impact, eliminating the common factor of visors worsening the effects of a crash. The inner liner in this helmet is also entirely removable, washable and anti-microbial. With bright, eye-catching colors, the V2 is an excellent choice for a youth helmet.


100% – Accuri Mirror Lens Goggles

100% Goggles in white with a red mirror lens.

Motocross takes place in the dirt. That dirt (and a lot of times mud) tends to get EVERYWHERE. In order to shield your eyes from all the dirt and debris, a trusty pair of goggles are necessary. 100% specializes in the highest quality eyewear for dirt bike riding. The Accuri Mirror Lens Goggles are no different. Moisture-managing triple layer foam keeps the sweat out, along with an anti-fog, scratch-resistant Lexan® lens, vision will be 100% (get it?). These goggles stay securely in place thanks to an oversized 45mm silicon coated strap and 9 pin lens retention system.

Fox Racing – Main II PC Prix Goggles

Black Fox Goggles are a quintessential piece of motorcycle gear.

Another clear candidate would be the brand-new Fox Racing Main II PC Prix Goggles. There’s a reason why Fox is likely the most recognized brand in motocross. Also equipped with a UV-protective Lexan® lens, Fox has added VLS, or a Variable Lens System. This allows the Main II PC’s to house either a standard or injection molded lens in the same frame, substantially extending the goggle’s lifespan. Make that dollar stretch! Triple layer face foam with a fleece liner acts like a sweat roadblock. Every goggle included a microfiber travel bag. What a sweet bonus! Now that we’ve got the head covered (literally), let’s work our way down to…


Leatt – GPX 5.5 Junior Neck Brace

The Leatt Neck Brace in black/orange. Features plenty of adjustable settings

Often an overlooked component of motocross safety gear, neck braces are proving ever more apparently that they are crucial when it comes to preventing neck and spine injuries. Now, these aren’t those uncomfortable neck-donuts of yesteryear. Neck brace companies have come a long way in creating braces that are much lighter, ergonomic and comfortable to ride with. The Leatt GPX 5.5 Junior Neck Brace is an excellent case example. This brace is designed specifically for young riders. It’s been tested and proven to reduce serious neck injury-causing forces up to 47%. Featuring 3-way adjustability and a sculptured, split front and back for improved comfort/fit, this brace can fit practically any body shape properly. The GPX 5.5 also has the ability to adjust the over-the-shoulder height, allowing maximum freedom of movement for different neck lengths and different helmet rim profiles.

Atlas – Tyke Neck Brace

Atlas' Tyke Neck Brace has a minimalist profile and comes in a variety of colors.

Atlas neck braces are a relative newcomer to the industry that has quickly shot to the top, and for good reason. Utilizing a weightless, minimalist design, the Atlas Tyke Neck Brace is one of the least cumbersome neck braces available. Plus the fact that they are ‘smaller’ than average meshes perfectly with ‘smaller’ than average necks, i.e. kids necks! Flexible polymer construction is used to slow down violent impacts in order to spread out and reduce impact forces, rather than an immediate stop. One key advantage that Atlas has is an extra 27% of bodily contact versus the competition. What this does is aid in spreading out impact forces, decreasing their effects and ultimately helping to prevent any secondary injuries. Another piece of protection needed to prevent injuries would be..


Dirt bike riding always takes place on—you guessed it—dirt! A lot of the time though, it’s not just dirt. We’re talking about rocks, roost, and other debris. When you’re going fast and closing in on passing the next rider, getting pelted and bruised with rocks does NOT feel good. That’s where chest protectors come in.

Fox – Raceframe Roost

The front and back view of Fox's ultra-ventilated Raceframe Roost Guard

The Fox Racing Raceframe Roost Guard provides a versatile solution for chest and back roost protection. Building off the popular foam roost deflectors, the Raceframe takes protection one step further with full plastic coverage on the front and back. This one can be worn over or under the jersey; thanks to a slim, low-profile design. An adjustable waistband with fast-action concealed buckles makes getting the perfect fit a breeze. This youth-specific fitting guard features an articulated back and ventilated overall design, making this a piece of protection that will keep your child safe, cool, and comfortable.

Alpinestars – Bionic Action Jacket

Look like a superhero with the comprehensive upper body protection from Alpinestars' Bionic Action Jacket

Protection doesn’t have to just stop at the torso. For those looking for full upper-body coverage, something like the Alpinestars Bionic Action Jacket would be a wise investment. Featuring a stretchy overall elastane construction (so it’s sure to fit snugly and properly), the jacket features shells made from a high-performance polymeric plastic that absorbs and deflects impact forces from roost or a crash. The entire jacket is perforated, giving the wearer maximum breathability and ventilation while still providing total protection. The jacket’s backplate is ergonomically curved, giving the best possible fit in a riding position. These plates lock, preventing overextension of the back. This jacket comes in two sizes with distinct waist-to-shoulder dimensions that fit the unique shape of youth body sizes. The Small-Medium is intended for kids 6-10, and the Large-Extra Large is for those aged 10-14. The more you know!


Troy Lee Designs – GP Jet

Now HERE is where we get to the gear combos! This consists of the pants and jersey making up a rider’s ‘uniform’. Now there are tons of different options from dozens of brands, but we’ll show you a few that are particular standouts.

The bright, bold colors of the TLD GP Jet Combo are sure to be a hit with the young and young-at-heart.

Troy Lee Designs is a well-known and well-respected motocross brand. Not only is their gear long-lasting and comfortable, TLD’s distinctive style can be noticed clear across the track. If you/your child love performance, comfort and color, the Troy Lee Designs GP Jet Combo may be for you. Featuring a vivid color palette, the GP Jet has been designed with minimal weight in mind. The jersey features a tapered and angled cuff design, along with extra length on the tail; perfect for riding position! With a gel print on the tail added, this jersey isn’t going to be falling out anywhere. The pants have a newly developed articulated fit for performance. With genuine leather panels on the inner knee and 2-way stretch panels at the back-of-knee, calf, and crotch, your kid might just think these are the comfiest dirt bike pants they’ve ever worn!

Answer – Syncron Pro Glow

Answer's Syncron Pro Glow Gear Combo is sure to turn heads, and is available for both kids and adults

In business for over 40 years, Answer Racing knows a thing or two when it comes to motocross gear. The new Answer Syncron Pro Glow Combo features bright, aggressive styling that’s sure to get people excited. The entire jersey is made using moisture-wicking material, helping your little rider avoid being overly sweaty. Speaking of sweat, Answer’s sublimated graphics won’t fade, keeping this gear looking fresh wash after wash. Stretch polyester cuffs ensure the sleeves won’t ride up while riding, and a self-fabric collar makes this one easy-to-wear jersey. The Syncron Pro Glow Pants are made using a durable multi-denier poly oxford fabric. The inner knees are reinforced by high-performance nylon and are pre-shaped to attack position. This may just be your “Answer” to finding the right gear set. Getting a grip on what gear to get?


Thor – Spectrum Gloves

Let’s fortify that grip even more with the all-important dirt bike gloves. Youth gloves come in a wide array. From durable rubberized gloves that offer unparalleled protection from the elements to thin, light gloves that focus more on tactile grip and freedom-of-movement, we’ll take a look at a one from each end of the spectrum.

Thor Spectrum Gloves in midnight/orange. Available in many colors!

The Thor Spectrum Gloves provide unrivaled coverage thanks to a rubber backhand and layered backhand panels. A mesh/airprene construction and perforated palm keep the wearer’s hands cool throughout. A notched wrist opening and hook-and-loop wrist closure system makes getting these gloves on and off a breeze. Available in a variety of colors, have your kid pick their favorite today!

Leatt – GPX 3.5 Gloves

Leatt GPX 3.5 Gloves are minimalistic glove in black/white/gray

If you’re in the market for something that feels less “bulky” and more like a second-skin, the Leatt GPX 3.5 Jr Glove may be your best bet. These gloves feature a super slim design with a superior handlebar feel thanks to a MicronGrip palm that works great in wet or dry conditions. The upper hand material is stretchy, light, and provides great airflow not achievable by thicker gloves. Multi-row, technical thread stitching greatly increases these youth motocross gloves’ durability. Don’t fret about actual protection though, as the knuckles are CE certified against impacts to boot! Speaking of which…


Alpinestars – Tech 3S Boots

Next to helmets, boots are the piece of dirt bike gear that’s most important and probably shouldn’t go the cheap route on. Boots are necessary for controlling a bike. They’re what keeps feet, shins, and ankles from getting twisted and injured.

Alpinestars Tech 3S Boots in white, black, and fluorescent

Alpinestars themselves have perfectly described their Tech 3S Youth Boot, a “Technical, and high-performance motocross/off-road boot for entry-level youth riders”. Now let me tell you why. Specially designed with kids’ feet in mind, the Tech 3S’s feature strong techno-polymer buckles. Inspired directly from the adult Alpinestars Tech 10 Boots, this closure system provides easy adjustability with a precise, secure and streamlined fit. These have comprehensive support built into the external and internal structure, which minimizes any lateral flex or risk of hyperextension.

Now I know what you’re thinking. “Boots will cost a fortune. Kids grow out of shoes so quickly!” Fear not, for the Tech 3S’s include an additional insole made to be one size smaller than the actual boot size. This allows the rider to wear the boot with the smaller insole until their foot grows enough to use the full-size one. Make these boots last way, way longer!

Thor – Blitz XP Boots

Thor Blitz XP Youth Boots in black, fluorescent blue buckles and acid green overlay

A bit more budget-friendly than the 3S, the Thor Blitz XP Boots are a great entry-level motocross boot. Protection takes first priority with these, starting with a uni-directional outsole with a steel shank insert and metal toe cap. Stay protected from shifting injuries with the injection-molded medial abrasion plate. A fully synthetic calf gives the rider some serious durability and grip. Injection-molded positive lock buckles and 3 fully adjustable straps allow for a fully customizable and secure fit. The Blitz XP’s have an adjusted boot height to accommodate child proportions. These boots are made for ridin’, and that’s just what they’ll do!

Young dirt bike riders hit a turn in a race.

And there we have it! A great jumping-off point into the sea of kid’s dirt bike gear. Follow this guide and your little one will be all set to grip it and rip it! Remember, if you want the absolute best pricing on any gear, youth or adult, head over to!

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