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Icon Airflite Synthwave Helmet | Spotlight


Tame the Streets in the Icon Airflite Synthwave Helmet.

Icon is cranking out incredible street helmet options these days. And the all-new Airflite Synthwave Helmet is the latest Icon offering that has us excited! The look, feel and price of this helmet screams value. So let’s delve into what makes this new helmet such an enticing street product for 2019.

First off, let’s check the video. Always good to get the hype train rolling! Great video content is also available on the BTO Sports YouTube Channel. So feel free to peruse that at your leisure. Meanwhile, roll film:

A helmet that comes from a not-so-distant, nostalgic place that you probably remember through stories of movies someone else watched. The brash Synthwave is the latest Icon Airflite Helmet, and it’s a visual manifestation of retrofuturism all rolled up into a product with a purpose. Is it Skynet? Perhaps neon? Is it the lighting guy from Big Trouble in Little China? Yes, it’s all these things, plus it glows in the dark. Live the awesome life of what you think yesterday was today!

Obviously, this helmet brings a metric ton of visual awesomeness. The graphics and colors involved here are some of the most eye-popping we’ve seen on any helmet… EVER. So if it’s standing out in a crowd you’re after- i think we have a winner! It’s bright, retro and sophisticated- all in one. And that’s no small feat.

And features? Oh man, does it have features. We’re going to get to those just below. It’s an impressive list. This is the kind of value you just don’t normally see in motorcycle apparel. The price doesn’t seem to line up with what this helmet brings to the table. All the better for us, right?

Stands out from the crowd? CHECK.

Airflite Synthwave Helmet Features

These motorcycle helmets sport the most common helmet fit type… the Intermediate Oval. It’s slightly shorter front-to-back and a little wider side-to-side. Moreover, a reduced shell profile helps reduce overall weight. While maintaining the the exclusive ‘World Standard of Icon’ to suit your riding style.

Also, the Synthwave rocks four intake vents and two exhaust ports. They’re coupled with deep channeling in the interior energy absorbing EPS foam. Not to mention the MX-inspired chinbar vent! As a result, you can expect superior helmet venting.

The cassette on the back? Too cool…


Synthwave has a ventilation system that consists of strategically placed air vents, intakes, air channels and exhaust ports. Furthermore, the oversize chinbar intake enhances airflow. Which keeps you cool by routing air where you need it most. Also, a decrease of both drag and weight is achieved by sculpting the traditional neckline of the Airflite to avoid street jacket or suit interference.

Shields up, Mr. Sulu…


This Airflite helmet has not one, but two shields. The unique quick-change fog-free shield keeps debris away from your money maker, while the internal interchangeable drop shield has the sun in check. Talk about working in conjunction with your motorcycle eyewear! No more swapping shields for cloudy or sunny days. Just reach up, flip the switch, and ride forever.

Pure luxury, people…


First off, the removable sweat-wicking Hydradry liner provides a snug and contoured fit. Secondly, air from the vents is channeled between the comfort liner and the EPS foam liner to create a nearly perfect rider-focused interior. Especially relevant is that this airflow works in conjunction with the Hydradry liner to effectively reduce heat build up. Lastly, there’s a removable breath deflector which creates a nearly perfect rider-focused enclosure. So you can just concentrate on those motorcycle controls.

Visually striking. We can all agree on that!

Airflite Synthwave Helmet @ BTO Sports

Make no mistake, this new Airflite Synthwave Helmet is premium motorcycle protection. And the look and price make it the must-have of 2019 street helmets. Moreover, it’s in stock and ready to ship right here at BTO Sports. So next time you hit us up for your motorcycle parts, why not upgrade your helmet situation? Make a statement this year with the Icon Airflite Synthwave Helmet. Back to the future, indeed.

Chris Leahy
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