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Icon Airform Helmet | Spotlight


Hit the Open Road in the New Icon Airform Helmet!

Attention all street riders! If you’re looking for a reasonably priced helmet that suits all of your riding needs, we think we have an answer for you! Because the new Icon Airform Helmet brings a boatload of modern features and does so at an unbelievably low price point. Best of all- it looks amazing! Let’s get into it…

This is the newest addition to the Icon helmet line! The Airform combines trickle-down technology from their game-changing Airframe Pro Gloss Helmet. So it delivers top-shelf features for the everyday rider. Moreover, the price on these helmets makes them an incredible value indeed.

First off, the Airform includes a sculpted neck roll to reduce jacket interference. Just like the popular Icon Airflite Helmet series! Secondly, a drop-down inner shield adds serious protection. As you can see below, the face shield on these helmets makes road debris a non-issue.

Truly a thing of beauty!

Not to mention the speaker cutouts in the EPS to accept your Bluetooth communication device speakers and audio headsets. Lastly, the HydraDry moisture-wicking interior is coupled with deep airflow channeling in the EPS to enhance cooling. Make no mistake, this helmet comes to play!

Let’s check the video. It gives you a nice 360 view of this marvelous new Airform helmet. Content like this can also be found on the BTO Sports YouTube Channel. So check that out as well when you get time. Meanwhile, roll film!

To be clear, Icon Motosports defines moto-street style. Because they know that proven design, comfortable fit, and superb quality creates maximum value! To that end, the Airform Helmet is an excellent entry point into the Icon family.

The Airform includes the now world-renowned HydraDry comfort liner. So ventilation is absolutely optimal in these motorcycle helmets. Furthermore, an inner Dropshield is there for those rides that start before sunrise and/or end well after the sunset. In short, the Airform is highly customizable for those who like to dial in the specs of their street helmets.

A reduced shell profile helps reduce overall weight, while maintaining the the exclusive World Standard of Icon to suit your riding style. In essence, this is motorcycle protection of the highest order… at a low price! Let’s check out the features…

Oh yeah…

Icon Airform Helmet Features

First, to achieve proper helmet fitment, begin by finding your head circumference size. Remember that the helmet size you choose should fit around the crown of your head comfortably with no pressure points. Also, the cheekpads should fit firmly around your face. Remember- at the end of the day, helmet fit is critical to helmet protective performance.

This exterior protects and serves…

Streamlined and race inspired, the Airform hits the street ready for speed. By sculpting the traditional neckline of the Airform it allows your head to slip in and out with ease. These dual sport helmets have a continuous chinbar venting system that allows air to freely flow. And this keeps you cool on those longer trips and hot riding days.

Best of all, you can customize your helmet and color-match your interchangeable spoiler to your shield for a unique personalized look. Sync this helmet up with the colors of your motorcycle apparel is no problem whatsoever!

Talk about “interior design”…

The removable sweat wicking Hydradry™ liner provides a snug and contoured fit. Air from the vents is channeled between the comfort liner and the energy absorbing EPS foam liner to create a nearly perfect rider-focused interior. Boom.

The airflow works in conjunction with the Hydradry™ liner to effectively reduce heat build up. Combine that with superior venting and a removable breath deflector and you’re comfortable all ride long! Because this creates a nearly perfect rider-focused enclosure. In short, you won’t be sweating bullets next time you pull over and hit up your Navigation/GPS for the route home!

Shields up!

The Airform has not one, but two shields. The unique quick-change fog-free Optics shield keeps debris away from your motorcycle eyewear. While the internal interchangeable drop shield has the sun in check. No more swapping shields for cloudy or sunny days. Just reach up, flip the switch, and ride forever.

All in all, the helmet has it all! To be sure, this is some of the most impressive street gear we’ve come across in some time. And you know where to pick one up… right?

Sleek & Streamlined…

Icon Airform Helmet @ BTO Sports

And these new Icon Airform Helmets cost what you might spend on some closeout motorcycle helmets! Grabbing one of these is a no-brainer. And they’re right here at BTO Sports. We can have one at your doorstep by the weekend! We can send it along with all the motorcycle parts you need to really get your next street adventure underway. Give us a call today.

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