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Icon Merc Battlescar Jacket | Spotlight


Ride to Live in the Merc Battlescar Jacket!

Looking for a motorcycle jacket that’s ready for anything? Then you’re probably looking for the new Merc Battlescar Jacket from Icon. Certainly, this jacket looks absolutely stunning! With great tailoring and a muted camo graphic- it’s a visual triumph. But the tech in this jacket is what sets it apart from the rest.

So let’s to it! Let’s go over everything that makes these jackets so special.

Icon Motorcycle Jackets address the unique needs of street riders. Because unforgiving asphalt, gravel-strewn corners and inattentive cagers are all things riders experience on daily rides. In essence, Icon is a company comprised of riders. So they understand what goes on in the rider’s minds. Moreover, they’ve felt the pain when the inevitable occurs. And it’s this firsthand knowledge that leads to their inspired product design and industry leading imagery,

Merc Battlescar Jacket Features

First, the Icon Merc Battlescar jacket is a softshell chassis with nylon paneling. Secondly, it sports the famed D3O armor underneath- in the back, elbow and shoulder. To that end, it’s first-rate motorcycle protection. Furthermore, the stretch woven polyester softshell chassis provides excellent movement and flexibility on the bike.

Lastly, the fit is more relaxed by design. So you can expect ideal comfort on and off the bike. Additionally, comfort features like the hood, oversized kangaroo pockets for your motorcycle eyewear, etc., pit zips and sport cuffs make this jacket irresistible. All in all, the Merc Battlescar Jacket is proof you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for defense.

Bold & Beautiful.
  • Icon Relaxed fit / Nylon reinforcement panels
  • Stretch Woven Polyester Softshell Chassis
  • D3O CE Certified Removable back, elbow and shoulder impact protectors
  • Reinforced soft-shell construction is tough and paired with reinforced Nylon paneling, come through in a tumble.
  • Headphone pass through so your Audio/Video is on point
Keep it zipped up, partner…

Features (Continued)

  • Polyurethane coating for additional coverage while you’re at the motorcycle controls
  • Contains no exposed vents or mesh to keeping you dry in light rain and average snow.
  • Heavy weight ballistic panels / Streamlind Sportcuffs
Oh yeah… it’s got the D30…

D30 Impact Protector Package

Especially relevant is that the Merc Battlescar includes a full suite of industry-leading D3O Impact Protectors. So your shoulders, elbows, and back have premium protection. These are not your run-of-the-mill motorcycle accessories! D3O unique technologies provide both enhanced protection and a versatile, flexible material. In turn, the rider gets a host of shock absorption and impact protection.

Moreover, it delivers the most flexible and discreet protection on the market. Without question, D3O® consistently outperforms traditional foam-based materials.

Merc Battlescar Jacket = Modern Style

No doubt- this jacket has all the safety features you could possibly want in a motorcycle jacket. But the look and feel of it is truly what makes this jacket so coveted. Paired with the Airflite Battlescar 2 Helmet (pictured above), you really have a phenomenal look. Just a visually stunning combination. Which brings us to…

Audio/Visual time! Certainly, seeing this jacket in action is always a bonus. So enjoy this video edit from Icon. It’s reminiscent of the content we have on the BTO Sports YouTube Channel. Roll it:

Poetry in motion…

Hot to Mild – This jacket has ventilation where you need it! As a result, this is premium street gear with maximum air flow and breathability for hot to mild riding conditions. Also noteworthy is that these jackets are designed with a loose and longer fit. So it can be worn by those with a full frame… and over a jacket or sweater. Any which way- you’re are covered and covered comfortably.

The Merc Battlescar Jacket is right here…

Merc Battlescar Jacket @ BTO Sports

In summary, this is a tremendous motorcycle jacket option if you’re looking for a versatile, multi-condition performer. What’s more, they are here in stock at BTO Sports. We can have it to you by the weekend! Furthermore, we have all of your motorcycle parts too. There’s no reason to delay- give us a shout today!

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