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BTO Rider Kevin Weisbruch Prepares for A1

Kevin Weisbruch Practices Supercross at Pala Raceway

Pala, Ca – BTO Sports Amateur Rider turned Pro – Kevin Weisbruch prepares for his supercross debut at Anaheim 1 this weekend. BTO Sports had a chance to catch up with the Temecula native to find out what he’s been doing in preparation for this weekend’s race.



What class are you racing?

I’m racing in the 250 lites class here on the West Coast.

What rounds are you racing?

I’m going to be at all three Anaheim’s as well as San Diego.

What have you done to prepare for A1 mentally and physically?

I’m just coming off an ankle injury so I’ve been trying to get that back up to speed. I’ve also been doing a lot of cycling and lifting at the gym, as well as riding SX nearly everyday now. Mentally, I’ve just been staying calm and not letting any pressure get to me. I’ve just been telling myself that I’m just as good as anyone else out there if I believe in myself.

What goals have you set for yourself?

I just really want to make a night show! If i can get into a main event that is even better! But realistically, I just want to have fun, ride smart and smooth, and see if my times are good enough to get in!

I know you’ve also been attending college while racing this year. Depending on this SX season, do you have other career options on the back burner?

Yeah, I’ve just been going to community college on my days off. If racing doesn’t work out how I want, at least I’ll have an education. Haha! I’m pretty good at accounting and I enjoy it, so I guess that would be my backup!

We’ve seen you progress and mature quite a bit this year. Just a few qualifying spots outside of Lake Elsinore you’ve gained quite a bit of speed. What do you attribute most to your performance increase? 

Thank you! I’ve been riding and training more than ever this past year, but the majority of all this progress is from my parents, Gary and Donna, as well as my trainer Buddy Antunez! We all put in 110% this year and I can’t thank them enough for everything they helped me with!

 If you could give one piece of advice about going pro, what would it be?

Don’t get a big head about it and don’t beat yourself down thinking that other riders are better than you! The speed will come, but confidence needs to be the building block.

Are you excited for A1?

Am I excited?! I’m ecstatic! I’ve been dreaming about racing in the stadiums since I started racing! I cannot wait to get out there, it is going to be a lot of fun!

Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Of course! First off, I would like to thank BTO Sports for all the support they put behind me in my last year as an amateur! My Mom, Dad, and Sister, Factory Backing for all my awesome graphics, Tagger Designs, Focus Apparel, Smith Optics, Dan Crower, Wiseco, Asterisk, Renthal, Works Connection, Shoei, Hinson, FMF, Fly Racing, Buddy Antunez, all my friends and my girlfriend and anyone else I forgot, thanks a ton! 2012 was a great year and I’m looking to make 2013 even better! RIP Jantz!

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