Kali Protectives’ Low Density Layer (LDL) Impact protection system uses soft gel pads throughout the interior of the helmet to provide both low-g and rotational impact protection. Especially relevant to Youth MTB and BMX Protective Gear. And Kali knows this.

The traditional material for helmet, EPS foam, is great for dissipating the really big hits that could result in being knocked out. But EPS is too hard for the smaller incidental taps that are far more common to everyday riding and your typical crashes (ie- going right over your MTB Handlebars and hitting the deck). You need something softer to mitigate these common occurences!

LDL consists of viscoelastic gel pads that are very soft and will compress and absorb those lower-g impact forces. LDL’s engineered shape is designed compress and shear in all directions. This reduces low-g impact forces by 30% and rotation impact forces by 25%. Which is critical to Womens MTB and BMX Protective Gear.

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