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Kali Protectives Aazis Knee Guards | Product Spotlight

Keep your knees happy as you ride with the Aazis


Kali Protectives is no stranger to protective gear. Their line of helmets for both the moto and bicycle world are known as some of the safest, protective helmets on the market. So it should come as no surprise that their Aazis soft knee guards are some of the most protective and comfortable on the market for MTB riders looking for protection that they can wear all day. Where other knee guards feel like you are strapped in to a torture device, the Aazis knee guards from Kali Protectives can be used on all day pedal excursions that demand gear to be comfortable.


The Kali Protectives Aazis Knee Guards fit comfortably


The Basics:

What gives the Aazis it’s protective quality is a tough plastic shell that is flexible enough to conform to it’s rider and is covered in Kevlar to make it more resilient to tears. This level of protection will keep your knees well protected in the event that you come crashing to the ground. Our test rider has take many hits to the knee with the Kali Protectives Aazis knee guard and has pedaled away laughing at the damage attempt the ground tried to give him. For direct impacts, there is nothing better out there than the Aazis knee guards! Kali Protectives also have small foam pads on the sides to protect the sensitive areas along the side of the knees. These foam pads protect the vital ligaments on the side of your knees from impacts and bushes. This is a smart design that doesn’t get in your way and won’t affect pedaling while giving your knees even more protection.


Comfort is also a design that Kali Protectives spent a lot of time on, and it shows. The vented, breathable material used is some of the best we have ever encountered on a knee guard. As the temp hit 90 degrees on one of our warmer winter days out here in Southern California, this breath-ability was a real blessing as we pedaled on the trail. The velcro straps keep the Aazis in place and the material doesn’t bunch up as you pedal. As with some other knee guards we have tried, the Aazis doesn’t chew up the back of our knees during longer rides.

The Aazis knee guards aren’t restricting on the trails.



You only get one pair of knees, so why not do everything you can to keep them healthy? The Aazis knee guard is a top shelf piece of protective gear that is perfect for your pedaling adventures and will keep your knees happy as you ride. The combination of quality breathable material with the strong protective features make the Kali Protectives Aazis soft knee guards a worthy piece of your riding gear bag!


Kali Protectives Aazis Knee Guard
Kali Protectives Aazis Knee Guard | Price $65.00



The Kali Protectives Aazis Knee Guards are available in different colors and four sizes to fit any rider.
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